Good Fortune

God said:

You may think you are going through a lot, yet it is all just an exercise, beloveds. The hoops you jump through, why, they are just hoops. You do push-ups and stretches. You hop, skip, and jump, and you catch your breath. Truly, you are not running a contest in life. Not with anyone, not even with yourself.

In life you do not have to be so conscious of the stretching you do.

Whether on a plateau or a mountain crest, you are with Me. Is that not a wonderful thing? Is there more you want? Is there something else that will make you happy for any length of time?

Truly, what does make you happy is what you see as evidence of Me. When a baby is born, and the birth brings you great happiness, consciously or unconsciously, you know I exist. When your desires are fulfilled, when you run a basket through the net, and your team wins the game, you feel a sense of My Presence. Something goes on in life that is beyond your skill, beyond your making, beyond luck.

Beloveds, I am your good fortune.

Whatever befalls, I am shining My light on you. This you must know. Whether a day brings rain or sunshine, I am shining light on you, and that means you are in My light. A little rain doesn’t stop My light from reaching you. My light sparkles through rain.

It is your holding on that causes you to grieve, beloveds. Your insistence causes you heartache. You declared for a particular event or outcome, and when there is rain, you are deluged with doubt, and your doubt causes you to feel unfortunate as if you are unloved by the Great Host of the Universe when I can only love and love you. Your interpretations and your being displeased do not disturb My love.

Life and death are both good fortune. You have thought otherwise. You have made lists in your mind of what is good and what is bad, what is acceptable and what you will not accept whether you have to or not. It is hard for you to give in, what you call giving in.

You fight when the fight is over. The cards that were dealt were not the cards you wanted, but the game has been played, and yet still you protest in the recesses of your mind, and you kick rocks with your foot.

You protest the rain when it has already stopped raining, is that not so?

You can let life be. You do not have to fight it. You do not have to balk at it. You don’t have to pan it. Make a decision to enjoy life. Drag your feet no longer. If you think life is a drag, who has been dragging it?

No longer pound your fists at life. How much more energy you will have when you let go of your supposed control of life, when you let life be. You will let life be of its own accord. It will make its own entrances and exits. You will be a watcher in the audience.

You will enjoy life more. To have more enjoyment in life doesn’t mean that you become passive and uncaring. It means you awaken and care in a more generous way. It means you can allow yourself to come alive. It means you will stop being a critic of life. You won’t referee life. You will become a star player, win or lose. In fact, you won’t even think of winning and losing. You will play the game with alacrity. You will enter the game with good will, and keep on playing.