Hello, I AM Here, God!

God said:

Beloved, if the beautiful created world We live in has been taken over by outside sources or wayward inner sources, We, the lovers of life, are reclaiming the world now. We reclaim the extant world with simple grace and truth. We rise with Our hearts attuned to love, and that’s it.

Love is Our motivating factor, or forget about it. To prove anything is not Our purpose. To receive can’t be Our goal. Our aim is to give back to the Universe the joy that may have been eclipsed and hidden away for one kind of misinterpretation or another – from foolishness or short-sided importance of less than truth when love is Our straight goods. It’s clear now that individual self-importance is no kind of importance at all.

There are directions to go in, and there are directions to leave behind. Reclaiming the world in no way is a coup. We certainly aren’t kidnapping the world. We take love seriously and not rule to heart. We supply nutrients. We give the world back to its origin. We do not have to be very serious, yet nor are We frivolous. No one here with Me today lacks awareness that the world, as it was created, may have been somewhat tossed aside. It may be that ignorance was exalted, whereas goodness and mercy may have been fragmented. There may have been awareness, yet lack of alertness.

Always, who is responsible for anything? No pointing fingers elsewhere. Reclamation begins with all who are here today. Now, look, this is no big deal. This is no grand sweep. We set Our intention to the return of generosity to all the world – which means for everyone. No one is singled out for more, nor is anyone singled out for less.

We speak of constituents of a world that somehow unzipped themselves from Paradise when no one was looking. This happened without full realization. Too many were snookered. Those who led the list were also snookered. Now, let’s return to rebuilding and restitution. We are talking about loving your brother as your Self or more.

This is not an all-at-once action. This isn’t ganging-up. There aren’t any factions. This isn’t splitting anything in two. Everyone is a winner, and there are no losers. This is reassembling and realigning. Start off on your right foot aligned with Mine. This is all it takes to uplift the world. Come with Me. We are on a Peace March. We are right out in the open. This way to Heaven. Return to Heaven.

In truth, We go forward. Peace and love are on the rise. Make a commitment to give your heart to the truth of goodness and mercy. You do not try to make up for anything nor to placate anyone, least of all not anyone’s little self. Simply now, all are lining up for peace on Earth and Good Will to all. This is what We do. We are speaking of this wonderful Room at the Inn. Beloved, what else is so fitting as to make more room for all? Frankly, I know of no other way.

Somehow, Room at the Inn was being cramped. As this was happening, too many were not looking. This isn’t about having regrets. Now We are about an upsurge of more rooms being built. This is all. This isn’t stretching boundaries. This is using the space there always was and building anew. Perhaps there was hesitation for the mistaken idea that you or someone would be left out. Come, return to the land of milk and honey. This is where your Consciousness rightly belongs and has been meant to be all along.

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Use me

Dear God,

How do You do it? My ego asks.
How do You give exactly the right message at the right moment?
Of course, You are God, so why am I asking.
Use me, God. Use me sincerely, not for show.
I am not saying that You do it for show.
I am meaning that I want my ego to get out of the way.
Use me. Raise me to where You would have me be.
You have told me that I am already risen.
One with You, how could it be different?
Raise my awareness to that Truth.
Raise my awareness to the "point" where I can only allow You because I see no separate me apart from You.
Let me see through all false motives, and see that they hold no value.
Let there be no perceived gain in a separate, isolated will.
I am not saying there is gain. I am saying that I am misperceiving.
I am willing to let it go. Of course, it is already happening.
I am letting go, that is why I desire this.
Thank You God for bringing me here.
You are my Master, Guru, Teacher and Lover.
You are my Best Friend.
I know I have been sleeping in our relationship.
Not fully comprehending the meaning of our Friendship.
I still deny. I am sorry. I know You do not judge.
I give in to Your Love. Take me.
Love You.


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