Desire Is Enough

God said:

I have always been imminent. I am more than imminent. I have already arrived. I never left. All is already accomplished. All that is left is your awareness. Your awareness has been lagging. That is, you have awareness but you have not yet quite caught on to it. You wear a halo on your head, but you haven't looked in the mirror lately. If reaching Me is your desire, you have already reached Me. You have never been away from Me. All your deep desires are fulfilled.

Within the seed lies the fruit. Within the pit of the peach lies a whole tree. Do you think your desires on Earth would be less mighty than a peach pit?

You desire what you call ascension. You have already ascended. You never descended except in your thought. The only thing missing is your awareness. Your awareness needs to speed ahead. You are not behind. Your awareness is. You got caught in illusion.

You are complete. Your awareness is deceived. You desire what has already been achieved. Your desires are recognition of what already is. It is not that what you desire arrives in the so-called future. In what you call future, you recognize that your desire is here, as I am here. Consider this: there is no past and there is no future. In effect, there is no now, for eternity is not sub-divided.

Everything you desire is at hand. You can only desire that which is already yours.

You will argue with this. You will say you wanted an A on a test, and you didn't get it. You wanted a certain job, and someone else got it. You wanted a raise, and you got demoted. You wanted a certain love in your life, and they flew away. Beloveds, desire is enough. Within the desire is its fulfillment. Fulfillment is more than what happens in the overt world. Desires, once desired, are then let go of. Your desire is the agent of change.

In terms of the overt world, there are levels of desire and there are levels of perception. There are desires that take precedence over other desires. There are desires that overlap, and there are desires that are contradictory. And there are other desires besides yours. Your present view is short. If time is not, perhaps you already had the job, and now it's time for another one. Perhaps you already had the love of your life. Your desire was fulfilled and now you move on to another desire.

Perhaps you desire to grow more than you desire a specific occurrence. Perhaps you desire good for all. Perhaps you desire to serve Me more than yourself. Perhaps you don't know what your desires really are. All the "perhapses" are endless. Perhaps desire to know what your true desires are.

When you look only at outward manifestation, you feel unfulfilled. The world rushes past you in a whirlwind of speed, and you can only grab so much as it goes by.

Right now, you do not know all that you hold in your hand. You do not know all you hold in your heart. And you do not know all that I hold in Mine. I hold you in My heart. My heart overflows in love for you. Whatever love you imagine I hold for you, you imagine only a teaspoonful of it. Multiply the love you feel for Me one hundred million times, and you still will not have fathomed My love for you, My blazing love for you, My all-encompassing love for you, My awareness of you.

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This is the first time I

This is the first time I don't understand a Heavenletter. But what is this almost euphoric feeling after reading it? And what makes me want to say, "Your kindness is relentless, dear God"?

That's part of the beauty of

That's part of the beauty of Heavenletters, isn't it? You don't have to understand them! They do their work on you anyway!

Your comment is wonderful, beloved Jochen.


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