How Do We Name a Heavenletter That is About the Invisible?

God said:

Then, of course, you can get into non-existent space which certainly clearly, sometimes elegantly, seems to be the very ground you walk on. And you are told that space also is not Truth but fiction.

What is a body to believe? You are actually asked to not believe in what you obviously see, and, also, you are asked to believe in what seems invisible to you.

What a dilemma is all this? You are supposed to pledge yourself to the Unseen and have less allegiance to what you see so readily before you? What kind of sense does this make, you ask.

Please understand I don't ask you to jump off a cliff. There is nothing for you to prove. You don't have to prove the existence of the physical where you presently abide. No, don't do that. Just know that there is an Unseen that is lasting – it lasts forever whether you catch on or not.

Is it not obvious that the physical world you see before you and all the houses and all the physical bodies and the very ground you walk on are not all there is? Your very desire for more tells you that there is more. How would you desire greater love unless greater love exists and exists within you?

Much to your chagrin, physical bodies do not last forever. You admit that.

Moment by moment, everything in the physical is changing. This you do not always see. There is much that is True that your eyes do not see.

Think of all the chatter in the world that you do not hear, yet, on the surface of life, chatter is nevertheless going on.

So many hearts in the world are beating that you do not hear and may not feel love for. You know all right when love is missing.

Look, you were born into this imaginary world of the existent where physical senses were bestowed upon you to use. Of course, use them.

Now begin to wonder about the Unseen which I tell you is true and lasting. I talk about the Everlasting. There must be something to it.

You understand the word Everlasting. Even when you vaguely sort of understand a word, meaning exists to it.

You are good at understanding the word soul. Where do you see your soul? Can you touch it? Can you hold it in your mind or in your hand? Can you paint a picture of it? Tell Me, dear ones, if you were told you had to give up your belief in soul, how would you actually do this? Soul Reality is beyond surface reality by leaps and bounds.

In terms of surface reality, you also do not see all of the surface in front of you. There are aspects of the surface reality that also exist beyond the surface.

Do you see the wind? What you see is the evidence of the wind. You see the leaves move and fall. You may see the wind knock down branches and trees. How can you say in all honesty that wind does not exist merely because you don't literally see it? Do you see the air that you breathe? The wind is made of air. You do know that air exists. Air is physical, yet you don’t literally see it. You can hear the wind, however.

Love is evidenced. Great love is evidenced. Yet where can you put love in a box and show it to everyone? You well know what love is and can be. The eyes and mind can see evidence of love whereas the human heart well-knows love and knows the Existence of Love. At the same time, human beings will say that love is gone, that is, as they interpret their love on the surface level of life.

You, too, beloveds, play between the surface and the deeper levels of life. You traverse back and forth.

And there are deeper levels yet for you to reach by going beyond.

Know that there are human beings who walk between both worlds, and, for them, it is as easy as pie. I say you too can do it. I say you are doing it.

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Heavenletter #5886 How do we name ...

To Whom will read my words :)

Just sending you my Gratitude for the divine Content of your Heaven Letters

My question is : are these Words being spoken through a channeling? and if yes
would it be possible to know more about this person?

Heaven Letters ARE heavenly indees; they never fail to =amaze= me, and =teach=
me something inspiring...bringing one deeper and deeper into the human nature
and the divine way to look at it

Thank you for your -very much needed- Work of Light for Humanity

Manon Farmer
Lac Megantic, Quebec, Canada