Night and Day

God said:

Good morning, beloveds! Good morning. Your day starts with the morning. What would it take to make your mornings nice? Is it not sometimes hard for you to rise and enter your day, hard to leave the night and its sleep?

Nothing has changed, My beloved darlings. The blanket of night withdraws, and the rays of the sun enter. Both are loves, morning and night. Both blessings, each courteous to the other.

But you think the day is something to face, as if it were a big chore handed to you. Yet the night you do not face. You sink into it with pleasure. Why not the day?

So do not face the day. Sink into it. Making rising in the morning a privileged part of your day.

How easily the night sky shifts into the dawn! There is not an abrupt seam. One naturally flows to the other. Peace reigns. The dawn doesn't push the night away. The night graciously withdraws, and the day gently enters. They take their shifts equitably.

And you who are in the midst of earthly life can make transitions the same. Do not hold back the morning. Do not refuse it. Welcome it instead.

Usher in the dawn as if it were a treasured guest. Is it not? Awake to awakening! Let how you get up in the morning be practice for the Enlightenment you so crave.

Greet the morning as the new day it is. Greet the morning as an old friend and make it welcome. Bid adieu to the night and the sleep and the bed and rise simply with the sun lighting you. The night genially propels you forward into the day.

Be congenial.

You cannot stop the sun anyway. The sun will peek in at you and open your eyes. The sun is happy to greet you. Welcome the light of day. Embrace it. Get up to meet it.

Switch your thinking about the morning and you will leap out of bed with joy.

The morning could be announcing a day of great adventure. Great adventure could be announcing great joy. If you knew you were being offered great joy today, would you not leap out of bed with alacrity? Condition yourself to a great day coming today. Herald it.

Why herald a less than great day? Why herald just another day? Why herald a dreary one? Why herald an arduous one? Why not herald a lovely one? Why not herald the most magnificent day of your life?

Will you join Me in love this day that so lovingly rose to meet you? Would you be rude or blasé? It is not true that when you have seen one day, you have seen them all. Each day has its own character and personality, and you may indeed be happily surprised at how this day unfolds.

But know this: The day unfolds for you. It is at your service and it is at your mercy. Welcome your day and treat it well and see what treats it brings home to you.

Consider your day as a father who has been traveling and returns bringing you great gifts. Or consider your day as a mother who prepares a good breakfast for you and encourages you to eat. Consider your day today as a path you walk on, one you have never walked on before. You do not yet know what flowers grow by the roadside that are for you to pick.

But you can know that this day is made for you. It is given to you to explore and find its treasures. This is the day I have set before you.

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How could I read this letter and not feel a soul-shaking gratitude for the gift of my life?!

Perhaps if I re-read this letter every morning I will memorize it word for word.....and some day even live it!


Condition yourself

The morning could be announcing a day of great adventure. Great adventure could be announcing great joy. If you knew you were being offered great joy today, would you not leap out of bed with alacrity? Condition yourself to a great day coming today. Herald it.
I know I have read this again and again in so many Heavenletters, probably thinking ja ja and then hastily moving on to see what the rest of the Letter holds for me. But what about it? Chuck?

It's not difficult for me to get up in the morning. Usually I feel refreshed, and usually I am hungry. Besides, the early morning is Heavenletters time. And my boss, I, doesn't mind when I'm an hour late at work. I can always add it at night. Getting up in the morning is quite enjoyable as long as I don't envison the whole day. I know the day will bring so much that is thoroughly unenjoyable. Having to sit at your desk for hours and ours in a body that loves to move and be outdoors, doing a demanding and poorly paid work that hast lost whatever little meaning it once seemed to have, unsuccessfully trying to think of something else you could do – it's simply not the kind of thing you are looking forward to. You feel the situation can't be helped. And you always try to get past those greet-the-day passages in Heavenletters as fast as possible. But what about them?

Today the "what if" somehow stops me. Really, what if this day, contrary to routine expectation, turns out to hold adventure and joy? Wow, that would be lovely. Let's deem it possible. Let's have "advance joy" (translation of German word).

I love the what-ifs in Heavenletters. Many of them are absolutely ingenious, turning you upside down and inside out before you even notice. One day I will write a piece about them.

But what about it?

Jochen, we have very different reactions to the reading of this letter. When I read your comments about your reaction, it sounds like: “Oh, yeah, here we go again.” The way this Heavenletter is worded, I can see why you might read it as saying this should be how you feel about your day. Or you might read it as implying that if you don’t feel this way, you should just change your attitudes and that is all there is to it. I guess I know that these interpretations would be mistaken and I automatically look more deeply into the messages presented without thinking much about what I am doing.

I feel like God is laying a target out for me to aim at. He describes an attitude of excitement and anticipation that I could be feeling as I start each day. I think He is saying that if I am able to change my way of looking at things, the images of this letter are a little bit like what my days could be like. I can relate to this idea through my memory of times in my life when I did look forward to the next day quite joyfully. A simple example was on Christmas Eve when I was a child. There were times when I could hardly sleep. How do we get there? Shakespeare has said: “Ah, there’s the rub!” At least a letter like this helps us set our intention on a worthy goal. This letter doesn’t provide us with any technique, beyond describing the suggested attitudes, but I do find this worthwhile and I do enjoy the message, even if I am still off the mark in my own life.

I have seen a distinct change in my life over the past year or two. The change is along the lines suggested by this letter. I anticipate my days with more enthusiasm and I enjoy the little things of my life more. I attribute this directly to a change in my attitudes about the routine components in my day. For instance, I used to find driving to work an irritation. I would spend 15 to 20 minutes driving to work (and the same driving home) a little irritated when someone in front of me was driving slow or I missed a light and was delayed a few minutes and my mind would be mulling over the work I would be faced with this day or the next, etc. I have re-framed these kinds of things in my life through what I have learned in Heavenletters and similar revelations. When I slip into this old frame of mind I begin asking myself what’s the big rush? I know I have had a hurry, hurry attitude for most of my life, but for what? What am I going to do with these extra few minutes? I now realize that nothing is really changed whether I hurry or not, except that in being impatient I am spoiling a few minutes I can use to relax and appreciate the many experiences of even this little road trip. I might even do a sort of meditation while I drive and use this time to commune with my Creator. My short drives are something I anticipate now with pleasure.

The same can be said for the main work I do each day. I have always felt good about my time with my patients in my medical practice, but the quality of the experience has been somewhat diminished by my concerns about being “efficient” so that I do not make the next patients on the schedule wait too long, and worrying about not missing some important signs or symptoms that might be life threatening and engender a lawsuit, etc. etc. I have stopped all this useless negative pressure by a kind of self talk about what is truly important both in my life and the lives of my patients. I have learned to block these concerns about money and meeting the expectations of others and protecting myself from imagined fears from my mind. Low and behold my attitudes have changed! I am much more relaxed and having a better time and it seems my patients are enjoying our visits together more. I no longer have to think very often about stopping these negative ruminations since they have pretty much stopped their incessant chatter as a result of these efforts over time. On Mondays, now, I do not wish my week to hurry by so I can get to Friday more quickly. In the morning, I’m not so impatient to get to lunch. I am having more fun and not working as hard to boot! The time and effort I have spent in reframing these goals and attitudes is producing a more enjoyable and effective life for me.

I’m not sure if any of this is relevant and helpful to you, Jochen. I can relate to being bound to a work-life that I have found uninspiring or boring or drudgery and which I could see no way out of. This is not my situation now, but I have been there. Back then, I just toughed it out. I do not know if what I know now would have helped me find a more fulfilling adaptation or a way to make a change. I like to think it would.

I am looking forward to the day when my energy and enthusiasm are off the charts! I think the difference between this imagined future and my life now is a matter of my thoughts, my beliefs and my attitudes. I am convinced that my energy level and state of mind are not a product of anything physical with my brain or body; I am convinced that these physical things just reflect my thoughts about myself and the world.

This is the best I can tell you of what this letter is about for me…….Chuck

I think we can't have enough

I think we can't have enough of this kind of writing, Chuck, telling about our experiences with Heavenletters, the changes they have worked, the difference in outlook – down to a different attitude at traffic lights! Very nice. Thank you, dear one.

Good morning!

On the early early morning that I come into work on a Sunday, just when my mind was telling me how much I do not anticipate this day, another timely reminder to welcome and make my day the bright and sunny blue sky day that it actually is! Not despite of what it is. Because of what it is. And it is a new day full of treasures and pleasant surprises and beauty ahead. Aloha indeed.

Candy, I love you! You say

Candy, I love you! You say this so well. God bless you. Say more!


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