Let’s Turn the World Upside Down

God said:

Hello, Beloveds, how are you today? Actually, let Me tell you how and Who you are. Let’s have a new take on you and all this that you call Life.

You may have been thinking that Life is worrisome. Surely, you have thought to one depth or another that there really is something the matter with you, or, you are soon to be in some kind of trouble or turmoil, that it is inevitable that you will be undone sooner or later. How about getting out of the whole concept of trouble and so erase fear and fatigue from the whole of Earth?

As it is, there are costs My Children apply to living Life on Earth. You may think you are to pay up all the presumed costs of living. One is financial and your tribute to the idea that costs will always be going up. Let’s remove this idea from the face of the Earth. Let’s better suggest Blue Skies and Sunshine and radiate them.

What if My Children have the idea that, instead of everything is going to go up in smoke, everything is going to come up roses! Oh, yes, please rise to this thought, and the whole world will change before your eyes. This isn’t pie in the sky, Beloveds. This is Celebration. What a Celebration every day will be! About time, wouldn’t you say?

What if you had the idea that you never had to replenish anything? And the idea that you never had to be repaid for anything, that no one has to even say thank you to you? Rather, uphold the idea that everything is A-OK -- just the way it is!

What if you let go of the idea that you are to be the fixer of the world? Cast yourself in a different role that you are here for one reason, and this one reason is to enjoy the world and to bless Joy to the World and bless Joy to everyone in the world. Never mind so much what others have to do and be.

Consider yourself a Great Artist in Life on Earth and everyone else as a Great Artist in Life as well. No one pretends. No one pretends there is loss, and there is no urgent need to finish a Painting of Life to a preconceived idea.

Turn the world upside-down indeed. This isn’t a big deal. Do you recall pineapple-upside down cake? Enjoy. Yes, let’s turn the world topsy-turvy. Turn the world upsa-daisy. Be sprightly. Be all you want to be. This is not a performance. This is a Revelation. Reveal Truth as I do from the Sunny Side of the Street.

Truth is Beauty. Oh, yes, you may have thought that Truth was a Trick of the Mind. Immerse yourself in Revelation. Revelation is when the Sun comes out. The Truth is that the Sun never dims. The Sun ever shines brightly. You may have been looking from a pre-supposed angle.

Remove from your mind the thought of any concept such as unhappy Truth. Truth is Light, and Light is Beautiful. Un-dwell your mind from gossip about the world. Let’s shake hands on this.

Get it through your head that you are here for Love, for the Love of Everything. To be a Knower of Truth is to be a Knower of Love and Joy. Jump for Joy!

Enter into the world with joie de vivre and no more unending discussion. Enough moaning and groaning and pursing your lips about the state of the world.

Beloveds, enlighten the world. Enlighten the world simply. All you have to do is to herald the world. Make room for the world in your Heart. In your Heart is where the world exists anyway.

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what a prfoundly beautiful

what a profoundly beautiful and simple pointing. yet a complete re-calibration., in this letter -- a Divinely human reset. “All you have to do is herald the world.”

i had a dream earlier this year, and the words spoken just before waking were, “ God is re-strengthening words and our uses of them”.

“herald the world” ... is stepping into Truth, and loving, from that place. It cannot fail.

thank you so much!!!

I loved your use of words,

I loved your use of words, Alison. Recalibration, a Divinely human reset, re-strengthening words, and our Uses of them. "Herald the world" is stepping into Truth. Loving from that place cannot fail.

Thank you, dear Alison, for your thoughts and strength. You have deepened my understanding and/or you made it stick.

This is a Heavenletter that was written months ago, and I had no recollection of having ever seen it before I read it here.

Follow up by Mary Ann

Dear Gloria, It was wonderful to read your reply to me on the forum.

I plan to retire in the spring and will have a lot more time at that point, unless I decide to take another job.

Right now I have a computer at work and only my smart phone at home. When I retire I plan to buy a laptop.

Is there something I can do to help you, with my smart phone, a few hours a week?


The holy Light shines through the darkness of density and I see the simply magnificent beauty before my eyes and I love whatever arises free from all conditioning.