Consciousness Is Yours

God said:

All are safe in My Heart, and you are in My Heart.

When you feel unsafe in the world, remind yourself that you are with Me. Feeling unsafe is ignorance, beloveds. It is like when you go to the grocery story, and you forget your shopping list. You remember some things, and you forget others. Remember Oneness. It is Ours.

You don’t like to hear that life is what you make it, yet your life is made from your thoughts. Yes, it seems like you can’t help your thoughts. You feel hapless. You feel a victim of your thoughts, yet you are the thinker of them. It is better not to cast blame on yourself or anyone, yet you hold responsibility.

Of course, as a young child, you were innocent. You rubbed up against certain aspects of life, and you adapted to them. It comes down to this, beloveds: You are the turner of the tide of your life.

If you have a lot of thoughts to overturn, then it is up to you to overturn them. From now on, you are the conductor of your life. If you play the tuba, you produce the notes. If you play the violin, you take responsibility for the music that comes from the violin. If you play the flute, you are the player of the flute. The flute music ushers from you. You are the composer of your life.

No matter what conditions out of your control brought you to this place in your life, the next move is yours. Do not equate responsibility with blame. Blame is a time-waster. Blame gets you nowhere. It keeps you where you are. If you want to be somewhere else, you have to hop to it.

Your attitude is King. Choose a direction. Bless yourself. Unless you bless yourself, you are pitying yourself. No more sniffling, please. You have work to do. Get on with it.

Some might say that if there is a tornado and you find yourself in a tree that I am saying you are responsible for landing in a tree. What I say utterly is that you are responsible now for getting out of the tree. You still have thoughts. In this way, through your thoughts, hang on and then rescue yourself.

I repeat and repeat the difference between fault, blame, and, on the other hand, responsibility. There is all the difference in the world. Now set the direction for your life. Turn the dial.

If you find yourself on a deserted island, even if you were kidnapped and abandoned on the island, who is responsible now? Fair or unfair is beside the point. Whatever you do, you are not to sulk. You can do something besides sulk, and you must. This is your life. Your life is up to you. Yes, life takes courage, and life is in your hands, and life is worthwhile.

Yes, there are obstacles in your way. It is for you to climb over the obstacles. Do not let you yourself be an obstacle.

When it is raining, put up your umbrella. If you don’t have an umbrella, go under a tree. If there is no tree, no porch, no raincoat, then you get wet. The sun will come out, and you will dry off.

Or the tide of an ocean can pull you out to sea. Perhaps you will be rescued. No matter what, you are rescued, for you have the opportunity to let go of your body and come Home to Me. All is not lost. Why, beloveds, do you think that death of the body is so deadly?

Nothing is fatal. Fatal is an idea. Earth is filled with ideas. Choose your ideas. Regardless of anything, you will flourish. Consciousness is, and consciousness is yours.

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Thank you from my heart

Thank you God for sending this beautiful letter from Heaven to me today. My heart is overflowing with love for You and all of Your creation. My understanding is increasing each day because of the beautiful letters You send to me. I know that You are always with me, and I am so grateful for Your love.

You are an appreciator, Amy.

You are an appreciator, Amy. Thank you, sweetheart.


As a child my innocence believed things that were not the truth. As an adult I am grateful to know that my life is my holy game and since it is my game, I make the rules. The rules include awareness of the innocence in life and allowing Love and Kindness to live in me as me. To blame is to be lame. I would much rather be strong and healthy and to take responsibility for my choices. My journey through life has just enough forks in the road to keep me focused on the direction I choose to go. Each new day I choose to gift myself joy, gratitude and appreciation as I wonder what life will teach me today. Thank you Life for Being Love and Thank you Love for Creating Life.

Christine, so beautiful. Are

Christine, so beautiful. Are you sure God didn't write your comment? Very touching.