Money and the Good You Do

God said:

Money is a microcosm of the world. It is a great purveyor of the world. It is nothing by itself. It is what people make of it or do with it.

One who has it shares it. Another who has it keeps it to himself. Another takes someone else's. One spends what they don't have. Another duns to collect his debts. Another erases.

Money can be a great blessing. It can also be a great bone of contention. Or the whole issue of money can be denied.

The thought of money makes you happy or sad or bitter or discontent or distressed or hopeful or hopeless.

The holding of money is equated with power. The withholding of it by one who has it also is powerful. Possession of money is dominance. Lack of money is equated with weakness and makes one who has not feel subservient.

Money has great world value. What a scorecard it has been made! Insignificant paper is made significant according to what is printed on it. Oh, much value is set on it, on pieces of paper that can be torn up and tossed into a stream as well as intact pieces of paper that are considered gold and circulated throughout the world. Or mere notations of money are also counted and transferred without ever touching hands.

But money that never touches your hand also wields its power. It is in the bank. Or it is in the market. You are up or down with it.

The word "money" is connected to the word for hand. Money was handed around. There was touch connected with money, and the word "touch" is still associated with money. But now, it seems, that money has gotten out of hand.

Who owns the money? What is its great attraction, and what is the drive for it?

And what is it anyway? Certainly, you never want to be without it. You know you don't want to be without it, this microcosm of the world of men.

In the world, money is everything, and yet all know it is nothing. Yet the search for it pursues you. You are driven to possess it, keep it, or spend it. Money is like a demon in Human life when you scratch for it. But it can be an archangel when it benefits the Human screen of life.

What God do you serve with money, Me or ego? Money is not your livelihood. I am. What currency do you pay Me in? There is only one modicum you can pay Me in and that is the heart. The hand is connected to the heart. The hand that receives or gives money is connected to the heart. To what does your heart wish to give? Pray that your heart yearn to give out and not only take in.

Give your heart now. You who can buy now, and pay later, spend your heart now. Do not wait. Do not save your heart for a better day the way you save money for a rainy one. Spend your heart now.

When you have great riches accorded to you, what will your heart do with them? How many purchases will come before a thought of Me? Don't feel bad. I am not scolding you. I am just pointing out where I seem to be on your list. Give yourself credit if I am on your list at all.

Scatter your blessings back to Me, for you know that I am from Whom all blessings flow. I am not exacting a trade from you. I am just telling you how to best live in the world.

The exchange of money is another attempt at wholeness. You really do want to connect with the whole of humanity and be blended in Oneness. However you engage with money, it is your search for Oneness. The good you do comes back to Me.

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