Compassionate Understanding

God said:

Everything in the world is precious. Precious world. Precious Humans in the world. Precious is My heart in the world. You may not be able to go along with the word "divine" about the world, but you can accept "precious", can you not?

Yet what is precious on the surface is divine beneath.

We can even say that all the back and forth struggles in the world also are precious. They carry their own deliciousness. It is delicious how much caring there is in the world.

Even those you oppose care as much as you. They just may care about different things. They see life differently from you. Their view not only contradicts yours, it conflicts. Yet they are the same Human beings you are. The Human beings are not different. Their views, their culture, their judgments are different. That's all. The surface is different. Nothing else is.

If you traded places, if you had been born where they were, would you be you or would you be they?

This is compassionate understanding. This is what I have. It is miles away from judgment. It is an understanding. It is a bigger comprehension. It takes you to a higher mountain away from the particular situation and gives you a better view, a bigger view, an expanded view. The further you distance yourself from what you presently see, the better you see.

You are not a superior being who prays for another. You have a bigger view, that's all. Those of you who are compassionate see the whole vista. You do not see only what is obvious and what everyone else seems to see. You see what is behind the tree and what is around the corner. You see the before and after, and you see them all at once. You see.

When you see only what is directly in your view, you are not seeing.

When you look through a keyhole, you see something. But a fraction is not the whole. A peek is not seeing. It is only a peek. You may be sure that the corner you quickly glimpse is not the whole picture. It is only a corner.

It is a big thing for My children to come to see that they do not see. You like to think you see and know everything. You do not want to have something more pointed out to you. You like the idea of already knowing and being unchangeable. You like that idea so much that for the sake of being right, you forfeit your vision.

Make a better bargain. Be willing to open your eyes and heart more so you can see more, better, further. A crack of light is not enough for you. Honestly it isn't.

Staying exactly where you are, or where others are, gives you nothing but regrets. How many times have you said in your life, "Oh, if only I knew then what I know now."

But the upcoming then is now, and you can know. You can step out of your skin into another's, and you can come out, not only unscathed, but far greater than before. Opening your eyes and heart is useful. Keeping them closed is not.

When someone has a hangover, his mind is muddied, and he does not remember or see or think clearly.

When you are hung over in antiquated thoughts, you are clouded, and this clinging short-sightedness prevents your evolution and the evolution of the world. Repeating history is not evolution. Doing the same as has always been done is not moving forward. It is not growth. It is not purposeful. It is old, worn-out, and trite.

You are an evolving being. You are not meant to keep your same thoughts. You are meant to move ahead.

At present, if your thinking is the loud voice of mass world's thinking, then you can know you are not thinking. If you are on the bandwagon that blares out easy popular thought, you are on a bandwagon of someone else's thinking and not your own.

With what do you want to be aligned with? Is there really another Human you favor over Me? Is there really someone's Human thought that you favor over Mine? Do you know anyone who thinks further and better than I do?

You think I am impractical.

Think again.

Begin to see what is before your very eyes and beyond. Seeing beyond is the same as love. That is how you can love. I am teaching you how to love.

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"Begin to see what is before your very eyes and beyond. Seeing beyond is the same as love. That is how you can love. I am teaching you how to love."
What is Light but Sight.

You are meant to move ahead.

When you see only what is directly in your view, you are not seeing.


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