Despite Anything

God said:

When you say, “Despite this and that,” you are speaking of the relative world. When it comes to Heaven, there is no despite anything. There are no exceptions in Heaven. There is nothing to push aside. What could an angel say? “Despite my wings, I am happy.” Or, “Despite my life on Earth, I’m fine now.” Or, “Despite what is going on in the world, now I’m in Heaven.”

In the world you look for exceptions, and these are your excuses.

On Earth, even a hero might say: “Despite the obstacles, I triumphed.” Why, it could even be because of the obstacles that he triumphed! Perhaps every perceived flaw was a notch in his belt of success.

Now I will use the word “despite” to make a point: Despite everything I have given you, you find fault. Despite all the gifts and blessings, you find complaint. Despite all My love given, you may not notice it. Despite your capabilities, you downplay them. Despite the sun’s shining, you feel glum. Despite the white moon that follows you, you feel alone. Despite occasion for laughter, you weep. Despite the ocean, you are dry. Despite Heaven, you mull around on Earth.

All of this is to say that you do not give Me nor yourself enough credit. You are quick to point out the liabilities, and slow to unfold your worth.

I would like to abolish all negativity today. Anything that does not fill your heart and the world with upliftment is negative. Anything that is less than positive is negative. Anything that is less than love is not worth talking about.

This approach would eliminate all gossip. It would eliminate all comparisons. It would eliminate most of the world’s focus.

And yet, despite all the world’s negativity, love still triumphs.

And despite what you might think, you also triumph. Day by day, you triumph. You get out of bed. You shave. You go to work. You drive through traffic. You eat standing up. You return home where you are well-greeted or not. And you continue to pursue life. You think you pursue it to the best of your ability, but you do not yet fathom your ability.

Whatever you may think, there is more to you than you acknowledge. What you acknowledge is a far cry from your ability. And yet your ability is here. Just as I am. Remove the cork you have put on top of your ability. Open all the windows and doors. Let the sun in, and let your ability out.

Whatever IQ score you were given by some computer, double it, triple it. Even if you are not presently good at math, do the math. There is nothing, nothing that holds you back except your acceptance of limits. There is nothing that ties your hands but your mind. There is nothing you cannot enjoy except as you determine where and when you can have joy, when all the while you can have it at every moment despite anything. Even despite your faulty mindset, you can have joy. You are meant to have it. So have it.

Throw away all those words that bind you. Take away all those echoed thoughts. Throw away all the wrongs and put the rights up front. No longer accept limitation. Limitation is contradiction to life. Aliveness, in truth, means freedom from limitations. Whatever you want to break out of, break out of. Break the bonds that have kept you from flying high. Despite your not having wings, you can fly.

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Hello Friends,

God said You Angel
You are meant to have it all
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