Heavenletter Book Review by Carol Adler, MFA

Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One is like a rose unfolding, petal by petal, page by page, to the inner essence of what it is like to be fully alive and unconditionally in love with God and the world.

This book is God’s gift to humankind.

For those who subscribe to the HeavenLetters.org newsletter, a “fresh bouquet” arrives daily as an email. If you’re like most readers, as soon as it pops into your “ebot,” it’s a signal for you to stop whatever you’re doing and take time for God.

Hold a Heavenletter up to the light and turn it this way and that. Let it reflect new colors, new visions and deeper feelings about yourself and your world. Here’s a sample:

God said:

You are an impressionist. You live by impressions. A glance tells you this. A sound tells you that. And you take your impressions and call them truth. They certainly are true for you at the time.

You turn your head, and you see another view, and you have another impression. The impressions that virtually rule you, that you go by, can change. They do change. And they can go deeper. At first glance, you have one impression. At second glance, you have another.

Go further and further, and you will come to the deepest level of all, the level from which there is no swerving. This is the level at which all the surface impressions are put aside. And what do you have left then but indiscriminating love? Love is the impression you want to leave with and to keep. This is the impression from which you came, beloveds.

Every so often, a Heavenletter will deliver a “quotable” that you will want to copy into your journal for future turning and turning, and turning again, as Talmudic scholars used to say when reflecting on a passage from the Torah. Each “turn” delivers a different insight and a deeper meaning.

Here are a few quotables on the subject of love, which is the leitmotiv for Heavenletters:

When love is unfettered, love rises to its own natural state.

You can't hold anyone responsible for your love. You can only hold yourself responsible.

By your love, you will transform others' ignorance into innocence.

And on the subject of Self:

Let yourself be, and let others be. Make peace with yourself. Come to terms. You are tall or you are short. You are what you are.

Your life is a poem…. you are a metaphor.

You are not a fixed star. You are a moving star, and so you do not stay in one place, and so you evolve. In the poem of yourself, you have short lines and long lines of verse. You are counterpoint to yourself.

You revolve around the lamppost.

Among these gems, Heavenletters also echo and paraphrase the words of our Wisdom Keepers throughout the ages:

So, I ask again, what if your life on Earth is not all about you? What if it is not about you at all? What if it is about Me? And what if it is about everyone else and not about you? What would that make you then? It would make you a server of mankind.

And if everyone were a server of mankind, what a world that would be. Do you agree with Me?

How safe the world would be when everyone beckons everyone else to go first in line! How generous life would be, and how gifted you would be, simply because you thought well of yourself, well enough not to feel mandated to think about yourself first. And when everyone else thinks of everyone and less determinedly about himself, his particular self, how generous life would be, and everyone would be a gift.

Wendroff is adamant that these are not her words but God’s. Says, Wendroff, she is just the conveyer… not the “channeler” even, but merely the physical vessel in which the Creator of us All delivers His/Her/Its words of wisdom and inspiration.

At the bottom of each Heavenletter is the following:

The Godwriting ™ International Society of Heaven was founded in order to share God's new messages with everyone who wants to hear them. It is our understanding that the circulation of God’s words, the love and wisdom via Heavenletters™ and the practice of Godwriting ™ will lift the vibration of the world.

That is, after all, what really matters, in addition to the fact that we earthlings are fortunate enough to be the willing and eager recipients.


Carol Adler

Carol Adler, CEO/President of Dandelion Books, LLC and Dandelion Enterprises, Inc., is a professional ghostwriter, publisher and writing coach. Her websites are www.dandelion-books.com and www.write-to-publish-for-profit.com. McGraw-Hill published her book on holistic medicine (1991) endorsed by Deepak Chopra, M.D.; she has ghostwritten over 40 books and has published 3 novels and 4 books of poetry.