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Wholeness on Behalf of the Universe

God said:

Beloved, where are you going? What journey are you on? This time around for you isn’t likely your first time around, yet who knows and how significant is a question anyway? There are more meaningful matters than curiosity or stealth to account for.

There is Love Abundant. There is Love Abiding. There is Love known to stir your heart on My Behalf and on behalf of the Universe and also on behalf of yourself and others as well.

Of course, generally speaking, you are curious beyond measure – the Oneness that is referred to as You My Beloved, you at this moment. You don’t have to be curious. It isn’t a necessity, nor is curiosity a strike against you. At the same time, your curiosity doesn’t have to be answered right and left. Please understand your place in the Universe.

Beloved One, You are the One Divinity that I Am, yet only in one sense. You have no right to take over others’ lives as I do. In one sense, you are a mixed bag, and why not? Who says you can only be one way or the other? I say you are the same Oneness as I am. None other than I. I say you are Truth. I speak Truth once and for all. What can I possibly say but the One Truth which is to say that you are My way fully-blessed in My Heart, inseparable from Me, never severed.

You are on the adventure of your life no matter how many times you have been here on Earth with Me. Numbers are not of supreme importance. Important are you. Where are you going?

It is certain that you find yourself alive in this round on Earth. Anyway, the long and the short of it is Infinity, which means Oneness here and anon. Infinite am I. Infinite are you. There is nothing to make of this but that Oneness rides on a trolly. This is hard for you to wrap around what you refer to as your mind, true?

Ah, but your heart! Your heart is another story. You and love and I are One. There is no getting away from this. True love exists. One heart beats. One hearts beats as One. Your Self is the object of all you seek. There are not two. Separation is an impossibility.

There is One Name alone that can be answered to. The Same Name only be. Within, Oneness is included. It isn’t that two can be stuffed in storage, in a closet or in an attic or a cellar or garage. Not at all. Aloneness is not a consideration you are to argue or question with Me. It cannot be said that there are two of Us existing on the same strata. Supposition is off-center. You are not a match game, for you are the real thing. I say you are the real thing, and you are not to argue debates with God, and yet, I, God, say you are One with My Self. You are the Supreme lying low. You are not really small potatoes. You are the real thing. Nor are you to take over anyone else’s life as if it is your free range. You are not a masquerade. You are caught up at the top of the mountain with Me, I, God Eternal.

Discern your own life, make no mistake. Take over no one else’s life, because you are not to trespass. This holds his own place. To each his own.

Perceptions of Life in the World

God said:

Beloved, you must know that many are out there in the world who would cry from joy to be blessed with all that you have in your life that you may take for granted, that you perhaps do not take any notice of nor once consider singing out to Me: “Thank You, God!”

Beloved, don’t expect a guilt trip from Me. Guilt is not wonderful. Guilt doesn’t help you digest your food. I do not ask you to harbor guilt. Guilt isn’t your friend. Guilt doesn’t serve you or anyone. I ask you to enjoy your God-given food. Be good hearted. Do good, yet absolve your heart from imposed guilt.

Have you been long taught to bear guilt for another’s lack? As a young child, your well-meaning mother told you to clean your plate because there were hungry children out there in a poor country with no food to eat at all while you waste food. Your mother may have shown you how to carry this guilt around with you behind the scenes. What were you supposed to do? If you could have reached your little hand out far enough, you would happily have shared your whole plate of food or more with the hungry child equally deserving as you sight unseen.

Take joy in life. It is not joy for you to think about the inequality of life, all that you have and all another child has not. You did not take food from another’s mouth. Guilt is a burden, not love. No, guilt is not love. Guilt is a heavy penance. I do not encourage selfishness nor do I encourage guilt. Neither uplifts the world. Guilt is not from joy nor love, no not, do not reap guilt. Reap the Sun.

Yes, Beloved, life is not so simple. Don’t carry all the troubles of the world. Guilt isn’t virtue. Guilt is down in the mouth. Find a way to light the stars.

When you laden yourself in guilt, then what irresponsibility must you be accusing Me, God, of? – whether you consciously think it aloud or not.

I have no desire to remind you of those days in your childhood when your well-meaning mother might have opened your eyes to the poor children in Russia or in China. And, if your counterpart were lucky enough, he would go to sleep hungry under a tree or under a bridge. If he bemoaned his mother for anything, it would be because she was absent. He would not wake up bemoaning his mother for waking him up. If he bemoaned anything about his mother, it would be that she was absent. What if you had to bemoaned the lack of a mother rather than to bemoan the presence of a watchful mother?

What if it were not necessary for you to watch out for weight gain but wonder where you might find your next crust of bread? It is not My idea that either child forever be held responsible for when and where they were born.

What good can you give to yourself or to a world that you have ultimately been found guilty of? At the same time, there is also another consideration of what is Truth. The high thought that you have heard Me say to You, Who art Myself, that everyone is responsible to everyone for everything is also true.

Godwriting is the Budding of a Rose

God said:

Beloved, this is true. There is great joy in Godwriting. Never do you write from desperation. I do not cudgel you into the idea that you must cover your tracks with Godwriting. You are you, Godwriter or not. You are My beneficence, ready or not.

Godwriting flies from your tapping fingers or pen and ultimately from Our One Heart.

At the same time, Godwriting is taking initiative. It is a responsibility. We can say there is the soft side to Godwriting and the stalwart side. You are the instrument. A composer composing great music is writing the greatest music of his life. A composer knows the difference between a masterpiece that bursts beyond his individuality. It is inspired. Who wrote it? Who actually relayed the notes? They came down a chute from Heaven.

An individual plucked a note and wrote down a note that came from beyond. He tolled the bell. The music flowed through his veins. He received a shot in the arm, so to say.

At the time, the attributed composer sat down and wrote some beautiful music. He pressed the keys. They are beautiful. They flow through him. They came from him, yet they were prompted from somewhere else. It could be that the notes were his delivery from God.

There are no words to describe the good feeling that adheres to you. This is idyllic, and this is the God’s Honest Truth.

I do not wish to blow you out of the water, however.

You still sit in a chair. You still type or write.

Life still makes other requirements of you.

You are not always at your leisure to wear a beautiful ball gown.

Nevertheless, it’s as if a phone rings and you pick up the phone as easy as pie. You are also part of the process. You are not carried around the way Edgar Bergen carried Charlie McCarthy. All power isn’t arrested from you.

If you are a breadmaker, there is also a moment at which you roll up your sleeves and take some initiative. You heft yourself over to lay out the dough on the kitchen table. The process is inherent to you. You hear Me through. At the same time, I don’t want to ascribe steps to you through a discourse. I do not wish to suggest steps to you as if this is anything so patrician as steps. Godwriting is your will somewhat and yet not totally under your will – more like your receiving.

A Godwriting can be like a discovery. You are going through the forest and are not at all sure where you are going. We might say it’s like I’m giving Hansel and Gretel pebbles to mark a path.

Where does this arrow point? How do I conjoin these pebbles? What sense do I make of this? Sometimes a Godwriting is filled with simple sentences. Sometimes you have to figure it out. What does this Godwriting mean to say? It’s not a judgment on your part. It’s more:

“God, what are You saying here? How do I make what You are saying translate to a clearer understanding? What are the words, sentences, segments, and paragraphs meaning to say? This must be what it is like for a translator who translates a written English Heavenletter into Italian or Spanish or French or Greek or German or Dutch or whatever language is your gift to translate into.”

It’s not a school assignment. It is a service you give to God because this you find you want to. You might think of Godwriting itself or even as translating as in the mode of observing a plum as ripening on the tree or watching a flower opening. It’s not labor. If it has any relationship to labor, it is to love itself chomping at the bit like the budding of a rose.

Without a Beginning, Can There Be an Ending?

God said:

Beloved, when I say there is no beginning and no ending, you may feel strongly that there must be some kind of finale to be done and over with. You ask Me:

“God, did not creation at least presumably exist before Your children could land on Earth, at the very least stuck in the illusion of the relative world? There has to have been at least a presumption of the illusory world as a given. At least, the extraneous world can truthfully be said to have been around before Your children arrived. Is this stated or understated? This gets wobbly for me.

“At least part of life exists straight up, God, for how You had to be here to greet Adam and Eve and to speak Truth now.”

I, God, think, speak, hear you tremble, and I love you. I see a reason for everything while you, Beloved, are baffled. What is all this about? Am I God, or am I not? It seems inevitably that I AM, yet then do I intimate that you are a cipher? I am not a Phantom God, yet you may feel left in a quandary about also being Me as well.

“Dear God, as it is, I ponder much. Yes, I do have great faith in You. Somehow or another, I must have some exacting faith in my Greater Self as well. God, do You see my complexity?

“Part of Me would like to be locked in place only so far. I would like to know Beingness once and for all, yet I don’t want to be locked down in place. I want Infinity and not to see my personal self as finite either. Too often, the life I seem to live hurts too much for me to accept it as legitimate.

“God, I don’t want to live in a world in the company of death as it is, falling on all as it is purported to be. It breaks my heart. Cannot true life stand on its own two legs? How can I condone to keep living in the company of such a thing as death, while my father and mother go off and die and, for all intents and purposes, leave me? How can I desire to crave living longer in an individual state of consciousness in a world where my mother and father and other loved ones are no longer? Yes, I understand there are practical reasons to account for death as well, and that these practical reasons would be hard to surmount– even as I understand that other reasons for such decisions would be difficult to surmount. Yet I keep coming up against the impossibility of consciously having my loved ones leave to what is called death. Of course, God, I have no choice but to not complicate Your current terms of life and death.

“We know, anyway, that this conversation is going on in my fantasy only. You do not give me the choice of life or death for my loved ones. This is how life is, like it or not. I don’t have the ability to bargain with the ground rules. Honestly, God, could I ever have the nerve to ask this of You? I guess I just want to go on record that despite the questions raised and all the years without, I would still want my parents to live forever. How have I stayed in the world without them?

“Of course, I sure don’t want any of the responsibility You have for running the Universe. Never do I much like responsibility in the first place.

“I couldn’t possibly come anywhere near You in choosing the colors of flowers to choose for Our World. What color of the sky of sunrises and sunsets could I have decided upon? No thank You, God. You lead, and I will follow.”

Must All Questions Be Answered?

God said:

Beloved, where are you going? What journey are you on? Is this the first time around? Not likely, yet who knows and how significant is the question anyway? There are more meaningful matters than curiosity to take into account. There is Love Abundant. There is Love Abiding. There is Love Known to stir your heart on My Behalf.

Of course, generally speaking, you are curious beyond measure – the Oneness that I refer to as You, My Beloved, You at this moment. You don’t have to be curious. It isn’t a necessity, nor does curiosity have to be a strike against you.

At the same time, you are also as Divine as I am. In one sense, you are a mixed bag, and why not? Who says you can only be One or the other? I say you are the same Oneness as am I. I say you are just right. I don’t say this just to make you feel good, rather to simply speak the Truth. I speak the Truth once and for all. What can I possibly say but the One Truth, which is to say that you are in for a penny as a pound.

You are in for the adventure of your life no matter how many times it is or it isn’t. Where are you going tonight? It is certainly this round you find yourself in. Anyway, the long and the short of it is Infinity, which means One here and anon. Infinite am I. Therefore, Infinite are you.

There is nothing to make of it but as the ride you are on, which is the same as Mine as well. It’s hard to wrap your mind around it, yet your heart has never been anywhere else, and so it is.

One Heart is, this is the long and short of it. You long for nothing, for You already ARE.

What is the worth of a word or the worth of a name but everything?

Is a name too much to ask for? My Name is in your pocket, Beloved. Nevertheless, I am beyond Name. Infinity exists. You sail Infinitely. What more is there to say? Hello. Here Oneness is again coming around the bend.

Hello, Myself. Thanks for coming. We are destined to be One and embrace, over and over again, and have never been away for even a moment, nor simply to be called to be apart or to return to Oneness when there has been no short or long of it.

This is what it means then when it is said there is no time. Time is not. Timelessness is all there is. Timelessness must mean Infinity, and what else is there to say when there is no said and done? Or, has everything already been said and done even in seeming snippets? Is there fullness or only emptiness, or what is the difference? Fullness of emptiness or emptiness of fullness? What makes the world go around? Does it have to be said? Does it have to be announced in this case? Must it be said or not said? Where did the waves of the ocean come from? Who rows the boats? Who sets the sails? What is what? And Who is Who?

Are there directions to go in anyway? What is going on anyway from stem to stern, and what does it mean or not mean? Who can say it, and who can pause to hear it?

Who is the guest? And Who is the host? When Oneness is anyway? Who is the author of the book, and Who reads the book? What conclusions are to be drawn? And what for?

Life seems to remain a mystery, and yet, life matters. It matters more than anything else. Or, God? Is it that You are all that exists and, therefore, You, Oneness matters Most of All?

Heaven on Earth for All

God said:

Beloved, yes, when life frustrates you, take a good, deep breath. Why be frazzled? There may not be all the time in the world, yet there is time enough for you to slow down. When you feel frazzled, this is the very signal to slow down and not rush. The very case that you are frazzled is the exact signal to change the train you are riding on. You don’t like being hassled, so don’t hassle yourself.

Slow and easy is the way to speak well to yourself. Easy does it. Quietly. Haste hassles you. Be good to yourself. Respect yourself. To think that your own impatience rattles you. If you were someone else, you would treat yourself with more regard than you sometimes do yourself. Beloved, likely, whatever may be bothering you right now isn’t the end of the world.

People who are starving may respond more generously to others than you may be responding to yourself. Lift your spirits. Lift the spirits of the world. Refresh your heart. Hold your heart high. Unless you hold your heart high, whose heart are you uplifting? What do you think you are doing? See bigger and better. Take heart. Serve Me.

Be sure to understand the meaning of giving a little kindness to others. Feeling sorry for someone isn’t the same as kindness. Spare another from your sense of feeling sorry for him or her. Give away generosity. True compassion is greater than conveying pity to anyone. Do you see how feeling sorry for another can be uplifting to you, Beloved? Of course, all are One. There is no other. All are One. Serve, yet not pity.

When you brighten the hearts of others, how beautifully you hearten them.

There are so many good souls in the world. What one good word from you can lift the hearts of All? Remember Oneness. Uphold Oneness. Hearten others. Of course, you aren’t to neglect your own heart. Helping others is one thing. It isn’t noble of you to feel sorry for any One. Think. You may dishearten others by standing above them and giving warnings. Here are two instances of what I mean:

An older woman slipped and fell on the sidewalk and couldn’t get up. A gentleman stopped his car and went to her aid. He was a good Samaritan.

In another incident, another gentleman, believe it or not, meant to be kind by giving a warning to an older woman when he said: “So you don’t fall and break your hip, tie a pillow around you when you go out and it’s slippery.”

Of course, he meant to be kind, yet this was not chivalry. I mean, really. Think. She hadn’t asked him.

Pointing out dangers made him feel good, yet not to her. To her, it was negativity. Not a morsel of happiness was gained in this situation.

What was the man thinking? Was he thinking? In a different world, he would have been gallant.

To this woman’s heart, this was not gallant. It was thoughtless, even insulting.

Of course, in a different world, she would have been gracious and grateful for his good intentions.

In a different world, the man might have said: “If you have to go out when it’s slippery, here’s my phone number. Don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’ll come right over.”

I, God, say:

“O My Beloved, man or woman, make this world a different world. Make it elegant. Make it gracious. Make it resemble a Garden Trove. Make it as Oneness Infinitely desires the world to be. What else but Heaven on Earth to be once and for all to be.”

Our Dance has Begun

God said:

Beloved Child, you are about to strike up the band. I call to You, the You I speak to at this moment, and the You Who answers Me merrily at My behest and at your own as well.

Our dance has begun. A new day begins. You begin to accept the Truth of Oneness with aplomb. There is no other way to accept this but right away. Yes, the day has come. Breathe a sigh of relief. The day has come. It is alighting on Our One Self right now.

You revolve through the Universe. I proclaim You Oneness, and you begin to acclaim Oneness to your Self as well.

“Hi, God, Oneness is sinking in to Me. I am here. Thank You, God, You bless Me as Your Selfsame Divinity. Thank You. I, the former multiple cast or outcast of encumbrance as I used to see Myself, now I am free to be You, without so-called blushing and embarrassment.

“I have cast off my imagined handcuffs. I digress no longer. I have caught Myself by freeing Myself. I am free to claim Myself as I am. I sit down right beside You. Oh, My God, honest to God, You, I am to the point where I confess I Am One with You – One, melded as free as a bird. I have arisen to You. Who am I if not One with You, Beloved God?

“I have raised the stakes by disallowing previous inhibitions and wanderings apart from You. My God and my Godness, no longer do I lower my eyes. Why would I when I have accepted Oneness with You for all time’s sake? Okay, for Your sake and Mine, I come over to the Wholeness of the One that is true. I am on Your side of the road and am One with You. Hurray, You and I are One, the Infallible One and the Same. I do hope I have made all the right verb tenses and antecedents and capital letters to do credit to You, Blessed God.

“You and I are established Oneness. There is no one to fool. No longer do I hoodwink Myself ever once again.

“Truth is One. I, your One Servant do not attempt to fool Myself. No longer do I hoodwink Myself – Henry or whatever My given name may be – not once do I fall back into back-handed mistakenness. I am on the front lines, and now, so it is l am on the front lines with You, the One King of My Heart.

“No longer do I attempt to defraud Myself with a lesser identity. Now I accept Myself once and for all to be true to thine Own Self, who is the same as My Self. No one casts God out from You once again as a subterfuge.”

Okay, kid, You belong to Yourself Who is, after all, My Self. This is a given. No one has the inclination to boot you out from My Company. No one stands a over You. No one covers Your Eyes. No one does disservice to You. No one will try. I keep you unto My Fold. No one gets off a single try to do otherwise. Everyone is set the same by My decree. Holy art thou. So be it. Solely is Oneness made on high. Hallow-ed be Thy Name established on Earth, that is, My Name proclaimed high and true.

I am Your protector, although you require no protection.

No longer, Henry or Henrietta, whatever your earth-given name, do you dissuade yourself from the One Truth of Oneness where it hits right between Our One Set of Eyes. Our Call to Arms is Oneness Replete Where It Miraculously lies. This is how Oneness is Immaculate as it stands as Unvarnished Truth in Our Divine Oneness of Oneness.

What's the Hurry?

God said:

Beloved, Come with Me to treasures near and far, except there is no far. All is at hand. I don’t want to say to let us all treasures to prove. What has to be proven? We are. We live. Only My children are not so conscious as you would all love to be. You have a tendency to feel you may be wasting your so-called time on Earth. It feels to you that you must move faster. For God’s sake, you don’t want to be wasting time. What are you doing but wasting time, you ask yourself, if not wasting time unless you hasten?

You figure this is your year to giddy-up, little horsie. Have you even gotten started yet? Hmm, you may think that hastening is the best thing you can be doing. The best thing you can be doing is to be enjoying.

If you could lie on your back on the grass in a meadow, chewing on a straw, you would be going faster than you have been. You keep running, yet you are at a standstill. Patience was never your forte. Or, it’s possible that you have been ragingly patient when you could have been moseying along.

As you see it, you seem to be more or less going up and down on a merry-go-round when you would much rather be making hay while the sun shines.

You are sure now, after the fact, that you have been wasting time. You feel this while you have no clue as to how to get a move on.

This is not to say that you are not giving your all to your heedless life. The thing is, you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. You are rushing right and left, yet what do you have to show for it?

You know you are not a dunce, yet you might as well be for all the progress you seem to make. Are you no more than yesterday’s newspaper?

You have no way to adjust your sights. You don’t see millenniums of progress. In theory, you see further, yet if only you could see an ant’s worth of progress.

Beloved, you beg Me to help you. You suggest that you ride on a treadmill. You find yourself as having hardly begun.

You could cry for all the wasted years. As you see it, you are but a wastrel. You see yourself as slow as molasses. You don’t mean to complain, yet when is it your turn to move forward once and for all?

Of course, you have been applying yourself to your life.

Remind yourself that I have told you there is no time. Speed isn’t everything. Speed isn’t the wonderful thing you have thought. The fact is that you are not running a race. Life isn’t really something you are trying to accomplish. You are fabricating your own report card. Confess. If you don’t like your report card, write yourself a better one.

Enjoy your walk along the way. Speed is overrated. When did I ever say you are to rush to the finish-line. When did I ever say that there is a royal limit to life in your perspective?

I do say: Enjoy the walk you take. In case you are someone who races, know it’s okay to amble. Stroll. Wander. Whatever is, it’s fine. Your life isn’t a mock-up. Your life doesn’t have to be in living technicolor. You’re going to graduate in any case. What exactly is the hurry? Hurry could be a speed-trap. It’s OK for you to take your time. Sit back.

Are you looking to make a speed record, like being the fastest gun in the west? Heavens, no!

There is Nothing Too Good to be True

God said:

Beloved, you are the Oneness from which all Blessings from God flow. It is God We thank from the bottom of Our Hearts from which all the blessings that flow. It is from God that all blessings flow faster than the speed of light. God always existed. God speaks every language. God even speaks in the language of Silence. God speaks. God communes. God has always had a closeness on each Soul for the betterment of all. Well, what did you think? God still communicates as One in all the nether regions.

All the Greatness in the world God sends forth. He is sending it forth now. His messages come through great people and also through everyday people who may not yet know the greatness they give forth. Greatness also comes through the media – perhaps despite itself. The fact is that all blessings flow.

You remember the expression that goes something like this: Welcome Whoever knocks at the door? It can be Christ who knocks at the door. It is inevitably God at the door. Even a beggar at the door is God. Of course, God is a Giver and no beggar at all, unless beggar by some chance means One Who drops off alms forever more.

And everyone who answers the door is also God, and so the world goes around. This is the world you live in. The Seeker seeks Himself. This is the straight goods. The Speaker is God speaking to Himself. The Soul Who speaks also answers, truth be known. You may believe in lack, yet nothing is missing so help you God.

Everyone who speaks speaks to Himself. The only thing that truly exists is Greatness. The deaf and mute can hear and speak. Whoever you are, you lack nothing. You are Greatness on high. You are the Oneness of the Universe. There is no more to say than that you are the Lilies of the Field. Oneness Is. All you aspire is already in hand. All goodness is assured. When you feel unhappy, you are as if cross-eyed. You certainly don’t see a-right as yet. You are mistaken, for you are Holy Truth.

Own up to the Truth of your Self. What a beautiful Truth you are. One with Me. I say you are on the tip of My tongue. Hello, Greatness of God. We are One, even as all the world is illusion, for, in truth, We – I – in Truth, We are the One White Round Moon we love in the sky. I bow down to Myself. You bow down to Me. We are One. Believe. There is no difference. God is One, and God is All, and All are blessed. Oneness is. I declare Oneness, and so you are declared as Oneness safe and sound, greater than you ever dreamed of. Glory exists. You are the Glory of God, yes, You. Holy is Oneness. Loveness loves. We are love complete. Hail to love. We frequent love. Our Name is love. Who are You? Why, love of course, love forever loved and loving. Don’t be fooled. Thy Name is Love, and One Love are We pure and simple. Keep Our Identity straight. One Love isn’t star-crossed.

To My Own Name, be true. There is naught but One, and so are you the same One as I AM.

Take My hand. Our hearts are entwined and, this is the whole story of Oneness. Naught but love is. One Honest-to-Goodness Truth. One Heart isn’t One in a Million. One Heart alone is. We are bonded in love. What else can love be made of but of Oneness, once and for all?

Life is Always a Bird on the Wing

God said:

Beloved, has anyone told you that even from mourning, you will have fun again at no one’s else’s expense? I mean, all to the good of everyone, at no hurt to anyone.

And not to your expense either unless you don’t happen to have the dollars for a fine meal.

You are not always meant to be solemn. Laugh, and then laugh again. You can even giggle. Enjoy. Have a picnic. Enjoy your children. You don’t always have to have a laugh a minute. A laugh one in every five minutes, and you’re off to a good start.

Even if you are alone, have a laugh. Listen to this:

Without any effort, let it be like the old days when life was your cup of tea. Look, while you’re at it, have some laughs. If you’re riding a sad train, get off and get on another train even for a short break.

Have a smile up your sleeve. If you used to have a laugh a minute, hark back to those days. Who tells you otherwise? I don’t tell you to keep a stiff upper lip. I see no virtue in it. You don’t have to keep a stiff upper lip. You can just be. Encourage joy. Even in time of mourning, you can be glad for mourning. You knew someone worth crying over. You did have laughs together. In terms of the surface of life, nothing is forever. Life is always a bird on the wing.

When a good meal is over, you don’t have to cry. Nor am I to say you are to rejoice, yet what is the point of life? At least, if you cannot make merry, you can be grateful. What you had was never a possession. It was a gift. It was a blessing. Hail to life!

You are on your way back to joy as it will come to you. Sometimes you may return to what you call painful. Everyone knows what mourning is. Life in its presentations fluctuates.

Somehow or another, you do ride the waves, and you do reach the shore.

Life isn’t a straight line. Life is up and down. No one escapes life. Life comes as it comes. Would you choose life without all the wonderful? I’m not saying that life is what you want every moment. I do ask you to consider that life is what it is when it is. Life shows up. Sooner or later, you do have everything, not that you can always pick and choose what and when.

Except, in a manner of speaking, you can. You turn the pages in life, and it’s worth it. Cloudy days also serve a purpose. Beloved, you do get out alive. Hear Me. The ride is worth it. Life is full of honey and also garlic and green onions. Each wave of life serves a purpose. Leap over the waves. Swim in the direction you desire.

I know that sometimes life is hard to take as it goes along. Life is still life. Good weather will return. Meanwhile, at least you have someone to mourn. Return love for love. What would your loved one ask of you? Do it. Keep on loving and giving love out. Give more love out. There will never be another love just like it. Never in a million years. Now you will come to love another. Allow yourself. Beloved, you don’t have to be young and twenty again. It’s all right. Your life will return once more to an Ode to Joy.

You’re right. You can’t mandate the same laughs. Engender new ones then. You have every right to find joy where it lies. Life will not always stay the same. You can be sure of that. This is life. By golly, you have to roll with the punches. In one sense, even joy can be sad. A good man doesn’t have to keep himself down.

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