Mother Teresa

God said:

You are not to put yourself and your needs over anyone else’s, nor are you to put anyone else and their needs over you and your needs. As you grow more into the light, that will no longer be a question for you. You will do and give only because you want to. Beloveds, this will mean that you serve all. Your serving may not be in the way you may have been taught. It doesn’t mean you will give the shirt off your back. It means you don’t have to do anything, and yet you will find yourself serving greater than yourself. You will not think so much about what belongs to you and what belongs to someone else. You will no longer weigh your actions so much.

You won’t think: “I will be a very good noble person, indeed, to give this person the shirt off my back. I want to be a good noble person, so I will.” You will just automatically know what to do and when to do it. You might find an occasion where it is natural for you to give your shirt to someone. On another occasion, you won’t. On the surface, the same situation, and yet you will not give your shirt. The impulse will not be there. You will somehow just know whom to give your shirt to and whom not to. You won’t be thinking about how anything looks nor about what is right or not right. You will simply give from your heart. Either way, you will not waver.

You won’t be trying to be generous. You simply will know to give here and not there. You won’t think yourself wonderful in one situation or not wonderful in another. You will not be thinking that you are doing good or not doing good. You may not consciously know that it is good for you to give to one person, not for your sake, but for the sake of the person. By the same token, when you do not give, it will also be for the sake of the person that you do not give. You will come to a place in your life where you will naturally know what is beneficial to do for another and what is not. It will be automatic, just the way now you would put your arm out to stop a child from running into the street when a car is coming. You will have no hesitation.

There are other more subtle situations in life when you will know when and what to give and when and what not to give. And it will always be in service. You will know your place in the cosmos. It is not always a favor to do a lot for someone, but sometimes it is. You will just know when your act is of true benefit to another. You will not try to be everything to everyone.

Mother Teresa gave of herself. She did not give up anything. She did exactly what she wanted to do. To not give her service to the world would have been a great sacrifice for her. Mother Teresa gave and gave, but she did not take away from her self. She was simply being herself. She did not strive to be Mother Teresa, for she was Mother Teresa. She had simply grown to that stature.

Whatever is for you to give in the relative world, your love will go with it. And your love will also go with what you do not give.

And, equally, in your presence, everyone will receive great blessing from you. This will be automatic too. You will not be able to help it.

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2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloved
As you grow into the light
You will find yourself

God said you will serve
Because you simply want to
Let your love go out

Love, Light and Aloha!

This is a very difficult

This is a very difficult thing...So again your heart will be the jugde..when its for the bennifit of someone...or your own disire for a compliment.....
I am learning....but quiltfeelings are sometimes in the way and I struggle....feeling bad when I do nt give....or when I do give...and realise it is for the sake of being good....but any how..we may learn..god loves us Iris

When you you treat others

When you you treat others and yourself with a peaceful equanimity...what you give and receive will always be in balance...Thank you God for this Beautiful reminder. Love and blessings...Jim and Jimi.

This letter has touched my

This letter has touched my heart deeply as well.

1) I do love and appreciate Mother Theresa. :wub:

2)This "Shirt" issue is a great dilemma for me and mostly I am with my flannel ;)


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