Many Ways of Oneness

God said:

All the knowledge in the world is not the same as awareness. Awareness is where you are. Knowledge is an accumulation.

Of course, you understand, ignorant of learning, you could know Reality far greater than the most learned. Or the most learned could know greater than you regardless of all his learned knowledge. The point is that knowledge of Me comes from the heart and not the mind, and that is awareness.

Don't misunderstand. It is excellent to have attention on Me. Study Me to your heart's content. Learn about Me every which way you like. Know about Me backwards and forwards, and know it is does not substitute for personal experience of Me. And do not impose your knowledge upon anyone else.

Knowledge may be sought, then given. Knowledge unasked for is given to the winds. Your tongue may be lucid, but the hearer's ear must be eager.

This is My advice to all, to free thinkers and the entrenched. My advice is the same. Do not be so sure you are right, and then you will not impose your knowledge upon anyone. Accept. No one has to think the way you do. No one.

Knowledge is not necessarily an indication of awareness. Nor is it not. There are as many ways to reach Me as there are rays of the sun. The ways to reach Me are infinite. By reach I mean opening to Me and My light.

Beautiful is Our connection. It is not learned, beloveds. It dawns.

Awareness of Me can arise slowly or all at once. You can have full awareness of Me and be unaware that you do. This must be the case because I am Ever present, so it is merely a question of your catching on, catching on the to the fact that We are deeply embraced. I am already yours. You are on a scavenger hunt for Me. I am not hidden. I am right out in the open. I am so obvious that you don't see Me.

I blend in with the environment. I am so everywhere that you can't make Me out. I am discernible, only you have haven't discerned Me.

Our relationship is somewhat like a pie when you don't understand what pie is. The pie is already made. You see the crust. You see some apple slices peeking out or juice dripping. You see the brownness of the crust. You see the pan it is in. You see the whole pie and yet you do not quite grasp what pie is.

You see many varieties of pie, yet full awareness of "pie-ness" is not yet yours.

So many varieties of pies (My creation), and yet there is pie-ness, and all cooked pies come from an oven. Many pies are created, and they are all good.

You are all warmed in the oven of My love. The so-called least of you is yet wrapped in My arms. Of course, to Me, there is no least, and you are growing to that recognition as well. A small pie is yet a pie, and it is complete. It is as much a pie as a grand one. It has as much wholeness as everything else in Creation. The same hands made it. Variations on the recipe. Perhaps different cooking temperatures, perhaps different measurements and proportions, but still made with love in the warming chamber of My heart.

My love is complete but it is not finished. Like pie, My love goes off the edges. There is no periphery to My love.

My love encompasses itself. My love is every seed, every leaf, flower. Nothing is overlooked. The weed is as precious to Me as the rose. Each is beyond their configuration as is each day in the calendar, as is each rose in the garden and each stone on Earth.

How can love be compared to love when love is all, and nothing else is?