God said:

The thing with life is that it's always here. When you sleep, it's here. When you wake, it's here. You can pick up in the morning where you left off at night. What a power life is in the world and what a power are all who dance in it! What power lies beyond the world as well!

What a setting the world is for an opera or a musical! What a 3-D panorama exists around you! What an enterprise you are on! Just think of it, you are alive on a vast body of the universe. Picture the globe of the world with you dancing at the top of it. This image is very close to the truth.

The globe spins and you dance. You stay upright.

Or you can consider the circle of the globe as inside you. You envelop the world. You give birth to it.

Or you can consider the world a giant balloon that you bounce. You bounce the world every which way. The world keeps rotating just the same. You don't make a dent in it. The world is impervious to your adventure or misadventure on it.

Yet how excited the universe is to have you partake of it. You are on Mother Earth with its arms ready to enfold you. The Earth provides you with a place to stay, to stand on, to rest in. It is your playhouse, and you play there, and it is your schoolhouse, and you learn there. There is hardly a moment when you are not teaching or learning. And you are your main teacher, and you are your main student. You are everything all at once. You are parent, and you are child. You are the discoverer, and you are what you discover. You are, as it were, the ball you bounce, and yet you are the one who bounces it.

Perhaps the Earth is the ship you sail on. You sail on a Vast Universe. You sail on the ether. The Earth is your ship and it is your drum. You tap dance on it with a certain beat. You leap from one planet to another. You perform all kinds of dances. You somersault. You are an acrobat of life.

You are never out of life. Physical life you will let go of. You will step out of the chorus line, and still the line will go on. All are novices in this chorus line. No matter how many times you have danced in it, you are a novice. Every day you are a novice. Every day you learn a new step. Every day the scenery changes.

Every day you are propelled into life. You are pulled in. You cannot stay on the sidelines. Somehow you seem to always be in the center of it. You spin like the dancer on top of a music box, and yet the world spins around you. You are held to Earth and you physically cannot step off. Gravity holds you. The physical Earth holds the physicality of you.

The spirit of you has never been held to Earth. The spirit of you is inaccessible to gravity. The spirit of you knows only light and lightness. In that way, your feet never touch Earth. They are always dancing high. You eclipse the world. You have been a stranger to it. You alighted on it for hardly a moment before you flew away again.

You are not bound to Earth. You perform on it. Even though you often feel heavy as you perform your perambulations on Earth, you are Lightness Supreme. Your life on Earth is a fantasy you act out. Your life on Earth is all an As If, as if you could be anywhere but on the lap of God, as if you could be in the presence of anything but God, as if you could come and go, when you can only stay even amidst your flights of fantasy.

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Hello Friends,

God said you play there
You are not bound to the Earth
You perform on it

Love, Light and Aloha!