Give a Fair Chance to All Who Come Before You

God said:

There is much that you accept in others in the world. There is also much you do not accept.

You accept that others can be taller or shorter than you. You do not hold it against them. You accept that someone across from you may be a man or a woman. You do not start a war over it, large or small. You accept that someone is young or someone is old. You accept that, in the world you live in, there is age, regardless of your preference.

Yet, when someone may vote for another president, you are in an uproar. If someone may be in another religion from you, you cluck your tongue. Wars have been started. As soon as you think one way is the best, then you eliminate a lot of other ways. You become exclusive in your thinking. You purse your lips.

Hey, it’s fine to have your favorites. You can love the color green and not like red. You do not abolish from your sight those who may wear a red sweater today. You can love dessert over green beans, and yet you can love the person who favors green beans. What difference is it to you really?

It seems hard, however, on many occasions, for you, a mortal being, to accept, to accept divergence in another.

It is always fine for you to prefer in theory, yet when it comes to how you treat living beings, you do well to treat equally, and that means to treat with kindness, deference, and love. I am talking to you. It is not for you to line up people in two lines, allowing one line to go first, and the other line to go last if you allow it to enter at all.

You may favor pedigrees, and, yet, you are to treat pedigrees and mutts the same.

Give courtesy wherever you are and with whom. Give a chance to all who come before you. Open rather than close. It is your heart I am talking about. Open your heart. Open your mind. Open your life. Do not be deceived by appearances.

There is another aspect here. As you see a person, he may become. When you see a child as brilliant, he has a much better chance to be bright. When you see a child as stupid, he will make mistakes right and left. How you see another is a blessing or punishment. You have a responsibility to everyone.

This may carry over to how you see nations. They may become as you see them. Have no enemies in your heart, and you will create friends. Why would you ever want to create enemies?

You may have old belongings in your attic. You may see them as junk. Someone else may see the old belongings in your attic as artifacts or objects of beauty. The same items are seen differently.

Many treasures in the world have been overlooked.

Do not overlook people. Do not overlook animals. Do not overlook nations. Is it so hard to let old ideas go and love all? If not love, welcome all, consider all, give all a chance?

This includes Me, all Names of Me. I know there is One God. What do I care what picture you draw of Me or whether you pray kneeling or standing or follow this ritual or that? Oneness is, and what someone else thinks Oneness looks like, what is it to you? God is, and God loves. God is not privy to a particular culture. God is everywhere in all cultures and in all Beings. What do you care what hat someone wears or doesn’t wear? What does it matter what color hair or color anything? What do any of these details in life matter, and why should they matter to you who are My Emissary of Love?

Love. Just love. And if someone doesn’t like you, love him anyway. This doesn’t mean you are to put up again and again with negativity. It is not your due. When it comes to those who would abase you, bless them from a distance. It’s okay to love yourself too.

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This strikes me as a

This strikes me as a powerful Heavenletter. Living the way this Heavenletter suggests could be a cure to all wars.

Now, from the sublime to the ridiculous, note there were two typos I just fixed.

It seems hard, however, on many occasions, for you, a mortal being, to accept, to accept divergence in another.

And in the last sentence:

It’s okay to love yourself too.


Gloria loves unconditionally!

We love you too Gloria, unconditionally. My heart attack is beginning the long, hard road back but I'm trying.


How happy it makes us that

How happy it makes us that you are here. We gain so much.


dear God Heavenley father,
your heaven messeges you have so much messeges
telleng how to love its other, when i begein to read your
heaven messeges i learn in my heart to love every-one
and accept every-one, what ever the do im accept enyway
as you accept me as your dother,
you are so mein to as your heavenwords,,
i wish to my self every people this earth
to learn softley heart understanding forgivenes
accept them who the are,,

Open Your Heart

As I love myself I see you differently. I as I give myself a break and I stop judging myself so harshly I do the same towards you. When I see myself more clearly I see you more clearly. We are not separate, you know, really. We are just different. As we go past our thinking to our genuine feeling we all know who we are. Let us not dissuade ourselves with better or worse. Let us instead open our heart to ourselves. This gives us the ability to open up our hearts to others. As judgment recedes freedom is born. We would not want it any way. Open your heart. Your mind will have to come along.

"Love. Just love. And if someone doesn’t like you, love him..."

This is divine law. Is it easy? Of course not. Does it work? Of course. Try it.

George very weak.

No, beloved George. You are

No, beloved George. You are STRONG, strong in God, strong in love.