Give Joy to the World This Minute

God said:

It is one thing to want to always do good, to do your best, to wish to spread joy to the world. It is another thing to be under the thrall of fear, to be in dread of failing the Universe, or Me or yourself, and, thus, putting yourself in jeopardy. To live under the thumb of fear is not a joyous state. To fear making faulty decisions does a number on your energy.

How do We unleash you from the bounds of fear? Fear is not a good master. Fear pounds nails into you.

I would love to see the dragon of fear erased from the Face of the Earth. Fear exists nowhere else but in the minds of men. Withdrawal from fear, putting fear aside, getting out from under fear is a great unblocker of tension. No longer accept fear as your guide.

To even think of your mind and body rising above fear relieves your heart.

Do you imagine that I would want even one child of Mine to live under fear? What a harrowing state of existence. No, fear is not at all what I want you to major in. Undo fear. Look at fear askance. Fear has grabbed you by the neck, and you have held on to it tight.

What can be your worst fear? I think it can be said that you have many worst fears. You fear for your Life as if the physical world is the extent of Life and the beginning and end of your Life. Certainly, you are immersed in physical Life. You may feel that you are skating on thin ice. You may feel that your very Life can be taken away from you in an instant. You fear what you see on the surface of Life, as if the surface were the total of your existence. There is no end to existence. You fear for your Life as if you are limited to the physical. You are not.

Abandon the idea of limits. You are unlimited. You cannot, absolutely cannot, be cut off from Life except as you think so.

It is hardship to live under the idea that what Life ultimately offers you is loss, loss of what you have known, loss of what you may see as what you own.

Rather, you have everything. You ARE everything, yet you shiver and tremble in advance that what you own and your very existence will run through your fingers never to be found again.

True, your body is not immortal. You, however, are an impulse that never meets death. Your body can be shot to smithereens, yet, you, the Soul of you, can never perish. You are the real goods. As there is no end to Me, there is no end to you. Yet, this may be the fear of fears that you live with.

You also live under the threat of time, as if time is running out for you, that you must run a race with time, that you must hurry up to use time well and produce. Produce what, beloveds? Life is not solely about production and quotas. Consider the expression – lead your Life. Yes, lead your Life. Fear of an end to time is not to take you away from the Love and Joy of Life as it rolls out.

In fear, you sabotage yourself. You may think you are running after time to make full use of it, yet, because of fear of loss, you are running away from time with all your might. Time does not exist, so why would you spend your God-Given Life looking for an escape from time that is only an idea anyway. Get away from the idea.

Infinity and Timelessness are more than ideas, yet Truth may be hard for you to hold in your hand. You may joust with permanence even as you cry out for it.

Spend your energy on the Reality of Love. The sun radiates light, and you are meant to radiate love which is another name for Oneness. Let love be the vehicle you ride.

You live in times – there is that word time again -- now made plural. It sure seems that you are under time's foot and cannot get away. The thing is time doesn't exist, and you are not stepped on by time except as you accept the premise that you are. When you believe a mere idea is real, it might as well be real for you.

Can you imagine the extent of release of bodily tension when you are no longer bound by fear? Fear is an addiction, and, too often, you pledge your allegiance to fear. Get out from under fear. Choose Freedom instead. Manifest Freedom. Adhere to Freedom, for Freedom exists, and fear is naught except as you hear it rumbling in the distance and you listen to it and honor it.

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Children of Innocence

Together with Love and with Kindness let us wipe all the tears of fear from eyes of Children. Teaching fear is a form of child abuse. Let us teach instead that all Life is a Miracle and all Life is Innocent and thus the Magical Miracle named Life on Earth begins anew with each a every Holy Breath. Curiosity has Now replaced fear and we accept the gift of each new day with joy, gratitude and appreciation.


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