Good Soul, Good Soul

God said:

For today alone, promise yourself that you will not complain about even one thing. No complaints, no criticisms. For this one day, do not let a word pass your lips that you would not be glad to have on the front page of the newspaper. In fact, for this one day, do not watch the news or read the paper.

No cluck-clucking over the news or the state of the world. No relating harrowing experiences or an injustice done to you or to anyone. No crime statistics. No shaking your head at anything.

Observe a day without finding fault. Oh, sure, you can always find fault without hunting for it. Today, take a day off. Abstain. Make today a fast day from discussing woes.

In effect, pat the Earth you live on, and make nice to all the diverse people who share this Earth with you and call each: “Good soul, good soul.”

See the world and its population the way you see your puppy who just can’t seem to get enough love from you, and who, without trying, just wants to pour vibrant surplus love on you. Treat the world and its population with some of the way you treat your puppy. Be a treat to the world.

Just for today you are trading in plaints for what can be called appreciation. If you can’t express appreciation today, then seal your lips.

For one day, give freedom from criticism to this world. See what it feels like.

You know, pretty much your plaints amount to gossip. Today there is no gossip. There is no speculation. Today there is no being the first to know what may narrow your heart and mind and so narrow the world. No expressed toxicity today.

Today you may find yourself not having much to say. No drama today.

It is possible that that which you experience can truthfully be called peace. This is peace unto the world and greater assimilation of peace into your own beleaguered heart.

Of course, you realize that peace is not gushing but silent. Why must My children crave all this noise and careless speech, especially when there can be peace instead.

I have heard you cry out for peace, as if it were to be bestowed on you when you are the one to enliven peace. Silence speaks a different story. What if the past could really be behind you. Then you would not remark on who said what and how you felt and what should be done and how this offence must not be allowed.

Dear Ones, life is already water under the bridge. All you are doing today is not letting a word out of your mouth that is not pleasant or, at the least, neutral. You say only what is true for you except for the pulling-down comments which may seem true to you yet today you are keeping to yourself. You are quarantining negativity.

You are living an experiment of letting go of negativity and such observations from passing your lips. In so doing, you begin to feel peace entering your home and your heart. Without even declaring peace, even without a word, you are welcoming peace. How good peace feels. It even erases worry lines from your face. How much younger you look.

This is not a contest you are in. This is a silent withdrawal of even a minor conflagration.

You may have to bring up a flat tire when you call Triple A. Unless you love a flat tire and all that goes with it, that’s it. Your flat tire and resultant being late to work etc. do not become the story of your day. You do not promote it. This is not the latest news to go bandying about.

Today you declare peace in the warring world. Today you make peace. Today you are risen from the ashes. Way to go, dear Sons and Daughters. Way to go.

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I love a complaint free world and I have not watched the news, read a newspaper or listened to the radio in many years. I do not need to have my Eternal Innocence moved into a state of fear due to these projections. Yes, today I am sad because at 2:30 PST the vet will come to my home to put 19 year old kitty Snowflake to sleep. She has been in failing health for a long time but was still eating a purring until yesterday. I am so grateful that she decided to trust us but it took a few months of putting food outside for her before she decided these are nice people. She has been a loving companion and as of today she will move permanently into my Heart where she will be Safe and at Peace Eternally. This is a timely Heaven Letter. Thank You.

God bless you and Snowflake,

God bless you and Snowflake, dear Christine. You hold your candle high. Every day you inspire and uplift.

May Snowflake stay in all our hearts.

Thank you Gloria

I love you, this community and every single Heaven Letter. Blessings of Light.