Heavenletters Love letters from God

Heavenletters Book One

"Each Heaven book that arrives at someone's home or country is setting up a satellite of energy that will light and lighten the world. Gloria, do not consider that you are merely shipping books. You are shipping Light."

From Personal Godwriting™, November 22, 2004

Heavenletters Loveletters from God Book 1

Title: Heaven Letters, Love Letters from God, Book One
Author: Gloria Wendroff
Publisher: 1st World Library
Category: Self-Help, Inspiration [e!]
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Page Count: 288
Softcover: ISBN: 1-59540-989-0
Price: $19.95

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“There is love trying to be heard.”

Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, winner of the Chelson 2004 Inspiration Award, brings us closer to God, humanity, and our own hearts. In these times when the whole world needs nourishing, Heavenletters is already proven to stir the hearts and souls of people of all ages all around the world and from all walks of life. A hard-working father in Iran or a schoolgirl in Pennsylvania resonate with Heavenletters the same, for the same eternal and universal truths lie deep within us all.

“You create the world as you walk through it.”

Heavenletters tells the story of everyone’s life. The same way our lives often are not what we expect, God’s words are full of surprises. The same way we can pick up our life stories anywhere, we can start Heavenletters from back to front or anyway we like and find highlights in it. We can open the book to any page and find something meant just for us at just that time.

"The tide of God wakes you just like the moon pulls the seas.”

Heavenletters is not an intellectual exercise. It is not to be studied. It is not to be learned. It is an experience. God pours out His/Her love and wisdom, and we absorb without effort and naturally find ourselves seeing our lives and our world in a new way, and so our lives are changed. The techniques for fulfillment that Heavenletters offers are simple, subtle and profound. The benefits that arise do not come from our individual will but from God’s Will.

“God has love letters for you.”

Heavenly Reviews!

"The heart is the cord that binds together the spiritual and the physical, the soul, and the finite world. Heavenletters is like that cord."

Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., Author, How to Heal

"I see my Self in this book."

Rev. Michael Beckwith, D.D., Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center of Truth, Los Angeles

"Like A Course in Miracles, Love Letters from God is going to become a CLASSIC."

Dr. Laura Di Giorgio, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Canada

"I am honored that I can receive this treasured guidance. What a gift."

Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive, Author, The Body Knows

"I was intoxicated by these love letters."
Nancy List, Realtor, Pennsylvania

"More than God's words touched me as I read."

Casey Flannery, Organic Gardener, Scotland

"At bottom, most of us yearn to be mystics, while at the same time, we are afraid."

Rev. Dr. John C. Morgan, Author, Awakening the Soul

“I can't tell you how much we love the Heavenletter book. When I hold it in my hands I feel the vibration of love and truth very strongly. We've been inspired by reading a chapter to start each day. What a treasure and a blessing.”

Pope McElvy, Alabama

Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book I is like a rose unfolding, petal by petal, page by page, to the inner essence of what it is like to be fully alive and unconditionally in love with God and the world.

This book is God’s gift to humankind.

Hold a Heavenletter up to the light and turn it this way and that. Let it reflect new colors, new visions and deeper feelings about yourself and your world.

Every so often, a Heavenletter will deliver a “quotable” that you will want to copy into your journal for future turning and turning, and turning again. Each “turn” delivers a different insight and a deeper meaning.

Carol Adler, CEO/President of Dandelion Books

Read the full review from Carol Adler here.

Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One

I have read this book. My personal experience of reading this book is that the more often you read this God's love letters, you will not only learning more and more about the Truth of God's or True Source's love, but your awareness about the Oneness will also be lifted up closer and closer to him and ..furthermore "you will enter new galaxies" (page 64). so be happy and grab the book immediately..

Reviewer: Tri Gunanto (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Precious beyond words.

With loving and lyrical beauty, Heavenletters: Love Letters from God speaks directly to the heart and uplifts, enlivens, and heals the soul. I consider this the most important book I have ever read, because it makes me feel thoroughly loved and cared for by our Creator. It's not just the words that are so precious, but the loving intent that radiates through the words and penetrates every fiber of one's being. Basking daily in its golden, radiant sunshine, I want to dance in ecstasy.

Reviewer: A. M. Bradley (Sacramento, CA USA)


For several years now I've enjoyed a daily letter from God, thanks to Gloria Wendroff's email. It's like hearing God say, "Good Morning, Louise!...Have a nice day!...I love you!"

Reviewer: Louise G. Smith "Writer,Grandmother" (Orcas Island, WA)

Now, I can carry "Heavenletters--Letters From God" with me when I travel without my computer, reading those messages to my heart's content.

I nominate this book for non-believers especially. How delightful to discover that God has a warm sense of humor and speaks a language we can all understand.

Louise G. Smith
Orcas Island, Washington

Heartwarming, Uplifting and Inspiring

This book contains a selection of heaven letters - love letters from God. The messages in these letters are filled with so much love and wisdom that they are bound to bighten your days, look upon the world and the challenges you may be facing with a light heart and reconnect with the wisdom and love which are already within you. If you've lost touch with all that which is true, lovely and beautiful in your soul and in your life, this book will help you to rediscover it and bring it out. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are never truly alone, that we have never been abandoned to cope and struggle, that help is always available by connecting to the love and wisdom within us and honoring that which is divine and sacred in us and all around us. May you enjoy a blessed life, now and forever!

You may want to read one letter in this book as soon as you wake up - it will help you to start your day on a positive note. And you may want to read one letter just before you go to sleep, so that its message becomes deeply impressed upon your mind. And don't just read them, but savor them and live them. And make sure to share them with whoever crosses you path. In that way you can brighten other people's lives, too.

Reviewer: Laura De Giorgio "www.deeptrancenow.com" (Canada)

If God writes emails

If God writes emails (S)He surely utilizes Gloria's keyboard. The blend of heavenly advice applied to everyday earthbound issues is a joy to read. Her writing uplifts me, returns my focus to trying to be the best spirit I can possibly be, and elevates my soul with hope.

Reviewer: JoJo "FL Joie" (Palm Harbor, FL - USA)

HeavenLetters, the best mail you will ever get!

HeavenLetters is the best mail I have ever gotten, and continue to get, every day, on email. If you are looking for inspiration, you will find it here. If you are looking for answers, you will find them here. If you are looking for empowerment, you will find it here. If you are looking for Love, you will find it here......Diane Trieb

Reviewer: Diane Trieb

Yes, Love Letters

I feel God's love when I read these letters. They uplift my spirit and delight my heart always, and they often move me to reorder my priorities, change my way of thinking, let go of the past, or make other life-tranforming shifts. I cannot explain how the letters can be at once so timely and so timeless. God's creativity with language and imagery never ceases to amaze me--but why should I be amazed when I know God as the Creative Source of All That Is? I recommend this book wholeheartedly to all who seek a deepened sense of God's presence and who long to know God's love as a sustaining yet surprising everyday reality in their lives.

Reviewer: Rev. Margaret Y. Weiner

God's Love letters for Us.

These missives from God are the most loving and intimate I have ever known. They start my day off with love and caring, and carry me through each day and life with ease. I recommend them to everyone I know, and I buy them as gifts for those I know and truly care about.

Reviewer: C. Joy Davis (Centralia, Wa. USA)

These messages are meant to be shared

"Be with Me, and you will know the peace that Heaven brings.
Stay with Me, and you will know it forever,
for Heaven is a name for the truth of life."
...God, in Heavenletters

Reading Heavenletters is an experience unlike anything I have ever known. The messages go beyond the intellect, beyond words --to my very core. God says that knowing Him is simple and then shows me in Heavenletters how true this is. This book and these messages are a timely gift to the world.

Reviewer: Beverly Allen

An Invitation To An Adventure

Heaven Letters are profound and yet simply spoken words that go directly to my heart; how could they not, for they come from the Heart of God!

I dearly love God's introduction: this alone is worth the price of the book!
"Would you not sit down with Me?
We do not have to speak,
or We can engage in idle chatter,
or We can talk in circles,
or We can hit the nail on the head.
What does it matter?
It matters that We sit together.
We are together for the engagement of Ourselves.
We sit and hold hands. That is enough.
A few moments with Me goes a long way.
You do not necessarily know what you take away
from our meeting."

How's that for an invitation: Yes! Beyond the words into each other! I say, Yes! What do you say?

Shirley Ireland

Reviewer: Shirley A. Ireland

Allow Yourself the Gift

As host and producer of the international spiritual television talk show, Bridging Heaven & Earth (www.HeavenToEarth.com), I have been blessed and fortunate enough to come into contact with some of the most amazing, beautiful, and powerful individuals, books, CD's, and artwork produced whose main intent is to inspire, uplift, and empower.

Of all of those, the story of Gloria Wendroff, her Godwriting, and the Heavenletter phenomenon has to be at the very top. The Heavenletters delivered daily are a constant source of the purest wisdom, inspiration, upliftment, and Love.

Gloria's new book, Heavenletters: Love Letters from God, Book One is a magnificent assortment of some of the most beautiful and empowering writings now present on the magnificent planet Earth. Each one is a full and complete expression of the unity, the Oneness, the Love that we all are.....and all together they form a work of incomparable beauty.

Everyone, of whatever race, color, creed, age, sexual preference, economic situation, please allow yourself the gift and the opportunity to revel in the joy of Heavenletters. Your life, and that of the planet, will be forever changed.....for the better....much better.....

Reviewer: Allan Silberhartz (Santa Barbara, CA)

Refreshing and Heart-Touching Book

Conversations With God and Power Of Now are my two Favourite Books I have always enjoyed reading. Now, the *HeavenLetters Book* is in my Favourites List.

This Book has 91 Love Letters from God, a Beautiful Front Cover and its very, very simple to read and Understand, Start to Finish.

Reading each Chapter made me feel Joyful, Very Special to God, Inspired and Immensely Loved by God.

There are Strong Love Vibrations in this Book which I could feel. Its like God dipped this Book into a Big Pot of Love and sent it out into the World, to transform all those who read it.

This Book is for those who want to reconnect with their Heart and feel they are too much in their mind. This book really soothes and nourishes your Soul.

The Chapter titles are quite Interesting.
A few of them are:
1. You are a Bird Of God that has Nothing to do but sing his Greatness.
2. Sink into the Knowledge that you are God's Unbounded Love.
3. What else can a Star do but Shine?
4. Consider your Heart a Mansion you rent out

I could read this Book again and again-
It definitely has Repeat Value!!!

I Highly recommend this Charming Book to all with Joy.

Reviewer: Shahid Hyder Khatai (INDIA)

Thanks For Writing Lord

Wouldn't it be nice if God sent you a letter every now and then to let you know how He feels about you, mixed with a little tip or two about life that elevates your understanding? And of course, a letter from God would be overflowing with peace, joy, and love. But God doesn't send letters. Or does He? Sure enough, I found a whole bunch of them in Gloria's book, Heavenletters, Love Letters from God. God talks to me in words I can understand. As if He were standing right next to me on the corner by the Supermarket waiting for the light to change. Well the light changed but God's love never changes, it remains with me all the time. Thanks for writing Lord.

Reviewer: D. Hodges

A book full of gems

Reading this book is like panning for gold in a stream full of nuggets. I collect Gloria's/God's gems and enjoy them often. Here are a couple:

"It is as if you have been living life in a smoke-filled room....You are playing cards. Through squinted eyes, you see ... each player out for himself. You have to look again, for no matter how it appears, each player is a Child of God. Each player, no matter how skilled or unskilled, has a heart that beats. However faint, it echoes Mine."

"When you are on a crowded train or subway, you are jostled. Jostling is part of the ride. There is jostling, and there is your minding it. Do not compound the jostling with your resistance to it....You can be pleasant whatever the ride is like."

The book is chock-full of lofty and practical thoughts in vibrant language. A lovely read.

Reviewer: Tracey Bennett (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Hello, From My Heart

Remember being a child and when you wanted to ask God something, you'd close your eyes; say a prayer; open the Bible and still with your eyes closed point to a verse? Heavenletters are 91 direct and loving answers from God.
We've all heard that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Thank you for "appearing" Gloria. This is truly a beautiful work.

Reviewer: Gary J. Schineller "Hello, From My Heart" (Tampa Bay, Fl USA)

Waking up to a loveletter!

I am welcomed to a new day, every day with a love letter from GOD. A connection to the source and unconditional love.

Heavenletters - Love Letters from God' by Gloria Wendroff reminds me of who I am and my purpose here on earth. It inspires me to celebrate every precious moment with love, with gratitude and know that "what is meant for me will not go by me" - by divine design.

Gloria, you are a breath of fresh air and my inspiration. I recommend everyone has a copy of this book beside their bed as a reminder of who we are and how extraordinary we are as beings of GOD.

Reviewer: Caroline Tremayne, Co-Author, My Destiny - A Guidebook For Life. www.carolinetremayne.com

Just what I needed to hear today

This collection of Heavenletters offers Divine Love and Wisdom not from some lofty, unattainable viewpoint, but from the practical, everyday sensibility that I can really relate to! When I read these messages from God, I feel as if they have been written directly to me, for me to make use of - immediately. The words seem to be accompanied by the power of the Love from which they emanated, helping me assimilate their lovingness directly into my life. Some of the lines are such perfect poetry that I am left speechless in awe and gratitude; undone, complete. If you are lucky enough to have heard about this book - buy it, right now!

Reviewer: Barbara Orsow (Ashland, OR USA)


Heavenletters is a true gift from God that touches your soul, and is exactly what the world needs right now. An extraordinary work that will reach right into your heart. Gloria has written an honest, loving, profoundly spiritual and very beautiful book. A must read for everyone.

Reviewer: Katharine C. Giovanni "Author of the acclaimed book 'God, is that you?" (North Carolina)

Reminders of our Divine Nature

Heavenletters are letters from our knowing to our forgetful selves. We think we are but bodies, born, finding moments of happiness between moments of pain and and then eventually dying. Heavenletters are gentle reminders that we are Infinite--United forever with God, that we have never left our Divine Nature. The words are like a gentle rain washing away the tears of separation that we have based our lives upon--a lie that has caused so much suffering to ourselves and to the whole world. If we want Peace on earth than we must remember the Peace that awaits us each moment. This is the Source from which these letters arise.
Happy remembering.
Janaka Stagnaro
author of "Silent Ripples: Parables for the Soul" and "Footprints along the Shore of an Incoming Tide"

Reviewer: Janaka Stagnaro (Monterey, CA)


Each love letter from God lifts me up to a further knowingness that I am one with my Creator, and that there is no separation between God and any of his children.
Caryl F. Burnett

Reviewer: Caryl F. Burnett (Mena, Arkansas USA)

Divine Answers

What I love about this book is that it gives what you need when you need it! By this, I mean if you have a problem, a worry or a mood, open the book to any page and an uplifting message is there for you. This book is user and soul friendly.

Reviewer: Sandra Livingston

Heavenly Bites to Savor

I love this book. I have been savoring, rather than devouring it - one letter a day. This is the time in my hectic that is mine. I connect with myself and my Spirit. Sometimes my daily bite is right on target for what I am living, sometimes it is random, but always the communication channnel opens and I am ready for another 24 hours.
Thanks Gloria!

Reviewer: Peggy T. "Too many books in my house!" (Wisconsin, USA)

Uplifting & thought-provoking!

HeavenLetters are a beautiful gift from God and the lovely Gloria Wendroff. Each one reminds me of riding on a cloud, floating upward and ever closer to heaven. Highly recommended!

Reviewer: Suzanne Solle "www.todayiremembered.com" (Mission, KS USA)

glorious gloria

Its gotta be God. The knowledge gained goes way beyond anything words can express. Reading the daily Heavenletter does start the day out right, as the other reviewers have mentioned. And it can take you where we all want to go, home, if you give the words a moment more. For God's words are more than language. You will find them waking something up inside yourself, something great and loving and powerful and intimately familiar -- by golly, it's You!

I am That, Sam I AM!

And I enthusiastically recommend this book!

Reviewer: kurt hansen (fairfield, ia United States)

Heavenletters - a true blessing

No matter which heaven letter I am reading, it always brings clarity and a sense of calm. Whatever questions or problems I had been entertaining there is always a letter from God that answers and solves the issue. Amazing that Gloria is so in tune with our creator and even more wonderful that she shares her gift with the world. Of all spiritual books that I have read, this is at the top of the list. A MUST read!!

Reviewer: Jamie Lewis (Paso Robles, CA)

A Bridge from Here to Eternity with Heavenletters!

" Every morning, pour a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and open your heart and mind to your personal letter from God. Heavenletters speaks to me in a way I can hear and understand God's love and messages. Written so simplistically beautiful, one does not have to be a scholar of divinity or "Spiritual language" to feel comforted, re-awakened, alive and inspired while savoring correspondence from God. This is a book meant for savoring. Thanks to God and Gloria for cutting through the noise and clamor that is all around so that I may have a few minutes of Grace, a hug and a high five from "Him" to align my day to be in His will. This is a great book for those just embarking on a spiritual path as well as those "Asking, Seeking and Knocking" for more answers and contact from Heaven"

Elizabeth Tull
Legacy Design and Sober Living Coach

Reviewer: Personal Excellence Coach "Elizabeth Tull- www.agapelegacycoach.com" (Ga.)

A daily hug from God

I highly recommend Heaven Letters. Each letter is an inspiring gem of nurturing truth which uplifts and awakens the heart.

Reviewer: Karen H. Harris

Motivated by Spiritual Inspiration

For those that are motivated by words and symbols, there can be no greater a source than that which created all that is. Gloria's new book "HeavenLetters, Book One," is a beautiful representation of that which inspires all of us to create physically what is inside each and everyone of us. The seed for greatness from God to Gloria to you. Accept this wonderful gift and move on.

Reviewer: Roy Klienwachter (British Columbia, Canada)

Centered in Love

I am grateful for this collection of letters from God. Each one tweaks my thoughts, helping to clear me of less than loving thoughts. These letters are valuable daily reminders that God is with me and us.

Reviewer: Donna Ingram

Heavenletters Will Bring You Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Buy this book. Read this book. Buy this book for your friends and relatives, for your boss, for your therapist, for everyone on your Christmas and Channukkah lists. Heavenletters is a cozy, warm,loving, and interesting place to snuggle up to on a cold winter's eve.

Reviewer: Jacqueline M. Signori

Heaven Letters & My 1st Cup of Coffee

What a wonderful way to start your day! I always knew God spoke to me, and Heaven Letters confirmed that notion. Just open yourself up to Gloria's words thru God and your life will forever be changed.
"You have all the love in the world! What will you do with it?"

Reviewer: Sharon Miracle

Delightful, inspiring book!

You want to get this book. It is practical, and inspiring, and will make your life better.

Reviewer: Sunshine (Iowa)

Heaven Letters, the CD

heavenletters cd

Readings from Heaven Letters by Gloria Wendroff

Introduction by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.

Heavenly Reviews!

"I have the Heaven CD in car so every ride I listen. Leave it to God to select what I need to hear that day.”

Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., Author, Love, Miracles & Medicine; Peace, Love & Healing; How to Live Between Office Visits; and Prescriptions for Living www.ecap-online.org

"I love the sound of your voice reading Heaven letters, there is magic in it." Carol Olicker, Social

Worker, Iowa

"I gained insights I never knew before. Unique, inspiring CD."

Roland Wells, Co-Director Fairfield Youth/Technology Center

"Your voice sent God’s message straight into my heart."

Julie Babb, Co-Director Fairfield Youth Advocacy

Order your Heaven Letter CD today!

More about Heaven Letters, Love Letters from God, Book One

Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., best known for Love, Miracles & Medicine; introduces Heaven Letters, Love Letters from God, 10 Magnificent Heavenletters, and Heaven Letters, the CD. It's fun to read Bernie's take on God's letters.

bernie siegel picture

Bernie is also the author of Peace, Love & Healing; How to Live Between Office Visits; and Prescriptions for Living, . Bernie has appeared on major talk shows, and is well-known for his lectures and workshops on patient empowerment and healing. He was one of the first medical pioneers who embraced the idea of self-healing and the mind/body/spirit connection. To learn more about Bernie, visit his website www.ecap-online.org.

Some might wonder what Heaven Letters, Love Letters from God, has to do with healing. God said that all healing is of the heart. God is not only a Great Healer – He is THE Healer, and His messages in Heaven Letters impart love and wisdom and restore and heal our wounded hearts.

How did a struggling Godwriter from a small town in Iowa connect with a Famous Author/Surgeon?! Well, I loved reading Love, Miracles & Medicine when it first came out in 1986. It wasn't until October of 2001, however, that I came across Peace, Love & Healing. In this, his second book, Bernie kept referring to the inner voice, and I wondered if he meant God. I wrote to Bernie, told him all about Heaven Letters and the workshops, and he wrote back. I don't know if you know how hard it is to get a busy author to read what you send let alone write back, but Bernie is one in a million anyway. He told me that the Kabbalah talks of the same Godwriting process I do. Of course, this was news to me. Bernie began reading Heaven Letters and we now email daily.

Excerpts from Bernie's Foreword:

We are all pieces of the puzzle of creation, and every single one of us is needed for its completion. Considering what the world is like after all these years, it’s obviously not easy to solve the puzzle. But with God’s help, I think we can understand and solve it with love.

It strikes me as absurd that word God is removed from anything. I like that Gloria calls God God outright and, furthermore, that God speaks to us right now.

I do not picture God as . . . a person sitting somewhere directing traffic!

In truth, God is indefinable. God’s wisdom, however, is available to us all. The great sages tell us that we can hear the Word of God. The Kabbalah talks exactly about what Heavenletters are doing.

Catherine of Siena, in the fourteenth century, presented a series of questions to God and received responses and amplifications. She called these dialogs the bridge. Her intimate conversations with God have been published in a book called The Dialogue. Catherine said she knew it was God because of the beneficial effects of the dialog.

I sometimes wonder if Gloria wasn't Catherine in a past life.

…As studies are showing, the heart contains nerve cells very similar to the brain and endocrine cells. The heart is more than a pump, believe me. I am speaking as a physician and scientist. The heart is the cord that binds together the spiritual and the physical, the soul, and the finite world. Heavenletters is like that cord.

When we hear God’s words, we bring light, energy, consciousness, and love and light to ourselves and others. God’s light never ceases to exist, and we are all luminaries like the stars, immortal and lighting the darkness for others to find their way, just as the stars guided the early explorers.

An ancient rabbi said that man was created so that he might lift up the Heavens. Why not? Who knows what we are capable of giving and doing.

One day our love will include all of mankind, and we will live the Oneness of God. One day, not God willing, but man willing, it will be on earth as it is in Heaven, and there will be peace on earth and good will to men.

Other books in progress:

How to Godwrite

God on Christ and the Bible