If Your Light Were Really Seen…

God said:

Beloveds, sometimes it is true that no one understands you. Even friends, even good friends, see only a fraction of you, or even mis-see. Everyone has a partial picture of you. No one knows you as well as I do.
People may think they know you and know you well, yet there is far more to you than the picture people see. People may even think they know you before they have laid eyes on you.
This seems like a pity, yet this is not a pity. This is how it is. You yourself don’t begin to know all the dimensions that lie within you. At the same time, you do know more of the layers that exist within you than others do. Pretty much, you do.
Not everyone surmises the same aspects of you. Some may even see opposite aspects.
Would that the world grasped your full content. Yet not even you do. There are sun’s rays you also have never noticed. You are a deep well.
Without full awareness of yourself, you nevertheless feel that others are to have a greater understanding of you than they do. If others really saw your light, it could be too much for them, yet it would be well worth their blazing through.
No question, odds are people undervalue you, including those who love you.
You are greater than the eye can see. There are ramifications of you that, so far, only I know. You may have a glimpse now and then, yet you don’t seem to know how to keep that glimpse in front of you. Something is missing from your perception. You also put yourself down simply by not seeing your full radiance.
Thankfully, I see. I take full credence in you. You are inevitably My sunshine.
Love is not blind in the sense I am speaking of. Love sees very well. I see very well. I wish you to grasp My vision and give fealty to it. Holy is My vision. Wholly is My vision. I hold you in Wholeness. Within My vision, lies the Truth of you, the bless-ed Truth. I blessed Myself with you. I blessed the Earth with you. I blessed the angels with you. You are My blessing.
Frankly, you are a gift I gave to Myself. I claim you more than as My partner. I claim you Myself. I did not create you for nothing. I created you for something. Holy is your name. I created you from the Wholeness I am.
No longer be dismayed that others do not see you as you deserve to be seen. Do not look for others’ approval or expect it, cry for it. Until a person can know himself, he cannot know the full range of you. So long as he underestimates himself, he will underestimate you.
Care no longer to be known. Care that you know your magnificence and that you estimate well all those seeming others on Earth. It is easier for My children to see terribleness than to see Truth. You are intended to be a proponent of Truth. Be it then. Be it. See it. Live it. Own it. Have it. Share it. Acknowledge it. Accept it, the Truth of you. You are My Holy Child. I hold you in good favor. Hold yourself the same.
You are a King or Queen on Earth, and I may be the only one Who knows. One day, you will join Me in the full knowledge of Who you are. You will also begin to see others in their full light. You are already the Light of the World, and you already shine it, yet your awareness lags behind. Oh, your awareness. May your awareness come to the fore right now. Honor yourself. Do not wait for others’ awareness. Wait for no man’s appraisal or approbation. Wait no longer for your own. Have it now.

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i am gratitude ,

dear God heavenley,
i am gratitude every heavenletter you have,
and also true some people the dont understan me
even my freind or my fameley, i love my work
as a light worker if the dont understan or not,
i do my job because i love et and i injoy my life,
to work, some day, i wish i m be whith you in heaven,
Love carmen,,

Definitely, we will, beloved

Definitely, we will, beloved Carmen.

Meanwhile, we meet through our consciousness.

We never know what will happen in life. The possibility exists that somehow we could meet before we go to Heaven. It could happen!

I Love this Heaven Letter

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This letter is truly

This letter is truly profound. Thank you God. I know myself much better than anyone else on this earth. I know what motivates me and what inspires me. There is not a one size fits all model. Thank you God for speaking to me and blessing me with the drive to move mountains.

If my Light were really seen...

I must say how synchronized and timely this is, dear God.
I am no longer surprised by how Heaven Letters speaks to my daily situations and my increasing consciousness of Your Truth.
Or shall I say Our Truth...
I have been very focused on how others receive me.
I have taken their level of seeing as truth, even when I know it is not.
I want to increase my awareness of my own true nature and finally accept it.
In so doing, I accept everyone's true nature, which is Your Love.
The more I let go of others, and let them have their awareness, even when it may not be truthful, the more I fly!
I surrender my perception of everyone else to You.
I surrender my sense of their importance to my awareness. Their awareness is not important to mine.
I can be aware of my Truth, their Truth, Our Truth, no matter what they seem to be aware of.
God, I let my awareness of Truth be unshakeable. I let it be so obvious and so naturally high that nothing can bring it down.
I let my awareness be like Yours. It already is, in Truth. I let myself be conscious of that.
I surrender myself in service to You. Amen.


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