Love Is on the March

God said:

Rise and shine, beloveds. The day you have been waiting for will be here before you know it. It may well be here by the time this Heavenletter reaches you. Hello, Sunshine. Bye-bye, worries and concerns. What a waste of non-existent time, anyway.
There is going to be a celebration all over the world. It is like a new color has been discovered, and, of itself, is painting the world a new hue. This is the color of peace, and it is the color of joy. Rub your eyes. Pinch yourself, this day is finally here. You are here on Earth to witness it.
Huge icebergs of stress that were preventing this day’s major appearance have melted. Yippee yi ei yay. Swing those lassos. Ring those bells. This is the best day in the world you live in yet! This is a new world, full of more promise than you can imagine, yet the promise is fulfilled. Hold on to your hats. How fortunate you are to be alive on Earth on this day. Thank your lucky stars, and thank yourself for having contributed to the arrival of this day. You did it. It could only have been done with you.
You see, you are not a ne’er do well, after all. Haven’t you thought sometimes that you are just filler here, biding your time, just filling up this imagined space on Earth, and now you find that you are instrumental. You are integral. Dreams do come true. You are coming closer to Truth day by day.  
Your joy is so great you can hardly believe there is more joy, yet, I assure you, there is more, and more after that, and then more and more and more beauty to be seen, and love to be seen and heard, enough to last forever, and if that is not enough for you, then there is still enough to last forever and a day. Let’s just say it: The finite and the Infinite are dancing together. Oh, yes, there will be dancing in the streets, and the lion shall lie down with the lamb.
It is not exactly a New World, although it certainly looks like it. It’s just all the tarnish has been erased from the old world. Oh, look at the world and life shine. Look at the glow on cheeks. Look at eyes sparkle! Look at new eyes as they see new sights. Peace and love have been declared.
The day longed for has come. We can call this the True Day of Reckoning. You have counted on this day’s arrival. That is what reckoning really means. Reckoning is a not dark day. It is such a sunny day that you feel you are in the Center of the Sun. You might as well be, and, in the Center of the Earth as well.
Hip hip hooray! What more is there to say? What more is there to scream and shout?
And, now, you wonder, what more is there to look forward to?
I will tell you, beloveds. You have abundance to look forward to. You have more and more discoveries of layers upon layers of love to look forward to. You are in your element now. Your element is love. Wow, have you got more and more to look forward to. You pull more and more from your heart. Your heart is like a magician’s heart, only it is My heart you pull from. God’s Heart is yours, and there is no denying it now. You are entering a Corridor of Love now. It is a Corridor of Vastness. Love is on the march. Listen to the band play. Sing along with Me.

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Love is on the March

Only March? I wished it through April, May, June, July and all the time. :-) :O

"Finite and infinite will be dancing together. ." How beautiful! It seemed as though this Heavenletter should go on and on and never end. How interesting to see now a days Heavenletters appearing on befitting occasions. Today is 9/11. Who can forget that trauma which had shaken the whole world? Let's pray henceforth only the LOVE explodes and reigns....

I AM Singing "Love Is On The March"

"Oh how happy you have made me, Oh how happy you have made me. I Sing with Glee, I AM so Happy." The Children are Safe and Playing in the Wonderland named Earth. Oh how happy our Mother Earth is to welcome all of Creation into Her Sacred Womb. Fear has vanished from Her Sacred Landscape and Joy and Love Now flow freely and Life Lives Itself Abundantly. The illusion of past is erased and humanity no longer attempts to make the past and the future One. The Birth of Christ is NOW, without a past and without a future and the World is Restored to Timelessness and Love. So Be It, Be Cause You Are It. Breathe in Freedom from Suffering and Breathe out Peace. This is the Peace that surpasses all understanding because there is no need to understand, all that is required is that You Feel this Peace. I love you, with all my Heart. I am so Happy Loving Life.

BLESSINGS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT is the constant delay of all these blessings that I will endow! I was ready for all these blessings years ago that still have not materialized !!!!!!! WHEN does it happen? I'm getting old now, where is the blessing either money or spiritual, WHERE IS IT !!! I see nothing so far but I SEE MANY PROMISES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start looking for the

Start looking for the blessings now, dear Marc.


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