Go Ahead, Fly High

God said:

It is not so much the time you spend. It is more about what you spend your time on. Is this true or not? You can speak up.

Too often My Children spend too much time on worry. Any time on worry is too much. Spend time on Peace and Love, and so you build the world. You are not at cross-purposes. Don’t contradict yourself. Do not take yourself down. You don’t have to turn the world upside-down, nor do you have to pack Life away in a box in the attic.

Trust in yourself. Trust in yourself enough to go for what you want. Trust your embarking on Life. Trust. Count on yourself. What can you do but take the approach that you do know what you are doing – and then find out! Do not quibble with yourself. Take yourself at full value. No need to over-think. Follow your ideas. Give them a good shot at manifesting. Go where they take you. This is following your heart. Whose heart should you follow if not yours?

If later you decide to turn around and go in a different direction or go back, what is wrong with that? By living Life, you find out. I never said you had to be 100% accurate.

Don’t consider what you might identify as wrong turns as mistakes. Venture! Dear Ones, if you require yourself to be perfect, you immobilize yourself. It’s okay to take chances. You don’t have to be infallible. To be infallible is a good way to keep you where you happen to be. Mistakes are to be noted as a way to discovery. Discovery is good. Discovery is moving forward. With discovery, you get somewhere. I endorse getting somewhere over an inability to jostle yourself out of a mold.

Life is to move in. It isn’t that you must jump all over the place. It is that you can take chances in Life. Life without taking chances is not at all a perfect Life. Perfection is over-rated. Perfection may be not getting anywhere. There is no need to give a rote performance for the sake of not making mistakes.

Anyway, who can say with confidence that even a mistake is a mistake. So there! What may seem like a wrong turn may be a saving grace. Venture forth. Caution is not always the way to go. Once in a while, now and again, have the temerity to throw caution to the winds.

Certainly, you do not always have to have your nose to the grindstone. Sometimes it is good to take a leap. Yes, there is an adage for everything. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” has its merit.

It can be worth while to move your furniture even when, later, you put it back the way it was. Pretty much, you can’t just stay immobile in Life. Where does that get you?

Nor do I say that you can never take a pause or even a nap where you happen to be.

At the same time, Life on Earth does change willy-nilly. The middle of the road isn’t always the best scenario. There is more to Life than standing still. Nor does Life have to always be jumping from one peak to another.

Let go of fear in Life. Fear is not to rule your Life. Yes, take a chance on Life. What the heck. On the other hand, you don’t always have to be a wild card. Nor am I saying that moderation is always the way to go. Safety first may be excellent advice, yet not every time any more than never.

Go ahead and turn your Bright Lights on. Go ahead and give Life a whirl. You don’t always have to prevent yourself from Flying High.

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Interestingly, I wrote a

Interestingly, I wrote a blog this morning for the first time in a long time. Incidentally, as it happens, this blog kinda goes with this Heavenletter although I had no idea of this before I posted it here.

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