Declare Your Independence

God said:

Egos hurt egos. That’s what egos do. The True Being of you is untouched. What does that leave but ego? Egos get hurt, and egos hurt.

Sometimes someone offends and does not know that he has. Hurt was not intended and was unnoticed. It may be that the offender is so ego-driven he has not awareness of anyone else’s feelings. So wrapped in his own, his vision so tight, he doesn’t see beyond a fraction of himself.

But it also may be that offense was taken where there was none. The offended one’s ego piqued itself. In essence, it is always the case that your ego chooses to be offended. Ego is like a goalie in a hockey game, constantly on guard to prevent assault.

Personal feelings of hurt can only be tools of your ego, beloved. It is ego that takes things personally. Your Self knows it is invulnerable to offense. It knows its Identity. Your Self stands strong. But your ego withers. It knows it is prickly and has no substance.

Did Christ, when vilified, take personal offense? He never said, “How can they do this to me?” He knew he was beyond individuality. He understood that the Selves of those who inflicted pain on him were innocent. Their Higher Being had been set aside. Christ well knew that it was their egos that didn’t know what they were doing, or, rather, that ego knows only hurt, either to or fro, and was doing its duty. The call of ego is: “Danger ahead. Stand aside.”. Its motto: “Hurt or be hurt. Quickly.” Ego has teeth. It attaches to its perceived offense and won’t let go.

Could Christ have taken offense? He could not if he tried. His vision was such that he could not. He could only feel compassion at the unawareness of Self presented to him. He knew ego was all bluff. He knew that ego was aberration. He knew ego had no place. Christ knew his own compassion. He knew his own understanding.

It is ego that is quick to anger. Inner Being is so far away from anger, it cannot even conceive it. Anger is like a foreign object, unheard of. Or like a gnat so insignificant that Being simply doesn’t notice.

My beloveds, when will you see beyond ego? When will you let it stop vanquishing you? When will you put it in its place which means no place at all? Or do you think ego has a place and that ego is perhaps necessary to survival? Ego is not interested in your survival. It is interested in its own. “Ego above all” is its theme.

You cannot subdue ego because it has no existence. You cannot swat it. You can’t take it by the neck and shake it. You cannot remove it. You can only rise higher where it makes no sense and therefore does not exist, not as a proponent nor an opponent. Ego just is a concept that you can no longer conceive of.

Your heart is not ego-driven. But the mind is like a cat that likes to play with the ego, pounce on it, toss it around, struggle with it. But even the cat finally puts the toy aside and gets on with the business of life.

It is ego that flares in anger. It is ego that hates. It is ego that takes offense. Do not think that ego makes you strong. It makes you weak. Ego feeds off you, eats away at you, skips off, and then returns again to make you small, and to make you forget your Greater Self. Declare your independence from ego.

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Dear Ego,

in this Heavenletter, God says you don't even exist. Although you seem quite real to me, or perhaps just to yourself, I'm not going to object to that verdict any longer. Too often His words have, after some bleating on my part, proven correct. I will simply stop all those futile attempts to see through you in order to subdue or swat you. There is an old Buddhist teaching story about a man who was hit by an arrow but would not let anyone remove it until he knew everything about the man who had shot the arrow, his motives, what kind of bow he had used and so on. He died, of course. I only want the arrow removed and the wound tended to. I'm not interested in knowing about the whys and wherefores of ego any more.

Why was Christ unable to take offense? Is it some kind of metaphor to say he could not? I don't think so. He really could not because he was where ego is not. Now I am told that I, too, am where ego is not. When I take offense, I feel offended through and through -- but no, The True Being of you is untouched. So while I feel offended and start getting angry, there already is that "part" of me where none of that is the case, where Anger is like a foreign object, unheard of. And this is not somewhere else or sometime later. It's where I am and what I am NOW, wow. This seems to imply that when I'm angry, it's pointless to try to do something about my anger because "most" of what I am knows no anger anyway. Doing something about my anger is ..... your idea again, dear ego!!! It's the strategy you use to keep me in a state of frustration and to ensure your continued reign. Self-improvement is your invention, a truly superb one.

But I think you knew from the beginning that you could not win out in the end. You must have known all along that Inner Being is so far away from anger, it cannot even conceive it. Perhaps you are not really the enemy after all but an ally, ensuring that my yearning for Oneness, for love, for God would grow big enough to burst all perceived shackles.

So what is there to do now? (Do I hear you laugh? Is it a good-natured laugh finally or still the old malicious one?) God says that my heart is not ego-driven. Wow, it IS not. Ego does not have to be scrubbed off it. It was never even touched by ego. Only ego has been louder most of the time. I will never again try to subdue, remove, refine or purify you, dear ego. First, you don't like it; second, it's not working. I can only go where you are not and never were. Going there does not take even one step.

You can only rise higher where [ego] makes no sense and therefore does not exist, not as a proponent nor an opponent. Ego just is a concept that you can no longer conceive of.

This is the thing that seems the hardest to grasp. Freedom from ego already IS, Oneness already IS, total love already IS. They cannot be manufactured, only things of minor relevance can. Simply desire to know Oneness and unconditional Love; feel into that vastness that you already ARE; gently lean toward that which is already there "within" you. Can I believe it is? I feel on the verge of it. If there is anger, frustration, fear, disappointment or any other negative state, I start to sense that there is indeed a "parallel world", now and available now, where all of that is unheard of. I only need to remember to turn there again and again and again.
I realize this is not really a comment, just my attempt to somehow integrate the earth-shaking revelation this Heavenletter contains for me. Perhaps my reflections can be useful for some of you.

Give us more!

Give us more!

Re: Declare Your Independence

This is my “take” on the Heavenletter:
It seems as if egos are defined by God as those “unnecessary/inappropriate/obsolete” versions of “memory particles” that dirty up our Cosmic Snowball as it descends into it's different Earth environment assignments. (This is cartoon-level physics and biology, but most everyone now knows about what scientists call the “God particle" and some call it the “A particle" which is a memory charged particle).
The contract/Will of God that each one of us carry within is unique in that it contains a number of ”customized”/specific-to-us Earth assignments. We are to transform/transcend/redeem all those “negative” particles of our past “times” on Earth (whether they be past lifetimes, childhood memories, or yesterday's personality clash) into it's natural (read: as God intended) use. He seems to be inferring that any “unnecessary/inappropriate/obsolete” particles we persist in identifying with only slow us down on our reentry/ascension into Heaven. The process is for our good, and can net a gain in environmental knowledge and also wisdom/understanding, all that stuff.

Now, back to the Heavenletter open for discussion:
Picture two people who live in the same neighborhood happen to encounter each other at the park where they have taken their dogs to run loose. The folks are having a brilliantly interesting conversation. Eventually the dogs return to “check in” with their owners. The dogs start that “dog-challenge” thing only dogs know how to do. Unbeknown to the owners, the dogs had had a stand-off earlier. The brilliant interchange unfortunately is diverted to the dogs. And each owner, of course stands by his dog (kind of like “stand by your man”). We all know how the rest of that originally enriching encounter can quickly go “downhill” from that point onward, right?

Okay, now picture this scene from a conversation between a couple of “particles of memory” that had a “grudge” from a past incarnation interact while their True Beings Owners are engaged in a interactive group.
A memory particle in the TOE of Owner A says to a memory particle in TOE of Owner B after Owner B made an observation intending encouragement:
Particle A: Who asked you, anyway? “Didn't you used to belong to a body that killed me back in the 5th century AD? Or maybe you were the one that tried to get me to sign up for some lynch mob last lifetime?”
Particle B: (slightly piqued) Perhaps. I don't remember stuff like that, so is there something I'm missing? I thought this was Heaven, am I in the wrong place, or what?
Particle A to Owner A's Mind (Owner A's True Being having been interrupted/set aside): “There's something “iffy” about this guy. Danger ahead. Stand aside, hurt or be hurt. Quickly.”
Particle B's Owner to Particle B: Wake up!! You were dreaming!!
Particle B to Owner B: Oh my, we were having a dress rehearsal for Heaven weren't we, and I got this epiphany there for a moment and jumped ahead of You. I am so...sorry. I wish I'd never done that.
Owner B to Particle B: Always “check out” the “dynamics” of individuals involved in a group encounter and/or the boundaries of that group, just like you do in business transactions on Earth so well. Understand this: You DO NOT get to act like a spoiled brat ANYWHERE, Heaven or Earth. You will be vanquished, have your lines censored, get a non-speaking part. Now, go get some peaches and sweet cream, and get ready for the next act, it's called...”ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE”.

The “fabricated reality of Reality” is just so outrageously ridiculous, but the learning opportunities are outstanding, amazing, profitable...and can be hilariously fun!! There's probably a zillion scenarios we can imagine worthy of: special-effect movie productions!! SNL Comedy sketches!! Shakespearean Drama!! Sitcom rerun after rerun after rerun!! The implications are fathomless, as memory particles themselves start to bond in various clics/gangs, inciting all sorts of unnecessary drama, which could be oh so easily resolved if we rewrote the play with different dynamics.

Since heart/soul/TRUE BEING came from Heaven and is ALL THINGS LOVE, once we somehow reform/rehabilitate/educate the “no longer valid” or “inappropriate at this time/place” particles of memory so that they no longer INTERFERE, we can proceed Heaven's way with true heart-to-heart encounters.

That's the Higher Consciousness concept as well as can be explained in a few condensed paragraphs. You could call it: Introduction to Higher Consciousness 101.
Just imagine that every day's a new day, every where's a new place. Anything can happen. No thing's impossible.


Higher Consciousness concept

What a colorful, turbulent, entertaining and instructive comment, Bonnie! I cannot claim that I understand everything, but this I love:

"Just imagine that every day's a new day, every where's a new place. Anything can happen. No thing's impossible."

Now, just to enable me to better grasp the full scope of what you call "Higher Consciousness concept", let me ask: How does this particle theory and the concept of "reform/rehabilitate/educate" relate to what the Heavenletter before this one (#1687, What a Diversion the World Is) says about particles and pretty much everything else? Is there a connection?

God Blissing Out

Dear Jochen, warm wishes to you!!

I've read this Heavenletter several times. At first I didn't find a "message" in it, only a resonance to a magical bliss that I can relate to when I see the “divine” looking back at me in something I co-created.

God just “kicked” in, so... He/She says: It is that sort of feeling he gets when we have “put into practice” that gallant “code of honorable behavior” He entrusted us with and then (as a response to reaping it's rewards), we immediately turn around and look up to Him with our faces aglow – “it works God, it really works!”.

He wants me to stress strongly here that in “rewards”, He is not speaking of material wealth, he is speaking of a sense of well-being/security and a “harvest of love”.

He's blissing out. We're observing. This is what I see when I observe this “euphoric mood” of God. God hardly ever is really “self-proclaiming” on his own behalf, so I am going to say this “about” Him/Her, this is from me:

The day I realized God's (insert your own superlative of superlatives here) POWER, and that he could be any type of God he wanted -- (insert any/all variants of tyrant-related nouns here) – but didn't choose to, instead choosing to be LOVE in all it's variations, that was one of my “biggie-wowie” days for “KNOWING” the essence of my Creator. His essence is my essence, therefore. Oh my goodness, the implications of that...

Dear Jochen, think of anytime you “did” something good that you believed in, knowing that you were not “Super-Human in a Cape”, yet it turned out beyond your best expectations -- those “I'm good, but I'm not that good” feelings. We know that's God “in there somewhere”. It's warm-fuzzy to us, to know he's right there all along.

God doesn't have any such “guarantee” with us in the “short-run”. We turn to God everyday. We know he's right there. I can only imagine in my worst dreams what it would be like to be God, and be counting on us to be like Him. So...when we are right there “for Him” in a willing way...I think it kind of throws him into bliss.

God just “kicked” in, so....He/She says: He is allowing us a special-type of “peek” into his heart in this Heavenletter, perchance in raising our vibrations, we will not be daunted by the mundane and “goofy” particles.

He referenced this Heavenletter for you: Truth, Part I (Heavenletter # 44/December 20, 2000).

In deep respect,

Dear Bonnie, thank you. I

Dear Bonnie, thank you. I can relate to much of what you say, but since God says He is pure joy and never anything else, whatever we may do or not do, I don't understand "God blissing out". And I'm still at a loss regarding "Higher Consciousness concept" and "particles".

I suspect that all of this will become clear when I understand about what you call a "code of honorable behavior" that has to be "put into practice". I have never heard about such a code in Heavenletters (but, of course, I haven't read them all yet). What is this code, what is the source oft it and how is it to be put into practice?

And about "guarantees": I have often heard Him say that He absolutely has them because He is totally and unswervingly happy with every single one of us, no matter what.

Dearest Bonnie, in writing this, I realize there are words that make my antennae whirl. "Code" is one of them. "Practice" another. Perhaps there is some simple explanation you can give me to put them at rest.

Detective Jochen, Polish your Magnifying Glass

Dear Jochen,

Here are some Clues: (Lead with your Heart. Follow “God's Nose”. Let me know what happens, okay?)

God created Jochen in His image.
“His essence is Jochen's essence, therefore.”

“Oh my goodness, the implications of that...”
God tells Jochen all about His “attitude”, which is born of “Love and all it's variations” in Heavenletters so Jochen can learn to think like Him. (There's a Heavenletter on that very subject.)

Therefore, Jochen is ever becoming a God-like man. Jochen got that way by following the “Code” God follows in dealing with all his children. Jochen follow the same “Code” when dealing with his fellowman and his Earth environment. That's why Jochen is God-like. (Practice is "walk your talk", yes?)

RE: “a resonance to a magical bliss that I can relate to when I see the divine looking back at me in something I co-created.” is related to “think of anytime you did something good that you believed in, knowing that you were not Super-Human in a Cape, yet it turned out beyond your best expectations”

Imagine a new mommy/daddy looking into the cherubic face of their newborn child, a farmer looking over his golden waves of grain, Michelangelo upon the completion of the Sistine Chapel, George Lucas at the first screening of Star Wars, Jochen upon the realization of (fill in your version of the “Impossible Dream”).

Joy has many expressions. Just like Love has many expressions. The words used to describe them can play on the piano keys/guitar strings/flute of your heart. Look them up in a Thesaurus and follow the yellow brick road to their origins in a Dictionary. Treat yourself to a “spiritual Red Bull". It's a workout for your synapses, and hmm...m (this “just kicked in”) possibly revitalizes/regenerates some latent/dormant particles. (Something along those lines, maybe.) The least it can do, is raise vibrations. That's always a good thing.

The “God particle” and “Alpha particle” are relatively new “discoveries” (read: knowledge that God is choosing to reveal to man re his Creation at this time) in the field of Physics. They can be easily Googled.

God doesn't have any such “guarantee” with us in the “SHORT-RUN”. Please Jochen, this is how rumors get started. God is perfectly assured we will “get it”, that's how come he is so cool, calm, and collected. He built it into our “DNA”. But doesn't a hitting a home run or clinching a sale give you the same high every single time?

Again...Here are some Clues. Lead with your Heart. Follow “God's Nose”.
God referenced this Heavenletter for you: An Enchanted Land (Heavenletter # 1713/July 29, 2005) I think you might want to read the one before it, too. It's sort of "Before" and "After" snapshots.


Bonnie, my dear Watson

Bonnie, my dear Watson, I keep chuckling while reading your post, watching my responses and groping for words (which is a bit awkward at times since I'm German).

This is wonderful! Although I'm not aware of ever using a magnifying glass, I promise to polish it once we have established that it's not a smoke screen I'm trying to explore with it. It just occurred to me that we may be speaking about the same things, only in widely different languages.

I will make just a few short comments before coming to what is the central point for me:

From my (error-prone) understanding of Heavenletters,

... I am not learning to think like Him. I heard Him say I'm already doing it and have been doing it from the beginning of creation, the "inception" of which I am. Only, I have been taught to think additional thoughts that partially cover up or "dim" this primal and timeless thinking. As soon and for as long as those extra thoughts are left behind, only God's thoughts will be there as my thoughts. I get there by leaning, not by learning.

... Jochen is not becoming a God-like man since he never was anything but that, only wearing something over it, a cape, say. He nerver followed any code, any more than God ever did, for the only thing God ever does is be, and His being is love.
In my dictionary, "practice" has several meanings, one of them being "walk one's talk". But what talk? Whose talk?

... there are no particles. But yes, they can be easily Googled.

... there is no short run, no long run, no run when there is neither space nor time. "Rumor" is an interesting word. What does it mean here?

There are many more things in your posts under this Heavenletter I'm very curious about -- like "dirty up our Cosmic Snowball", "assignments", "reentry/ascension" -- but on the other hand I don't feel like discussing them at all, particularly since I feel they have some simple common denominator. I feel it could be in the question of whether there is something we have to do. My (error-prone) understanding of Heavenletters is that there isn't. I admit this is a topic I tend to be a little passionate about.....

Thank you, dear, for this inspiring discussion.

And thank you for your "suggested readings". Here is one for you:


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