God said:

There are different flavors in the world. One flavor does not try to become the other. Chocolate is happy as chocolate. Vanilla is happy as vanilla. And so may you be happy with your particular talents and your particular ways. Universality outdoes individuality, but your individuality is also magnificent. Be the individual you are. You do not need to be taller, nor shorter. You need only to like yourself. Do you understand what I am saying?

Truly, if everyone recognized the wealth of their own beauty and Being, there would be no envy. There would be no sloth, no procrastination. There would be no avarice. There would be no guilt. There would not be perceived need for them.

There would be no need to shine because you would know you already do.

There would be no need to catch up to someone else nor to fall behind.

There would be nothing to cover up and nothing to reveal. All would already be revealed. Beauty would be revealed.

If everyone recognized their own worth, you would live in a world of sparkling companionship. Each person would be the diamond he is in his own right, no one trying to be another diamond. Everyone would be worth gold. Everyone would be prime.

Because you do not recognize yourself as the belighted Being you are, you look for other lights to shine on you. You want what they have. You would steal their light, for you want to be the belighted Being that you don’t accept that you already are.

Because you do not recognize yourself, you overcompensate with others, or you turn your nose up at others. You try to become a variation of what you are not. You throw away a diamond and pick up a piece of glass instead.

I love you as you are. I don’t love you because of something. I beseech you to raise your thinking so that you may perceive your beauty as I do perceive it.

You may say, “But, God, don’t You want me to be like Christ?”

Christ was Christ because he knew precisely Who He Was. So, yes, I ask you to be like Christ.

You may say, “But, God, don’t You want me to give to the poor and help the lame?”

I want you to awaken to the Greatness within you so that you may naturally succor the world without a backward glance. When you know what you are made of, there would be no poor to give to. You would recognize the person across from you as yourself, and so you would give to yourself. You would heal because you would see health. You would see beyond tatters and beyond skin. You would look into eyes, and you would know they were your eyes, and you would see into the depths.

Christ did not strain and struggle to be the Being he was. He simply did not hold himself to the impoverished thoughts of the world, and therefore, he was able to give. From where he stood, he could not have done otherwise.

When you are hungry, you eat. And so Christ fed hungry hearts and he filled his own. He has been feeding the world with joy, and his joy has not stopped. Christ was not blind to himself. He did not turn away from himself. He didn’t turn away from My vision of him. He accepted My vision. He made it his own. He didn’t adopt it. It was his own. He started to see, and with that the deed was done. And there was Christ, walking on Earth, doing My bidding, calling to you, calling to you on My behalf.

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"Christ was Christ because..."

"Christ was Christ because he knew precisely Who He Was. So, yes, I ask you to be like Christ."

So beautifully beautifully true. Jim.

I love that quote too!

Are you up to finding more great quotes?

like you, dear.

like you, dear.

Like you too Berit

How are you dear...? Everything is good with me...just traveling deeper into Divinity. It is summer-time and quite hot here in Sedona...but the monsoons are on their way so the temperature will come down and the desert plants are thirsty and will be able to take long drinks as the rain comes in. Just loving God and everyone more and more...there is no end to Love...thank heavens and thank God. Yes...every moment is an opportunity to love. Loving you...and all here on this site. Jim.


I see here that You are telling me to love and accept my individuality. I somehow thought that You wanted me to get rid of it. I have been repressing my natural and unique flavour, and perhaps that is what has been laying heavy on me.

How do I embrace my uniqueness that is God-given, while knowing that I AM God and beyond this individual expression?

How do I allow my true uniqueness and brilliance, that is Yours, to shine brightly in a way that serves The Universe and everyone in it?

I intend to allow and embrace the uniqueness of me while knowing that I AM One. I desire to celebrate the uniqueness of Us. Show me the way, God. I am Yours. Surrendered.