In Our Garden

God said:

Allow Me. Allow Me to love you. Allow My love for you to be known. Allow love to rise in the world. Is there anything else that is needed, I ask you, than more perception of love, more allowance of love, more love to be given and love to be received?

What is peace but surety of love? What is peace but the pillow of love you lie on?

If peace were everywhere in the world, what could be missing? Well, yes, strife would be missing. Tumult would be missing. Fear, stress, horror, dislike, distrust, dis-anything would be missing. Commotion, haste, waste, confusion, blame would be erased from the face of the Earth. Anything unlovely would be gone. There would be nothing unlovely to see, and you would not see it anyway, for peace is the mist that beautifies all that is. You and I as One – We --are all that is. The world will start to dance to My tune. Previously, the world has not always been dancing to My tune. It may have been dancing to this tune or that.

You say that the world certainly has not been dancing to your desired tune either, but who has been playing the chords played? What chorus have you participated in, and what instruments have you held in your hands? Have you been playing the flute of love and peace in your home? Never mind anyone else – what about you?

Remove the splinter from your own eye. Remove the taut threads in your own heart. What are you reverberating to when your heart is fretful and hurting? What numbers have you called up?

Be the peace you desire, or say you desire. Obviate what is not peace, and peace will reign. Even better than that, come into the Garden of Eden with Me. We will write a different script. We can have movies in Eden, if you like. The thing is that you will know what is movie and what is the Garden itself. You will know Reality, and, when you play, you will know that it is only play. You will play the game of life, and you will play it well. There will be enlivenment and no franticness. There will be liveliness and no dismay. All dismay is feigned anyway. Part of you already knows that dismay and such are drama, drama, drama. Curtains will not fool you. You will know what is true and what is fiction in Our Garden.

There will be no serpents, or, if there are, they will be loving pets, and you will love them. You will not know anything that is not love. There will be varieties of love like flowers. There will be love and more love, and you will give it, and you will receive it all in one motion. Three cheers for love. Three cheers for Me, and three cheers for you.

Who will know the difference between you and between Me? Who will even think of such a thing? Difference? Dissidence? Where could difference and dissidence exist except as a made-up thing, made-up just for the fun of it. No one would transgress, for there would be nothing to transgress to.

The lilies of the field will be peace, and peace will grow everywhere as the sun shines and hearts melt into the molten gold of Oneness. Flowers will pick flowers. The fruit of My vine will pick the fruit of My vine. Hearts will be polished apples. Thoughts will become a chorus of angels. Your thoughts will spin and manifest themselves, and angels will dance on the head of a pin, and all will be happy, and there will be drums of happiness, happiness, happiness beating the cadence of the world. Here come the drums.

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' Allow Me. Allow Me to love you." Is this God's talk?

Be sure that God stands waiting for our will, our decision, our intention to allow God to love us. Our perception of love can be deception of EGO if we have given emotions the right to rule and run our life.

Reading Heaven Letters will teach you how to think in such a way as to crawl under God's love so as to rest and be quiet enough to hear this soothing Voice.


Just a little willingness

Yes Georges, God stands waiting for our will to enjoy this holy instant of "meeting His Love". But this holy instant is the result of our determination to be "holy" which is wholly. It is the answer. The desire and the willingness to let it come precede its coming. We prepare our mind for it only to the extent of recognising that we want it above all else. It is not necessary that we do more; indeed, it is necessary that we realise that we cannot do more. God will do the rest. Just a little willingness from us.

Thank you Normand...

Just a little willingness...just a little sweet know be closer to God...even a wee bit of willingness to admit we truly know so very little. In this we are little...but this little willingness is strong...because it is genuine. Have I truly ever been genuine except when in this little willingness? I doubt it. But...I love this wee, little willingness that goes straight to the Heart of God. Thank you Normand, thank you God. I am so grateful! And now...I go in a few minutes to a 'Gratitude Circle' where people come together to speak of the wonders of life and God and how they are so , so grateful. I will bring you all with me! Love, Jim and Jimi.

Oh yes George...

Yes...listening to the soothing voice of God via Heaven joyful...and so revealing the love that we have sought in so many different ways...

Nothing really to do or try or figure out or contain or judge or ponder upon any longer. Just rest in this diamond of a moment with its multi-facited mansions of...of...Light and Love. Thank you for this moment God...and thank you for this moment George. This beautiful moment...that loves God's Heart...and in George's OUR Heart. Loving you George, Jim and Jimi

nine cheers

We can have movies in Eden, if you like. The thing is that you will know what is movie and what is the Garden itself.

Ah, the Garden itself.

Who will know the difference between you and between Me?

For now, clearly, we do see difference, we do not know what is movie and what is the Garden itself. You are still spoken of as You, the Garden is still spoken of as the Garden, and a God spoken of can hardly be God Himself, a Garden spoken of can hardly be the Garden itself.

The Garden itself is where Flowers will pick flowers.