Enjoy the World and Reach Higher

God said:

Sweet are you to Me. Will you begin to like yourself more than you presently do? Why look at the dark side of you? Why look for pinholes in the fabric of your Being? Why give away what belongs to you? Why try to make amends to yourself? For what, My dear ones? For being a human being? For having a body? For not having perfection in terms of the world?

What do you really need but the love and regard I hold you in? I love My children, spirit of My spirit. What is not to love? You are not the mistakes you make. And mistakes are not always as you presently see them. Forgive mistakes their past existence. Forgive what you see as mistakes for being what you saw them as.

How many times must I say it? You are A-OK. It is for you to let go of the past, even if the past was two minutes ago. Mistakes are not your possessions. And you already know that mistakes are not what they are cracked up to be.

What belongs to you is Self-Realization. Realize the beauty of yourself. Have regard for your beating heart. Have regard for your championship in life. It has to be that you are a champion, for there is no loss.

Sure, some of My children write easier stories than others. You did not need to wear a long-sleeved jersey that says Superman or Superwoman. It is enough you move in the world. Every day you are a champion. If only you would see the light I see when I see you.

You light up My heart. Think of that instead of all the other wayward things you think about. Wake up in the morning now and say to yourself:

“God loves me. I light up God’s heart. Is that not enough for me? What else must I have? GOD LOVES ME. GOD LOVES ME. GOD LOVES ME. Who am I not to love what God loves. He knows things I don’t. God is not so particular as I am. God is much more laid back than I am. He takes care of so many people as easily as I can say, ‘Simple Simon met a pie man.’

“No longer will I think of myself as unworthy. No longer will I give up on myself. Who am I to give up on a child of God? Especially when God brought me here to Earth, and asked so little of Me? He wants me to enjoy the world and reach higher? God does not flatter. He truly loves me as He loves all. What have I been thinking to dismiss myself from God’s entourage? I am as much God’s child as anyone. May I be my own hero and brighten my life the way God says I shine My light on Him.

“If I think well of God Who made me, what would make me dismiss myself and call myself unloved and unlovely? Do I think well of God or not? If it is really true that every one of us on Earth is God’s child, where can problems exist?

“All I have to remember is that God loves me, loves ME. He loves me whether I am tall or short. He loves when my skin is youthful and when it is wrinkled. GOD LOVES ME. If I wish to be a treasure to God, then how can I not love myself as well?

“If I do indeed house God’s Spirit within me, why would I demean myself as I do, put myself down, consider myself irrelevant on Earth. What kind of a fool am I then?

“God is nobody’s fool. What makes me think I can be so foolish?

“May I be God’s servant and faithfully carry out His Will, beginning with respecting myself regardless of the past and past deeds.

“God says that every day is a new start. So, today, this very day, I start to value myself. From this day forward, I do see myself as God sees me, and I do value myself as God does value me, simply and wholeheartedly, and I carry the same value for every one of God’s children.

“Thank You, God, my Father in Heaven, for blessing me.”

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Thank you! Your letters

Thank you!
Your letters speak to me at the precise moment in time when they are what I so much need to hear!!
Blessings of Love & Light,

God's words are beyond

God's words are beyond compare!

Beloved Yvonne, thank you for the love you expressed. I am in awe of them.

God bless you.

With love,