Catch the Brass Ring

God said:

You have noticed by now that I am an original Thinker. I think for Myself. I have My own thoughts. I certainly do not copy yours nor do I just copy My own thoughts and repeat them. I do not have to remember what I have already said and how I said it before, no matter how great My expression of it may have been. So in that way, My thoughts are always new even though I've certainly had them before.

There is a tendency for My children to hold on to their old thoughts, to remember them, and repeat them, instead of discovering (or re-discovering) the truth now. Truth is unchangeable, but your perception is not.

Even if your thinking today is truly the same as yesterday, you tend to repeat a remembered thought rather than expressing it anew. Repeating is not the same as alive. Repeating and remembering are from the past. You want to catch up to yourself and be present in your thinking.

Let your thoughts be fresh every day. Move on in your evolution. Let your thoughts be ladders. You do not have to stay on the same rung.

Change your opinions. Because you have viewed the world in one way does not mean you have to keep your views the same. Look out from a higher place where you can see a greater vista.

Your thoughts are not your own unless they are yours today.

Do not be afraid to change your mind. Or empty it. Do not keep so much clutter there. Your mind has become an attic filled with old things collecting dust. Some of your thoughts are antiques. Some antiques have lost their value.

In any case, you are more valuable than anything in your attic.

Be a filterer of your thoughts. Be a sieve.

Thoughts serve their purpose and move on. Let your thoughts move you forward. Let them be propellers.

Thoughts are not to be tacked in place the way upholstery is.

You are a traveler in life. You may have drunk water from a magnificent pool, but now you travel further and find another pool of good water before you. A traveler cannot stay too long in the same spot or he does not progress nor can he be considered a traveler.

Even a whittler in life cannot whittle the same piece of wood every day.

What is it that you fear may be before you?

Do not stay in one place. Move ahead on your own steam. You do not want the crowds to push you forward, nor do you want them to keep you back. You evolve yourself. You are an evolver. Find your own place in the universe. Do not bookmark your thoughts.

Catch the brass ring. It is here for you to catch.

You may have to stretch a little to reach it.

Consider life as exercise. You stretch. You bend. You get up and you get down. And you reach tall. You pedal your feet and you jump in a pool. You swing. You do somersaults. And you rest in between. Quell your hyperactive thoughts once in a while.

Exercise your being. Hear its hum. Being is stillness, but sitting still is not the same as being. Even as you move, you are established in beingness. Your beingness rides along with you. You can hear it always.

Although your being is irrespective of your thoughts and your actions, beingness does not mean that you are not to budge. Budge your thoughts. Budge your responses. Budge an inch.

From your beingness, new thoughts arise. Recognize them, and arise with them. Hear anew. Hear higher notes. I play them for you.

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I do not have to remember.

This is both shocking and relieving. Shocking because it exposes a very long story of trying to acquire and amass retrievable knowledge for the sake of personal development and spiritual evolution – to the point of even reading Heavenletters with an eye to remembering the "salient points". What a joke. Relieving because it confirms an old intuition that what is generally termed "learning" is, for the most part, an awful misunderstanding.

My thoughts are always new even though I've certainly had them before.

     Dear God, I'm sure You're implying that I can join You there.
     Yes, quite. And make it a fresh joining, a joining that has no preconceived idea of joining attached to it.
     I have sometimes yearned to reach the higher evolutionary level of wolf child. Is that it?
     Not necessarily. You don't have to be without knowledge. Unknowing is simply untagging. What is left without tags and therefore not stored according to tags and retrieved by tags is fresh by definition. But don't make this a sience. Simply lean into My freshness.

Jochen, I love how you speak

Jochen, I love how you speak to God and how God responds to you!


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