Every Human Being Is a Child of God

God said:

How lovely is a day with you in it! Have I not said this before? Perhaps this is a new idea for you. You may have even thought that you were a blemish upon Earth. I must tell you that you are perfect upon Earth. You are exactly what is perfect in the here and now, just as you are, regardless of what your picture may look like.
If you think otherwise, layers of disguise have disguised you, from yourself and from others.
Earth life has been a little bit like Halloween where people get into the spirit of it and wear costumes. You, however, may well have come to believe that the costumes you wear are the truth of you. Costumes are costumes. You are not your costumes. You are a real-live human being made in My image. In costume, your image may well be distorted, yet the Truth of you is undisturbed. If only you would see beyond the surface and see your bright shining Self.
The beauty of you is not hidden from Me. I, and all the Great Spiritual Ones, could also see. And what they saw, you can also see. All you have to do is to see deeper. See yourself and others beyond what the eyes may see. See beyond education. See beyond categories, police records and report cards. See beyond behavior. A crying baby is nevertheless a Child of God. What you may see as a poor player in life is also a Child of God. Everyone on Earth is My Child, despite what anyone else might say. Have I not said that there is no least nor is there a most? Evidence is surface, beloveds.
In every human being, a heart beats. In every human being, desires roam. Beneath what may seem askew lies a pure child of Mine. How much good does judgment do? Know Truth, see Truth, live Truth – you I am talking to – not someone else. Know, see, and live Truth, and judgment will have no reason to pound its gavel. I do not speak of foolishness, beloveds. I do not say that you should go into the lion’s den, yet, I say, is not the wildest lion also beautiful? Does he not have his place in the sun? Can this same beauty not be recognized or thought of or considered in every human being including those who have performed what the world calls grievous wrongs?
You would not deny the entrance of fresh air and sunshine, and yet you frown. What if no one frowned, would not the world soar high? What if condemnation did not exist? What would you do with yourself if you no longer compared yourself up or down? What if you just loved? Love from afar is also good. What if love became your coat of arms? What if love heralded your arrival and your exit? What if love were uppermost in the hearts and minds of My children on Earth?
What if denigration no longer existed? What if your thoughts could inspire the world and the ungainly person before you? I say you can become love in every aspect of your Being.
I have said that you can heal yourself in an instant. You can also heal yourself of snobbery. You can heal yourself of judgment and negativity. Do not think that judgment and negativity have to exist for your survival or for you to be in your Truth. The Truth, your Truth, My Truth is Reality. There is One Reality, and it holds true for everyone whether you see it or not.
This does not mean to feel sorry for anyone, least of all yourself. If there are no excuses for anyone to behave badly and commit crimes and such, there is no excuse for you to judge, nor is it for you to forgive, because there is nothing to forgive either. Of course, you do not hold on to that which does not profit you or another. Take away blame, and where would forgiveness have a place?

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The beauty of you is not

The beauty of you is not hidden from Me.

Loving You always

O my Beloved God

Thank you with all my heart, for Your message today, helping me understand that we all have a place in your sunshine. I am able to move one step closer to forgiveness now, because I am able to love those who I thought unforgivable, for Your sake. And more importantly You speak to my sense of worthiness, and so I find that I can really love myself and drop my baggage that has been oh so heavy, again, because You love me <3

It is so wonderful how God

It is so wonderful how God works His wonders on us. So quietly and subtly we read His words, and something is changed.

Healing myself in an instant

So, You say that I can heal myself in an instant, including healing myself of snobbery, judgment and negativity.
I believe what You say. I believe that it is possible. But I do not know how. In another Heaven Letter, You have said to let go of my premises. to let go.
That it is not about trying to effort the healing, but to allow You, the God Within.
So, I have to get out of the way for it to happen. I cannot mandate it.
I cannot through control, effort, and striving TRY to heal myself of snobbery, judgement, and whatever.
I am willing for this to happen. I want it to happen. I want to heal any sense of "not wanting" it to happen as well.
Because I do notice that sometimes it seems like I do not want it to happen. Well, I would like that healed as well.
It is not only a benefit to myself, but to the whole world, and to You. Because then You flow freely through me and touch the world without any inhibitions.
I release You to be through me. I notice that there is a part of me that thinks that I have to effort, or through will-power get rid of these illusions.
Many have tried. It seems to be possible, but it seems to take longer. The power of instantaneity is within me, this is what You have said.
I have also seen glimpses of that. I cannot lie. I have seen it. But I do not know how to reveal it on demand. Yet.
I would also like to have this impatience healed. I would like to be more gentle towards myself. Otherwise, I seem to get more in the way.
Thank You for this Letter, Father.