Ever Rising

God said:

Life is being offered to you on a silver platter with a golden spoon. Take delight in life. It is My offering to you. Stay tuned to life. Wherever you are, whatever is going on, you are on an adventure in life. You are exploring and discovering. When you climb Mt. Everest, there is snow and cold winds and ice to slip on. Know this; there will be warm fires again. Warm fires are the substance of life. Welcome the forerunners to warmth, for they are signs for you.

In the relative world, before and after will repeat themselves. Before and after exist only in the relative world, beloveds. Deeper than experience is the awareness of that which is not relative. Bring awareness to your experience. Whatever occurs, you are hitting a home run. The ball you hit flies over the playing field and alights in your heart, alights in Heaven, and alights everywhere.

Everyone in the world experiences. They perceive. They perceive their lives. They have a choice of their perception. And it is from this perception that their lives appear before them. Perceive the love, and the more love you will perceive. You will multiply it. What you predict is like the yeast you put in bread. It will make the dough of your experience rise. Life bubbles up for you.

Yes, you are on a merry-go-round. Yes, you go around the same place often. Every time you go around, be sure to reach out for the brass ring. It is waiting for you to grasp it. You are the one who must reach out for it. Even when you can’t see it, reach out for it just the same. You just might catch it in the dark. You do not even have to see an inch before you. The rainbow is waiting for you just the same. The brass ring, the rainbow, all your desires are waiting for you just a handclasp away.

And when you receive the brass ring, fling it high the way a bride flings her bouquet to her bridesmaids. When you reach the rainbow, reveal it. Show it to everyone. The story of how and where you discovered the rainbow is secondary to the rainbow itself. If you can find the rainbow, what is to prevent everyone from finding it as well? Rainbows exist for everyone. They are bridges cast across the universe. Climb them.

You climb a rope hand over fist. You walk up a hill one step at a time. Even when you pause, there is still the momentum of climbing. Once you have lit the stove, the fire continues to cook your rice. In order to cook rice, first you light the stove. Just so, keep the momentum in your heart lit. You are cooking rice. Soon it will be ready to eat, and you will devour it. Cook your life the same, beloveds. Light a fire under it, and in the case of your heart, never let the flame dwindle. Within your heart lie embers of a perpetual fire that never goes out, yet it is good for you to throw more kindling on it.

You are on a continuum of momentum. Stir the continuum with joy in life. That is how you fuel it. There is nothing like this fuel. It takes no energy. It gives energy. You are your own joy and therefore your own energy. You are self-sustaining. You are a fountain of love energy. Your love rises to Heaven, and it takes all in its wake. Love rises. It encompasses. There is nothing else for it to do. It reaches beyond Heaven. The richness of your love circles everywhere, and it rises upward like smoke from the fire of your heart, ever rising.

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Oh My God!!


God, I will not explain what this means to me right now, but I am beyond grateful. You already know why i wrote those numbers. It's obvious that YOU are Everywhere, YOU are Everything, YOU are Everyone. My beliefs have been shattered. I am standing in Your Presence. You are so very real, palpable, right here, right now, right in my face!! I am so blessed to receive You, my God. I am so happy to receive You! To KNOW that You exist, and that You are my very Being! And my Being is boundless beyond all my concepts! There is no matter. There is no matter. There is no matter!!! There is ONLY ONLY ONLY GOD. My eyes have been opened and I am allowing them to keep opening!!! My words reveal more and more... my words are my acceptance. My words are my acknowledgement of what I have been given! THANK YOU GOD