How to Be a Light to the World

God said:

Whether the people you are talking about are right here with you or not, speak well of them as if they were right in front of you, or be still. Perhaps you think you are sparing people’s feelings by waiting for them to leave the room before you speak.

Remind yourselves, beloveds, one reason you are here on Earth is to upgrade the world. You are meant to inspire. Do you think that your words reach only so far as the hearing range of your words? Even your thoughts unspoken are powerful. They reach across the whole Universe. There is no distance, beloveds. Distance is a fallacy among many others. You can make remarks behind someone's back, yet your words resound across the Universe. Your words reach everywhere.

Make your words match a truly friendly smile. Be a friend to the world and to everyone in the world. Take no pot shots. Heighten the vibration of the world. No exceptions. Don’t mock any other as if this were a sport to engage in.

Bless every country in the world. Bless every politician. Bless every child. Bless. What more can you do, beloveds? There is plenty less you can do and have done. Now you know better, so now do better. Refrain from remarks. Burst into song. Shed bright light and mean it.

All people on Earth are looking for their light to be lit. Light up the world you are witness to. Do away with the critic part of you that discerns jokes at someone's expense. Treat yourself to Life without shadows of discomfort. You are a far greater influence in the world than you allow yourself to see.

Sing out the colors I ask of you. Leave behind the colors that do not shine Bright Light onto the world. Now it is for you to radiate Light. Now that you know better, you must do better. Remind yourself that there is no delight in spreading another's misfortunes. You are to be beyond the gossip stage.

No longer have you a need to downplay any other so that, by comparison, you lift your ego self a grade higher. This is not your purpose. Nor does it serve your heart. Close the window on even one disparaging remark.

Be a good fellow well-met who turns the world to a higher dial. Be a good Samaritan to the world.

Highlight your serving the Universe and Me. Watch your words. It is not for you to be careless when it comes to others' hearts. It is not for you to bandy around as if what you say is a lark and doesn't matter. It matters very much what you say.

Encourage all hearts. It is for you to be gentle. Never again do you run roughshod over anyone. Mind your manners.

Be beholden to kindness. Do not make light of others' concerns. Cut off no one from your basic heart of caring. Would you run someone off the road?

No one is telling you to pretend good feelings that you do not have, yet do not defame anyone in the name of Freedom, your Freedom. Watch what you contribute to the Universe. Be not loose-lipped.

Oh, well, the past is past. Start anew now. Every day, start anew. It is today We speak of. I call upon you to foster kindness in the world. There has been enough callousness. Now it is time to warm hearts, most especially your own. Speak kindly of others. Have no fun at any others’ expense whether they are present or not.

Have a heart. Bear good will. Contribute glad tidings to the Universe at large and to individuals. Make room for everyone in your heart.

Release yourself from smallness. Engage in largesse.

Help Me out in serving greater Joy.

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That is wonderful. Thank you.

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Your appreciation of Heavenletters is wonderful!

The Service of Blessing

My world becomes blessed with each and every gentle blessing I promote. Thank you for the awareness of the Power in "The Gentle Art of Blessing". As I Bless my world I become Blessed and I am grateful for this Truth.