Heal Your Own Heart, Beloved

God said:

If I were a military general, I would pin medals on you. For every deed of yours of goodness and mercy, I would honor you with a marching band and drum rolls. Of course, I am not a military general, and I bless and honor you heart and soul. Even if you mess up, I am not deterred.

Messing up even serves. When you gee instead of haw, or haw instead of gee, you may know better next time.

I know your perfection. I have always known it. You may learn hit and miss, yet you are learning. Learning and growing is reason for honor and celebration. Do not think of me as a hard-nosed God. I am a God of Love.

If I were not a God of Love, how would you learn to love under all circumstances? Letting go is a form of love. Letting go of a grudge you have held doesn't say that someone has committed wrong-doing that makes him beneath you, and that you are lofty to say: "I who stand above you mercifully let your sin go this time."

Forgiveness means you let go of your judgment. You are not high and mighty. High and mighty may mean you demean yourself begrudgingly as you try to pardon another from looking down on another. To forgive is divine because you let yourself escape from a downward spiral of thinking. As you let go of negative feelings, you free yourself. It is your own hard feelings you are to let go of. You no longer insist on hammering nails of hard feelings into your heart, beloveds.

No one on Earth knows all the ramifications of everything, yet you can know the difference between harmonious feelings and abrasive feelings. Come to harmonious feelings over resentment. If you cannot with truth in your heart, come closer to love, will you let go of blaming another for your heartache?

Forgiveness is more like water under the bridge. I am asking you to let My people go, and let go of your hard feelings at the same time.

There are children of Mine who feel that I neglect them or commit wrongful acts against them, and they keep those hard feelings festering inside and on the outside as well. It could be an illness or accident or, perhaps their child died, and they hold that against Me and can't seem to let go of it. Dear Ones, you have to let go of retribution.

There may also be those who resent that I never blessed them with a child.

There is a trend for human beings to blame others, including Me, for what ails them.

Surely, you don't go around thinking that I go around looking for someone whose heart I can hurt today, looking for something vital to wrest away from one or many and cause great unmitigated pain. You hurt yourself, beloveds. You can't forgive Me. By and by, you will come to letting go of even that which you cannot fathom. In any case, there is no benefit to you.

I never wish to do you harm. I do not single you out. I am not a villain. I do not set off bombs. I do not cultivate deprivation. I do not take pot shots. Nor are you sensibly to go around taking pot shots at Me and demanding Me to repent.

Heal your own hearts, beloveds.

Nor do I say you earned harsh treatment, and this is your punishment. What you call tragedy arrives to everyone on Earth. No one is singled out.

The business world has said that there are two causes of downturns – ignorance and arrogance. We could also add a mistake of intellect or a math error. You add up incorrectly. You see an erroneous equation.

I am not your opponent. Don't make Me out as one. Forgive yourself for your assessment. Forgive yourself for your pain.

Now, c'mon, lift up your eyes to Me once again. That's it. Just like that.

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Forgiveness erases time and sets Unity Free and the World named Earth is restored to timelessness and Love and Love is ever Present in the Eternal Now Moment. Thank you Dear God for reminding me to forgive myself for everything I may have done without clarity. I am grateful to know LIfe's Eternal Innocence.