Does God Make Deals?

God said:

I am not a horse trader. I don't make bargains with you. It is not at all a question of: "You do this for me, and I'll do that for you." Towards or from Me, that isn't how it works.

I have heard you pray, "God, if You do this for me, I promise you …"

There is no need for you to promise Me anything. And I have already promised you everything.

It is not as if I do you a favor. I take no bribes. What I do take is your heart. That is what I ask for. That is all I ask for. Yet it is not that you exchange your heart in order to make a deal. Your reward IS the giving of your heart. Your heart is what I want, and your giving it to Me is what you want. When two people give fully of what they want to give, that is not a deal. Then it is called agreement.

If truth be known, you and I are in agreement. That is to say that I agree with Myself. I agree to love Myself in any form I appear in. Actually, I know not of form. I know of love. I know not of darkness. I know of light. I know Myself very well. Therefore, I can only love you. I cannot even love you more, for My love for you is already infinite. There is nothing you want of Me that I have not already given. If you want to give Me something, give Me your love. There is nothing you can give to Me but your love.

And love is not something you can promise. You can't set a timer for love and expect love to go off. Surely, you know love comes unbidden. The time will come when you simply can't help loving Me. In other words, you won't be able to not notice your love for Me any longer, for it has existed always. You won't love carefully. You will simply love. When you love Me, you love all. In fact, if you want, never mind about loving Me. Just love you, My golden child. Love you.

This is not a deal I am making. I am simply stating that when you love yourself, you are loving Me. There is no way you can separate the One of Us into two except in the whimsical porticos of your mind.

So, We have established that there is nothing you can do for Me that you can't do for yourself. Further that you have no self to do anything for. All you are and all I am is love. What is there to talk about? What else is there to talk about? What else is there to do but love? What else would you want to do but love and love and love until you know, really know, that you are indistinguishable from love and indistinguishable from Me, for We are inseparable indistinguishable love.

You have had the misguided thought that something has to happen before you can love. You have even had the misguided thought that you have to do something before I will love! In Heaven's name, love is inviolable. No rain, no sleet, nor snow can dampen it. No sun can burn it. No broken bridge can delay it. No hammer can break it.

Love is the leaven of life, and it is all within you. You are not just a party to love. You are IT. You are love, and you are My love, and I am Yours. That is the deal. That is how it is. I love you and you love Me, and there is nothing else to say.

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This is truely a powerful statement, and I will meditate on this becuase this is definatelty the way we need to walk.

Beloved Jabezz, your comment

Beloved Jabezz, your comment is wonderful, too! More, please.


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