Get Up and Move Your Heart

God said:

When it’s raining out five days in a row, what can you do but weather it? You go to work the same. You come home from work the same. You know that the rain will last as long as it lasts, and the sun will come out again.
Yet, when it comes to dealing with life, you are not always so sensible. When your heart is saddened, even when you don’t know why, with or without good reason, you groan at your sadness. You may analyze it. You storm down its battalions, sure that sadness will hang on forever, and you will never be happy again.
Will you not treat rainy days of your emotions as you do the weather? You know that weather changes. You don’t fault the weather’s temperature and say that the temperature will never go away. Yet, to all intents and purposes, you may feel that your life is over, and that happiness will never be yours again. This is how it feels to you.
It’s a wonder that you form such conclusions. It’s a wonder that you discourage yourself so relentlessly. You stoke the fires of depression and take depression as your lot for all time.

Change your orientation, beloveds. Start loving yourself again. Give yourself a pep talk. Start having fun again. Outstare gloom. Never were you meant to be a cheerleader of gloom. It is not for you to make a tragedian of yourself. Start to see yourself in more favored situations. See the comic aspects that surround you. I said comic, not cosmic.
If you were a comedian, certainly you would find occasions to laugh. You could make a whole series of comedy out of what’s going on in your life right now.
Anyway, the sun will break through a cloudy day, week, or month. The sun always has. Put away your umbrellas. Get up and move your heart. Take it to a sunny island.
Psychologists have told you that the word always is not helpful for you in relationships. It is not helpful for you in your relationship with yourself. You will not always be depressed. You do not have to continue being depressed. Lift your own spirits. Change your thoughts. Welcome life. Greet yourself with a smile. Pull out that gloom from your heart, wrap it up in an old newspaper, and drop it into a dumpster. Gloom doesn’t belong to you. You don’t own it. It never was yours. You drove through a rough patch. Now you drive out of it.
Gloom is a trespasser. You were a good host. Now it is time for you to send gloom on its way. It has no right to stay with you for long, certainly not forever. Gloom has outlived its welcome. Now it is time for gloom to leave. Gloom cannot  be your companion forever. Gloom needs a change of scenery too.
Gloom and you have been spending too much time together. You have been crying in service to gloom. You simply have to kick gloom out. Gloom has been thriving on you, and you have let gloom have free range. Gloom will not  be happy at this turn of events, yet gloom must leave. Make room for happiness. Put a sign out on your heart: Happiness, Welcome!
Make room for happiness now. Clearly, happiness and gloom cannot room together. They are like oil and water and do not mix. Gloom gets along best with himself and people who find themselves in an unhappy mood. Moods are only moods, and moods have to take a walk. Moods are not to worry about, yet you have say on your moods.

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good bye gloom

I have noticed that gloom attracts gloom and I gently but firmly cast you out of my Heart. No more gloom and doom. My Heavenly Heart says zoom, zoom, zoom we are flying to the happy cresent moon, that lights up the sky with a smile. ;-)