Michael Teal

"It was while i was soaring through spiritual dimensions of life on the world wide web that I was blessed to come upon your online sanctuary of the Self. One obtains wisdom and knowledge when they experience another's gifts and talents. I celebrate your path and thank you for the inspiration I have attained by viewing your pages. Your work is significant and meaningful. May you be rich in positive energy as you fill your heart with happiness and may you embrace the holy oneness of all life as you enhance spiritual connections and invoke self awareness."

Yours Guided By Spirit
Micheal Teal
The Ancient One
Poet , CyberShaman and Spiritual Consultant

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I found You!!

Aloha Michael Teal,
YOu sent me one of your beautiful poetic emails several years ago...I was elated to be Seen/Recognized,
and receive the beauty of your expressions...
your poetry came to me again through a friend's email...Happy to be connected with you again.

So may thoughts sway more

So may thoughts sway more towards the forests than the trees,
towards the universe rather than the sky for its sunshine or breeze,
less towards cliche surface signs and more towards the mind,
ones soul awaits for what only the fully conscious eyes foresees.

Thank You

Michael, thank you so much for sharing your light with me today in an email. What a wonderful message to open up this morning and start my day with. I wish for you a tenfold of blessings for every blessing you have been to others. Keep shining brightly my friend!

~ Blessings & blissings,
Tracey Rogers

Thanks for the Lovely Note

Michael- Thanks so much for your wonderful words of encouragement. You sent your gift at a time when I have had too many dealings with those in chronic discontent, and those who are always looking for a weak chink in the armor. Your words inspire like a shining star, and the foundation of your inner beauty is a balm on the tired mind. May many blessings flow your way this summer; from heaven, earth and the field of Divine Love that is who your are. -Take care, Marguerite

You express so well what I

You express so well what I imagine is a lot of what many or most of us go through.

I aso must say that your words also inspire like a shining star. God must be the writer in each case. Thank you.dear Marguerite.