New Year of Fulfillment

God said:

This is it, beloveds, this is the Year of Change. Not just change. Year of New Beginnings. Year of Unsurpassed Dreams and Their Fulfillment. This is the year that Heaven and Earth meet. They blend. They more clearly become one. This is the year you have been waiting for, and now it is at hand. Just a little more tipping of the Universe, and the old will drop away, and the new will arise.

The new is not new. You already know what I am talking about. You are already familiar with it. It has been a Known, only not yet fully actualized. I am talking about fruition. The apples on the tree are now ripe. We are just waiting for the exact moment when the apple at the top of the tree will fall into Our hands. This apple tree of a year has been ripening for a long time, as time is imagined, and now you will be astonished at all the apples that are about to fall.

You will have to get buckets to collect them. That is to say that you are going to be deluged in blessings. The whole world is. This is the ending of the old ways of thinking and living. This year is the beginning of the new ways of thinking and living.

You have already been seeing more of the lamb and the lion lying down together, have you not?

You have already been hearing more of the melody of peace even if it seems to be far off. Suddenly, there will be a trumpet blare of peace, but, of course, the sound will be mute. There will be no blasting trumpet. Perhaps a flute in the distance that you can barely hear.

And that is how Peace will silently walk in and establish itself, without fanfare, even without declaration. You will look up, and you will see that Peace is sitting beside you on the park bench, and Peace will be smiling at you, and your heart will leap in joy.

Beloveds, have the joy now. Have the joy beforehand. Why not already be joyful when Peace arrives? Why not be smiling already and greet Peace first? Greet the New Year as you wish to be greeted.

Make all the noise you want on this New Year's Eve. You will be welcoming a New Year that has been longing to come to you. It has wanted you as much as you have wanted it. You have conjured up the New Year. You have brought it here.

This is a New Year on the individual and cosmic levels. The microcosm of this New Year has been growing as a seed of thought. Many seeds have been strewn across the Universe, and they have taken hold. There is no stopping their growth now. No man, no country can stop it. The Reign of Peace is coming.

What a world you are going to have! What a world you are going to be living in. Heaven will have arrived, and it will have arrived in your heart. Your heart will herald the New Year and the New World. Your very heart. Keep your heart engaged, beloveds. Keep it on this high gear.

Start dancing across the imaginary boundaries between Heaven and Earth now. You will never tire of this dance. This will be a New Year's Eve worth remembering as all that is to come locks itself into your heart.

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Hello dear friends of Heavenletters,

Well, what can one add to this Heavenletter ? It is a most wonderful divine promise for the New Year ! I wish that it becomes true in the life of all of you ! Enjoy it with all of your heart !

much love and blessings for 2009 from


The Holy Promise of a New Year of Peace

Just reading this gives me shivers of wonder and joy. The New Reign of Peace of
on its way. The old way of thinking, where anger and doubt and frustration seemed to be
the prevailing way of things, is falling away. NO MAN, NO COUNTRY CAN STOP IT!



Oh, yes! The Divine Promise is here at last. What a blessing! This is not the first time I've heard about it, as mentioned: "The lamb and the lion lying down together," "The Winds of Change."I have no more words to add to all that has already been said. Sending all my sincere and best wishes your way for this New Year...and always! May all our dreams of peace, joy, health, Oneness, and prosperity be fulfilled!

In Love & Light


Wishing you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year

Hi everyone wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year and wishing George a speedy recovery... making good progress together... Praying also for a Pc or Laptop for my own, as i don't seem to be able to spend quite so much time... as I would like with my dear friends... Luv to you all Karen

A New Years Greeting...

What a beautiful New Years Eve message! May all of you be loved and blessed...which you all are...And...may all of us recognise and realize the Love that we are! Happy New Year! Loving you always, Jim. Last!!

Thank you God!! At last...a Heavenletter that is ALL POSITIVE!! No polarity... no antonyms...pure and simple. Love...that's who You are, that's who we are!! No qualifications, no's so EASY!! Why...oh, why do we have to have these other "half-in, half-out" Heavenletters??? Why, why, why??? THIS...THIS is how you "talk" to me everyday!!! Thank you for revealing how "you REALLY are" to all others!!! Love and blessings to you, God...and to all your children!!

Reading again

At last, dear Bonnie, the beauty of our (everyone's) hearing so differently dawns on me while I read your post.
I thought, "What??"
And I read you comment again. And then I knew that your post means I have to ascertain for myself what exactly it is I perceive as "positive" and as "negative".
Before doing that analysis, here's the result: For me, Heavenletters are the purest positive energy I have ever encountered - solid, undiluted, unmitigated positivity.

A desire for this New Year came out of that spontaneously: May we all find out and know what it is we feel and perceive as positive and as negative. May we know what it is we think God could do better. And when we go "What??" inside or out loud, may we at least read again.

Who sees what

Dear Bonnie,

at least I can see qualifications, duality, polarity, antonyms in your lines. Why not? You have them.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said greet Peace first
Have the joy now Beloveds
Why not be smiling

God said in your heart
The Reign of Peace is coming
You have brought it here

Love, Light and Aloha!

Year of Unsurpassed Dreams and Their Fulfillment

Still waiting. Still hoping.

always keep on believing,

always keep on believing, always trust and you will find..luv daisy .

Well this will be my first

Well this will be my first comment on any heavenletter tho I have read many. The year is 2018 and as I read this letter I thought of 2008 when there were other crises. God how did we mess this up this time, I wonder aloud? Please Father, may we begin now?

Dear Randall, somewhere it

Dear Randall, somewhere it is said that the change begins with us! Let us begin with uplifting everyone who comes to read Heavenletters. Dear Friend, read what Bernie Siegel, M.D. who sets us on the right foot in my use of his remarks to support Daisy in a recent presentation Bernie gave. He says it like it is. Well, what are we doing to make a difference? Let's uplift the world. We already know that life as it is isn't perfect. At the same time, we have also seen untold beauty and upliftment in this world we live in. All blessings, Randall.

Bernie Siegel, M.D., who has

Bernie Siegel, M.D., who has been such has been such a beautiful booster of Heavenletters for many years -- he wrote an introduction of the Heavenletter book and CD recently gave a fantastic presentation along with Naaum Neeam said that for us who expect life to be perfect are mistaken about what life is. If life were to be perfect, what would we be doing here? We are here to learn from life. He said this much bigger and better than I am saying it.

Daisy, you express delicately what we all feel. I love how you speak positively and inspire. You are a good example to all of us. God bless you.

Love, Gloria


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