Creative Flow

God said:

Peace brings its own excitement. It's a mellow excitement. It is not a flash in the pan.

Peace is ongoing. This is as true for the individual as it is for the world.

Peace isn't something you pick up. It isn't something you learn. You are born with it. It is your own true natural state. If you do not feel at peace, you have let something interfere with your sense of peace. Whatever it is that interferes — it can only be a form of ignorance.

Peace is the plain you walk on.

Excitement is a flurry. It cannot last long. While it does, it takes its toll on you.

It is not a low line you walk with peace. It is a high line. Peace is the highest vibration. Excitement twangs a lower string. You think excitement brings you high, but that is only because excitement has caught you in its thrall.

Excitement is a little fire that burns. It cannot last long.

We could say that peace simmers, but in actuality, peace is cooled-down; it is settled; it is deep. It is not a fluctuation. It is peace at peace with itself.

Peace is another name for your being. Being is a string in motion so silent that it forms a backdrop. It is the screen of life. Your life is written in the ink of peace.

Peace has its own inner stimulation. It is not dormant. It just is silent. It is silent power. It does not make much noise. It is not a disturbance. It calls not attention to itself.

Peace is the ocean from which waves flow. Peace has its own waves. Peace does not cook up a storm.

Choosing excitement is choosing trouble.

Do not mix up newness with excitement.

Creative flow is its own energy. It is inflicted on no one. Creative energy is stirring the pot. It is not knocking it over. Creative energy is just more of yourself coming to the surface. Create harmony, not cacophony.

Harmonize with Me.

You do seek to be in tune with Me, do you not? You do not concede when you hum My tune. You accede. You exceed. With Me, you rise to your true height. You need no thrills or chills. Rising with Me is simply being the light you are. Light rises. It rises back to the sun. How glorious are you in My light!

Why would you seek excitement when you have peace? Peace is not the doldrums. Peace is the furrow at the prow of a ship. It is a leader. Peace is a pioneer forging through the world. Peace takes you into new lands. Peace does not tarnish. It shines always, and it shines on you.

Leave peace alone. Let it be. Let it direct you, not you it. Let peace stir through your blood. Be not hot-tempered. Be tempered. Be temperate in joy.

Joy is not a whirlwind.

Perhaps you thought a whirlwind was desirable. But storming is not desirable. Storming is a waste of energy. It goes nowhere. Storming is like stomping around your house.

The earth is your home. Tread lightly on it. Smoke a pipe of peace. Let the smoke of peace rise. Let it rise in your heart right now. See how light you become. Peace rises in you and carries you far. It lifts you toward Heaven. It leaves sweet petals behind. It leaves a wake so silent that the cover of earth is undisturbed. Be not a disturbance. Be a peace-giver. Be a peace-aligner. Line up peace. Plant peace in a row across the circumference of the earth. Hold hands. Peace is established.


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