Let People Learn Their Own Lessons

God said:

Do not spend your life trying to improve other individuals in their personal lives. Do not know better than another what they should do and how they should do it. A need to improve others is your need, not theirs. Do not need to improve others, for it is always for your sake, not theirs. Furthermore, you only try to improve others because you have made judgments. You found the others lacking. You found yourself superior. You found your judgment and exalted it.

Do not always know better than someone else.

When you try to improve another, you invade their territory.

No matter how well-intentioned you are, and you are, you usurp another's rights. You want to help another. You only want to serve, but you take over. Do not help people so much. Let people help themselves.

Even little children, let them feed themselves. Let them use their fingers. Let them make a mess. It is your need to have eating immaculate. Let your need be to give independence.

Do not make others dependent upon you.

Giving freedom is not giving license.

The more you respect others' rights, the more you will respect your own.

You are using another's energy when you try to improve them. You think you are being kind in improving, but you are drawing a small circle around them. You manacle them. Despite your wish to give goodness, you become a scavenger.

Be not a critic. Be an enjoyer.

Leave another to their foibles. You can be sure you have your own.

Be hands off. Let someone tie their shoe incorrectly. It is their shoe. Let them find their own way themselves.

Be not a fault-finder. Be a joy-giver.

You do not like people to improve you. It does not matter whether you need it or not. When you want improvement, you will ask, and then you will listen.

When someone asks you for advice, then maybe you can give it. Maybe they were not sincere in asking for advice. Let them then learn to have their speech follow their true thought.

Learn to keep silent. True giving is silent. True giving is not intended. It just is. It comes of itself, and is done before you know it.

Giving advice is controlling. You misguidedly try to control another's life on Earth. Let them be. Let them find their own way. Do not take it as your right or purpose to change them. Help someone by not trying to change them.

I let you be. I let you stumble. I let you everything. I do not try to improve you. I accept you, and I inspire. If I did not accept you, you would not be inspired. My very acceptance of you inspires you, and you raise yourself a notch.

You have to climb your own ladder, and everyone must climb theirs. Find a way to draw a picture of a ladder on which one rung is not higher than another. Different rungs, different placement, but each rung your foot reaches for is your next step.

You do not spare another his next step.

Do you try to improve another who tries to improve you? It is a hard task. Ask Me for help, and I will lift another's thoughts from you. And I will lift their hearts so they will pay more attention to their own life and less to yours.

Pick yourself up wherever you are. What others do and say is not your domain. What you do and say is your domain.

Include Me. Do not try to change Me either. Embrace Me. Let Me be God. Let Me be your God of Love, for I do love you and I let you live your life in peace.