God's Child

God said:

It is possible to say that your consciousness can be equated with what you are thinking about. If your consciousness, your personal consciousness, is a vibration, then you vibrate according to your thoughts.

Please don't get a guilt complex, beloveds, for do not expect world perfection from yourself. You live in a world where varied thoughts swirl around, and they are not all high. Thoughts are in the air, and some thoughts that you would rather not have will pop up in your mind. Beloveds, I am not telling you to weigh every thought. I am telling you, as I have always told you, to think about that which gives you joy and upliftment. You are not to rigorously force thoughts in or force them out. Lean toward the thoughts that uplift. As best you can, easily let the rest go.

Your vibration goes up and down according to what you are thinking about. You are not one consciousness. Your consciousness is more like a thermometer that goes up and down. Oh, there are a few of My children whose vibrations stay firm. They may not be plagued with the thoughts that you sometimes are.

You know what vibration you are at a particular moment according to how the thoughts you are thinking make you feel.

Beloveds, how do you feel when you are thinking that someone has injured you and needs to make amends to you? Perhaps you are the one to apologize. Perhaps you are the one who has been holding hurt to you. Beloveds,what vibration do you think you are at when you are wrapped up in the concept of you and I, them and me? Be cautious about feeling superior.

Beloveds, do not be sure you are right and someone else is mistaken. Do not think you know more than someone else. Do not think you know less. Everyone can learn, so be open to learning. If you are to teach others, it is by your example and not your instruction. Do not set yourself above others. What you know and who are you do not always mesh. That goes both ways. Your I.Q. does not determine your consciousness. You can be brilliant or you can be ignorant, and yet the so-called brilliant can learn from the so-called ignorant. The brilliant are not only brilliant, nor are the ignorant only ignorant. You already know that children are your teachers.

All this being said, there is the same range of consciousness within everyone. There is no one who is excluded from any level of consciousness. All is possible. It is beautiful that consciousness moves. And every one of My children, every one of you, is capable of reaching high. I don't mean just reaching up high. I mean reaching what you reach for. And some do not have to reach up, and still they reach where others long to.

Within you is all that you possibly need. It is all within you. What is outside you influences you, yet the outside is not the master of you. The same goes for the past. The past had its influence, and now you leave the past behind and influence yourself. You can spin on a dime, beloveds.

Whatever marks the world has put on you or you have put on yourself, you can rise higher now. All that anyone can be, you can be. And that goes for everyone. Do not accept labels, and do not put them on anyone else. If you must label anyone, name them God's child, or name them Angel on Earth. Give to others what you desire for yourself.

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was a good reading for me this day' my thinking needs a good cleaning' haven't written in a long time, it's been a year since i died and came back. was hoping for that special miracle, it didn't come in the form that i thought' however I'm still alive and living with some serious difficulties, i was with that energy we call God, i was forced to come back ( the choice was not mine to make ) not easy to be grateful when one has so much against them, on the other side of that thought it is wonderful to be alive with the seemingly troubles of the body and mind' ' it helps one to understand life on a completely different level of conciseness. love is the answer' and " the Golden rule' it is a must ' we think its a choice. Without this we have and are nothing,
love to all this day' Michael

So glad you've come back,

So glad you've come back, dear Michael.


Whatever...you can rise higher now

God tells us to replace "up and down" with "LIKE"














Loving all Children of God

Hi Mary Moon and all. Maybe this sounds a little different...but I like to envision all of the people of the world as my children...and me as their Mother. I do this...not that I feel superior or their parent or older than them...none of that. I do this because this engenders a loving equanimity for all of the people I know and meet in the course of the day...and indeed all of the people of the world and the universe. Because...as a mother...(or even as a father)...I may percieve all kinds of differences in age, in ability, in kindness, in creativity, etc, etc....but isn't it true deep in my heart that I love them all equally? How can I not? In this spirit, is not maternal love, divine love? Yes...cause a true mother protects and guides and loves all of her children equally. And of course, her ego may get in the way and she may have preferences...How many of us parents have had secret preferences for our children? And yet again, in our heart of hearts...we value and love all of our children equally.

ps...I once had a spiritual teacher for over ten years named Emaho. He said...envision everyone you know or meet or even see on the street as a dear, close relative. With practice, this changes your view of everyone...of even the world! You find with this practice, that we are more inclined to smile at others and look into their eyes...and
OPEN ours hearts...and in that, with that... to extend an invitation for them to open their hearts.

And...in our Heart of hearts (really the Heart of God)...don't we love all people equally regardless of our preferences? Of course...cause Love doesn't see or care about differences...Love just loves as only love can love.

Loving all of you dearly, Jim&Jimi.

An Opening of the Heart...

The other thing I would like to add...and this is something I have noticed within my self. As my heart opens more and more and I love more and more...I am less identified and attached and concerned about my personal issues. It is as is...as love pours through me...that all of these issues...these little petty grievances and hurts and foibles and insecurities and fears...are washed away...that is how it feels to me. Even like the ego becomes porous...as if it is dissolving. What is your experience? Tell me honestly...what are your internal days like? As your internal days change...become more loving...your external days must change.

Love and blessings, Jim&Jimi.

It's hard to understand

We are taught to follow the "Yellow brick road..." but when the wizard tells us that we all had the very thing we were searching for we just smile and go back to Kansas. It's all in us from the start but life and teachers make us doubt the divinity which is us. Heaven Letters show us who and what we really are. Thanks dear one

George roaring like the fake lion he really is

The Miracle That Defines My Life

Shelora Fitzgerald
Living a Miraculous Life!

Dear Gloria,

Over the past few weeks I have been deep in a process of reviewing my life and committing to telling my story publicly. I will publish this story in my blog,

But, encouraged by Gloria's faith and love, and clear pure spirit, I have decided to share it here first.

DavidPaul and Candace Doyle were the ones who referred me to Gloria, whose love and faith is giving me the courage to speak out at last, regardless of the consequences.

So, let me tell you about this magical journey I have been on.

For many years I have been attempting to write the story of my life, in particular, share the miracle that transformed my life November 23rd, 1991.

On that glorious day, I saw the face of God.

It came in the form of a magnificent, truly awesome vision of Jesus Christ, in full colour, on a cloud in the sky over Maui.

He was dressed in white, with a red mantle over his shoulder, his long auburn hair flowing over his shoulders, his hands in an attitude of prayer. He was praying for us.

I was in a car with four other people. We all watched in stunned silence as the cloud on which his image was painted in full colour passed majestically across the ocean.

This lovely image had been preceded by an image of an angel, its tiny wings resting on the edge of a cloud, looking upwards.

I thought I was hallucinating, so I stayed silent. But after a long period of silence, I finally asked my friend if she saw what I saw. "Yes, Shelora, I see the angel," she answered.

I was not crazy. Four people were in the car. They all saw it.

And so, after the image of the angel on the cloud passed away, and, a few minutes later, the image of Jesus appeared, we said nothing. What could be said? The beauty and the reverence of it was beyond words.

Afterwards, in answer to my question of why I had been chosen to see this wonder, I discovered A Course in Miracles, the Voice of the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God, speaking through Christ, which has become my constant companion over the past eighteen years.

I want the world to know about the joy that knowing such an intimate, gentle, yet majestic way has brought to my life.

Yet something stopped me.

Every time I came close to speaking my truth in public, I retreated. I felt afraid that you would reject me as a liar, a scam, a fraud; I would be scorned and humiliated, scoffed at and mocked. Nobody would believe me.

I would, in essence, be crucified for speaking my truth..

After years of healing work, I finally traced it back to an incident in my Kindergarten, when, entranced with my ability to draw, to make stories and pictures, and longing for the art materials to do so at home, I took a package of crayons from the stock room at school, and was told I was a thief, and spanked for it.

In that humiliating moment I decided I was a bad girl and deserved to be punished.
I have been royally punishing myself in one form or another, creating attack and injustice ever since.

But you would never have known it. From the age of three I had been on stage, surrounded in my home by famous artists, actors, dancers and musicians, a glamourous life, indeed. I learned to live in the world of fantasy. I became the best pretender in the world, a consummate actress. As I got older, it appeared I had talent, and I loved the theatre. So I hid out in the spotlight.

My parents never knew what had happened. As far as they were concerned, I was a friendly, happy, trusting little girl, the teacher's pet, a straight "A" student. They never knew that the other children waited for me after school, tied me up, held me down, washed my face with snow, left me in garages or under bridges, called me names, , blamed for breaking windows, and anything else that they did not want to take responsibility for. I did not realize that I was being bullied, or that there was anything I could do about it. My fate had already been decided. I was a "fairy."

I became an actress and a dancer. When i was sixteen, I auditioned for and was accepted by the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal, one of only seven girls and seven boys chosen from across Canada. That year I failed grade eleven math, and facing the need to repeat a year, I dropped out of school and went off to Europe for four months, before returning to Montreal to attend theatre school. After graduating, I moved to Vancouver and acquired four university degrees, including a teaching degree. I would show them!

However, that conviction that was guilty and deserved to be punished was running in the background of my life. And there was no shortage of evidence in the world to confirm that that was so. From the age of five onwards, a series of events and circumstances transpired that proved to me that there was no God, there could be no God. Otherwise how could these horrible attacks and abuses have been allowed to happen to me?

Of course, I took no responsibility for what a five year old child had decided all those years ago. I was not even aware that it was there, running my life in the background, colouring everything that happened to me, creating seemingly undeserved, unjustified attack, out of the blue, again and again.

I had created the drama you could ever want to prove that I was alone in the Universe, and there was no God. And I certainly was not responsible for any of it! If there was a God, I blamed HIM!

I I found myself literally SCREAMING at God,


The answer came in the Voice. A small, quiet voice, a few weeks later. I had taken refuge with a friend of mine, and she took me to a Sufi meeting. There the Master said these words to me: "When you go to sleep at night, let there be someone who looks after you."

I did. That night I slept deep and dreamed of a handsome man in a black Riverboat Captain's hat and black, silver-trimmed shirt, smiling at me, knowingly.

The next day, in the waking dream, I heard the Voice of God for the first time, as I beheld the man of my dreams standing in front of me, dressed identically to the dream I had had the night before. As I stared, the Voice spoke as clearly as if someone was in the room, saying, "This is the man who will be the father of your children."

Astonished, I told this handsome man what I had heard, and he replied, "That's all right. I like children." And so it was. He became the father of my two beautiful girls.

Many such miraculous things, both terrible and wonderful, have happened since, but the pattern of magical bliss followed by unexpected attack persisted, along with the sense of being chosen for some special purpose which I have been afraid to fulfill.

Yesterday, In A Course in Miracles, I read, as if for the first time:

"Say only this, but mean it with no reservations, for here the power of salvation lies:

"I am responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upn th egoal I would achieve.
And everything that seems to happen to me
I ask for, and receive as I have asked."

"Deceive yourself no longer that you are helpless in the face of what is done to you. Acknowledge but that you have been mistaken, and all effects of your mistakes will disappear."

And then, this morning, as I read Gloria's invitation to return to the community, and I read the God's Child Heaven Letter, I realized that I had been holding myself superior and apart, somehow special because of all my suffering. As I read the words, "Whatever marks the world has put on you or you have put on yourself, you can rise higher now. All that anyone can be, you can be," I came home to the Truth of who I am and have always been, God's Holy Child, forever innocent, unmarred by the marks the world has put on me.

I realized that I have done this to myself. Out of a mistake in perception, that I as guilty, bad and wrong, and deserved God's wrath, I have created and withstood attack and judgment, guilt and blame.

But at the core of me, no matter what happened outside myself, what labels or judgements have been put on me, by myself or those who loved me, or those who feared my passionate intensity, no matter what words have been said, judgments pased, or deeds done, nevertheless, I remain an innocent Child of God.

And as God said this morning in Heavenletters, "If you are to teach others, it is by your example and not your instruction."

I am deeply, deeply grateful for all the lessons of love that have brought me to this point in my life where I am finally claiming my power to teach by demonstration that I am unstoppable, a miracle in motion, a blessing to the world, and that by my healing, legions are healed.

By my example, I am committed to teaching the gentle, generous way of peace and forgiveness, starting with myself.

Thank you, Gloria, for reaching out to me, through the ether, and inviting me back into this community. I love you.


God bless you, dear angel.

God bless you, dear angel. Of course, He is!

It is always amazing to me how every Heavenletter seems to be written for every single person who reads it!

Have you read about my unexpected spiritual experience in the Story of Heavenletters?

You need no invitation to this Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum, beloved Shelora.

If I knew how to post photos, I would put yours right here. But everyone can go to the Reader Comment page and see your gorgeous photo there!

We don't know from the outside what a person's life has been. It's pretty certain that everyone has gone through something.

I am so sorry you had that insensitive teacher when you were little. I expect that one way or another, we all had her.

And now we step out of the past.

Thank you dear Shelora for

Thank you dear Shelora for sharing with us your amazing story. I am sure that by your healing, "legions are healed", maybe I am one of them. You are beautiful and gentle, precious flower and I am grateful for living in a world where there are people like you.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said think of them
What vibration are you at
What thoughts give you joy

God said Beloveds
It is by your example
That you teach others

Love, Light and Aloha!

Good vibrations.

"It is possible to say that your consciousness can be equated with what you are thinking about. If your consciousness, your personal consciousness, is a vibration, then you vibrate according to your thoughts."

Please hold in your thoughts loving energy for the people who are being affected by hurricane Isaac. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and am preparing to evacuate. Already, gas is scarce and the price keeps going up and up. I am grateful that I had the funds to put gas in my car. There are many here who don't.

Good vibrations, Everyone!

Thank you.

Love to All,