Let It Be Enough When the Sun Does Shine

God said:

Beloved, it is a good day when the sun does shine. It is a good day when day has dawned. It is a good day when the sun has set and the stars are out. You arise, or you get back under the covers. In any case, you live under the blanket of Heaven named the Sky on Earth however the light may fall.

Join Me today. Join Me tonight. Join Me in life under the sun or under the stars. You are alive in Heaven and under the Heavens. We are alive together, you and I. There is a Cosmos, and We dance on it and above it. On the stars or under the stars, We dance, and We sing. Let Us make merry. We light the stars like street lights. We ignite the Sun. We ignite the Sun so that all may see the brilliance with which I lighted the Universe. Every day there is a parade of life like light itself streaming forth so that We openly make life merry. What is life going on but for Us to to be merry? Can it be you have been thinking any other way?

Merriness is the only message to carry and pass on. Make life on Earth merry for all. Leave no one out. Most certainly, do not leave yourself out. Absolutely not. Join the parade right now. Earth is to dance on. Let there be no sobering purpose here. Take life lightly. Choose to make merry and set the tone for all. No one is to rise touchy or grouchy. All are to dance in joy.

There is no doubt about this. You are not here on Earth for dirges. Heavens, no. Make happiness. Bang the gongs. Awake! Life has arrived today. Make nothing else of life but a blessing. Get up on your feet and connect to the Earth. Dance on the grass. Tap dance or waltz or polka. Leap! What dance do you choose today? Your heart is to dance on Earth on this very day. Wait for no other day. Let the dance begin. Lift your toes. Let life transfer throughout the Universe today. Let joy in life be your humble gift to Me today.

Well, what else do you think I would ask of you? Never do I request a frowning face or anything that covers up the dance floor of life. Start life today to the beat of My Heart. Shall We not swing from star to star and exalt the earth with all the love in the world today? Would We not? Why would We not join hands and raise a flag for today? Today, this is the very day that is Ours to share. To share it, We must. It isn't My day or your day, it is Our day. Today is for all. Roll out of bed. The minute your feet hit the floor – dance! Hum a tune. Wake up the world. Hold today and your head high.

You are destined to be the Light Bringer. You are to sing My Songs. You are here to open the world. You are the first to herald today. Join hands the way a chorus might march onto a Broadway stage arm in arm for a grand introduction. Every day is a grand overture. No two are alike. Every day is beautiful in its opening. Have you not known this? Beloved, wait for no man. Do not wait even for yourself. What have you been waiting for? Whom have you been waiting for? Simply strike up the band.

I say, “Thank You to Me, Beloved.”

Say to Me: “You’re welcome, God. Yes, it is for me to serve You in the Highest.”

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