God Throws a Party

God said:

Life on Earth is a party that I host. I invite you. I welcome you. I am glad you accept. This is a party of souls. There is nothing like this party that I throw and that you come to. All is new, and nothing is repeated exactly as before. It is always new. At My party, there is always a fresh new tide of waves.
Although this party originates in Heaven, this same party is reflected on Earth.
I must admit that some of My guests are not easy to please. I serve this, and I serve that, and yet there is something else you want to be served even when you do not know its name. There is a big wanting.
You never leave the party I give, you understand. You could stalk off, and yet you would still be with Me.
Now I have to ask you how you contribute to the party I give? The success of a party isn’t only from the host. It is really the guests who make a party the success it is. At the same time, how can a party I throw not be a success? A whopping success? What can be missing from My party? There is room for everyone, and in My mansion there are many rooms. You may walk through all the rooms. They are for you. I own nothing, yet I give all.
There is no entrance fee to My party. Of course not. All are welcome. All are invited. You do not always notice that there are other guests here. Sometimes you feel like a solitary guest. Well, beloveds, you are One as I am One, and yet you are not a solitary guest. You are, nevertheless, My Guest, and I hold nothing back from you. All is in the open if you could only see.
You dream a lot at My party. You see things from your imagination that are not really at the party, yet, you think they are. A party I give has more than tinsel. It has real gold and real silver, and you are enjoined to partake. There are diamonds and rubies and all the colors of the world. There are emeralds and amethysts and geodes and simple pebbles. There are books to read, and, oh, My Yes, all the food to eat in the world. I offer you tours and adventures. You can have your pick. You have every offering that the mind of man can accept and some you do not dare accept.
And you have love, love piled inside and outside you for the asking. Take your pick. You have luxury choices and camping choices. You can choose your temperature and all your accommodations, and, yet, there are ways you accommodate, My dear guests.
You can have afternoons by the warm fire, and I offer you swimming pools. I even offer you Great Oceans and sand on the beach.
Beloveds, what can be missing from the offerings I give? If you do not see everything you want, then write your special order. Your special order will be delivered to you. Sooner or later, it will be delivered to you. You do not stamp your foot. You do not twiddle your thumbs. Meanwhile, you go out and play. Your choices are vast. There is no time warp except you certainly think so. I believe in instant fulfillment, and so may you believe and accept with an understanding of timelessness.
What music do you like, and what movies do you like to see? Everything is here, and you are here, and I am here, and We can dance, and We can sing. We can each do Our own thing.
Thank you for attending My party.

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We can dance, and We can sing

I say let's dance the time away!
Come to the party and I hope you are all hearty!
Don't let the music go un-chased or go to waste!
Watch me.
1-2 Cha cha cha - sway now- now do a dip and then shake a hip! Turn now - 1 2 3 faster now- mash potato time we gonna dig potatoes, Rock steady - Merenge ,samba,Vida loca, Gungam style,Twist now - carnival time! Ride the wild western wind! Waltzing matilda time, Break down time! You can't touch this - Reggae time! Neutron time! Shake Sway Gallop! Take the Lead -the choice is yours!


Love it! You got rhythm,

Love it! You got rhythm, Victor!

love your Party God

Wow what a party!!! Beautiful, Thanks God !! Dear God, You gave me a beautiful life,with a Lovng and beautiful wife ,Five fantastic children and lovely in laws and grandchildren. At 82 now I still enjoying your Party and I hope you let me enjoy it for a long time to come. I will eventually enjoy it in Heaven although I believe I am there already. Thank You My dear God for everything lessons and all. Love to all Jack

Inspiring and humbling,

Inspiring and humbling, Jack! Beautiful.

God's Party

Thank you Precious Father/Mother,
I am playing music feeling the rythem
of your heartbeat like drums, dancing
to your rythem...Yes God you have Rythem.
Thank you may your children Unite
One and Spirit, i can never be more happy
to feel your family awakening here on EArth,
As it is in Heaven...I feel it in my heart..
Oh precious loved ONE, i feel you even
in nature sings your tune, even the birds
thank you, even the bird pirches
on my window sill to tell me of our precious
Oneness in all things...Thankyou for my LIFE...

Yes, God throws a party and

Yes, God throws a party and if someone who misbehaves......God throws him outside the party!
One is expected to behave himself in this party.

If that were the case, we

If that were the case, we would all be thrown out! And, yet, we're still here!

Please see today's blog which is in response to this Heavenletter. Bernie Siegel, M.D., sends Heavenletters every day to a group of his friends. This is a response from one his friends, Bernie's comment, and then mine. I would love to know what you would say!

Dear Gloria, Do you mean to

Dear Gloria,
Do you mean to say that in this world of God one is free to behave as per his whims?
Everything in this universe abides by certain rules and I think human being is no exception to that.
Don't say law of karma is false, one has to be responsible for his actions.

Yes, God gave us free will, or we wouldn't make the errors we do

Everyone has free will. God gave it to us. Obviously, there is free choice. Somewhere there is a Heavenletter in which God says something like: "If I gave everyone free will, would I punish them for the free will that I gave to them when it does not agree with My Will?"

Would God tell us not to judge and then go ahead and judge right and left? Would God tell us to forgive then He would not forgive? God tells us to get out of the past. Would God also not let go of the past? God also says that we are innocent in that we are ignorant, and yet we grow.

In Infinity, which I understand God to say has no time, no sequence, no cause and effect, there is no karma. I believe there is a recently written Heavenletter that talks about karma again. I will find it and come back here and take some quotes from it, dear Chetan.

Karma or not, as you say, everyone is responsible for his or her own actions and reactions. . God makes it clear that each of us is responsible. Clearly, we are to take responsibility.

Also, in Heavenletters, God is not in favor of guilt. When we make mistakes and we come to regret something we did or didn't do, then we say we are sorry and do not replay the mistake in our minds any longer. Just move forward and don't let the same error happen again.

And here's a quote from God:

God said:

See life on Earth from a new vantage. Why not?
What do you have to lose but old ways of thinking?
Heavenletter #4934 All God’s Desires

I'll look for that recently-written Heavenletter and come back. Love, Gloria

Dear Chetan, I found the

Dear Chetan, I found the Heavenletter I mentioned. It was written yesterday! It has no number as yet or a title, and it will probably need some proofreading.

Let me see what I can choose from this Heavenletter that is relevant to your good question. Well, I see that the whole Heavenletter is relevant. I include here the beginning, dear one:

written June 26, 2014

God said:

As ye sow, so shall ye reap has many layers of understanding. At first glance, it seems to mean that you get what you give. Certainly, this seems apparent.

At the same time, I affirm again and again that there is no time; therefore, there is no cause and effect.

Of course, in Earth reality, if you cut yourself, you bleed. If you trip, you fall. If you smile, odds are that someone will smile back at you. What a nice custom that is.

In Reality, in Heaven time, named Infinity, there is no sequence. There is energy yet not action. The energy is love. What can follow love? What can stand next to it?

Certainly, your thoughts create, yet it is not quite so stark as night following day. You could think a kind act, you could, indeed, be kind, and be slapped. You could commit a crime and be rewarded.

All possibilities exist on Earth, and this is one of the aspects of light that make life so interesting and which also makes life daunting.

We can say that committing a kind act is its own reward. That is it. We can say that committing a crime is its own punishment, even when someone seemingly gets away with it. We can also say that it doesn’t matter in the end. We can also say it matters very much, for life is at stake, and life is a great gift.

Can We say that as you reap, you sowed? This possibility exists yet is not always. Contrary are the ways of the world.

Nothing is a sure bet as seen from the eyes of the world.

There is more to the world, however, than meets the eye.

Vow dear Gloria! How many

Vow dear Gloria!
How many times do l wonder how God has a perfect answer to our every question! I agree, as long as you are bound by time and space, you are bound by rules, too. These rules no longer rule once you are floating in infinity , once you are out of the cage of karma. Until then, one has to obey traffic signals.
I also wonder of your stamina for writing such long replies :-) Those words certainly come from the heart.
What a beautiful comment Victor has written, isn't it?

Even if Enlightened, beloved

Even if Enlightened, beloved Chetan, everyone would stick to traffic laws, out of courtesy for others, if nothing else.

If I may -- we like to argue, you and I! -- there is no cage of karma. We can escape it even on Earth. Better to let go of the idea!

God doesn't want us to come from fear. Then we are not free. When any of us reach a certain state of consciousness, we naturally and spontaneously go with right action.

We are told not to be attached to the fruit of an action. If we do good deed for the purpose of being excused from karma (as if it exists) then we are attached to the fruit. Better to do right action because we want to for its own sake and not for a preferred result.

God also says: We don't owe anyone, and no one owes us.

You make me think of many things that, without your questions, I wouldn't think of. :)