Come to the Full Realization

God said:

It is easy for you to go along whistling as if I am to serve you. It is true I am. Yet it is more workable for you when you remember that you are to serve Me. This puts you in a good position. From a place of serving Me, you do not petition so much, nor do you expect so much nor demand so much. You find yourself giving more.

Life on Earth is simpler when you remember that you are in service to Holy God. It is easy to settle the question, once and for all. You are not here on Earth for yourself. You certainly are not here for yourself alone. You are here to benefit your Creator, Creation, and all created beings. You are in service to the universe. The universe serves you gladly, but you are not the supervisor of the universe. You are its proponent. You carry the world. This is the way to think about your life on Earth.

You serve yourself well when you serve greater than yourself, and this is how you expand. I am Vastness, and the arena you live and grow in grows vaster. When you put yourself ahead of Vastness, you deal in details. With Me, you deal in the big picture. And so you lose yourself to find yourSelf.

We come again to this contradiction: If We are One, how do you work for yourself and not for Me? We've already agreed that when you work on My behalf, you benefit yourself, this individual self that you are so privy to. But much attention on this little mythical self is a dead-end. You can't go very far with it, and it will never be satisfactory. It is hard to carry yourself. It is easier to carry the universe than to carry yourself and much more rewarding. You will like it.

When you come to the full realization that We are One, and there is no little you, why, then, would you put so much attention on littleness when you can just as easily put your attention on greatness? Why would you want to be steeped in this little figment who seemingly roams on Earth when you can dance across the Universe and soar to Heaven? If We are One, and We are, then why not become One with Me in fullness and step up to the plate, as it were?

You can only pretend to be relegated to the physical that you are embodied in. Deep in your heart, you know there is more to you than the physical. Deep in your heart, you know that you approach the realm of this greatness even in the mechanics of your daily life. It is not fantasy that We are One, yet you may have thought it was.

All I ask is that you open doors for Me. In so doing, you open hearts. You open your own. Where does this vastness We speak of lie on Earth if not in the Human heart? Will you not embrace Our Creation? Will you not take it in your arms? Will you not be to the universe as you would like Me to be to you? Will you not do for the universe as you would like Me to do for you?

Do you have anything better to do than love the world We created?

Flip flop your life a little in the priority your mind makes of it.

Love first. All comes after love. Love first, and you will have served to your heart's content.

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Yes Gloria and everyone else

Yes Gloria and everyone else :o)

ABUNDANCE :o) Love you all We are ONE. I am so emotional now I can hardly write. It`s been so important to follow God`s Will, but sometimes and quite often I am getting so mixed up that I go through all sorts of options when really there is none. It`s already set.

We don`t know what is going to happen, you see, when we are getting together. Or maybe that`s just what we do know. We`ll die, I mean real dying together and a lot will happen then. Consciousness will be released. We will be different. We are not just Human Beings. We have to function as Human Beings though. We are loving you all. The world wouldn`t have reached for it`s way home otherwise. We are going to be all right. We are going to be fine. Love will strike everywhere like glorious beams of light, and consciousness is being released all the time. Yes reach for the light, Heaven and Earth all as ONE. Yes it is for real too Gloria.



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