Capture God's Vision

God said:

Your ego does not leave your awareness easily. It wants to stick with you. Because you believed your ego was you, you were afraid to let go of it. Truly, life conspires to get you away from your ego. Everything that you see as defeat in your life or obstacle or undoing has been to undo your ego, its hold on you, and your hold on it. Ego is a master of deception. Your ego certainly has deceived you.

Your life is not so personal as you have perceived it. Personal is a conjecture. You are for much more than a limited personal conjectured life. You are not out there on your own. You have not only forgotten Me — you have forgotten you.

This is not your personal journey through life. What happened before and what happens now have been your concerns. And, My, how you have been concerned. But the individual escapades are not the sum of your journey. You are for much more than that.

You are not created as or for your personal self. You, who are part of the whole, have been at the sidelines, and therefore have not yet entered life. Life is not all the things you have thought. If your ego no longer existed, you would begin your existence and cease the ego's defenses.

You have been afraid to stray from ego because you mistakenly thought it identified you and that it held you up. It holds up only a tiny per cent of an imagined caricature of you.

You cannot be solely that anemic creature who pastes color on her face and wanders around aimlessly looking for more make-up and passion in the world. You seek for what you call adventure, but that call is a lure to you to escalate your ego and therefore your departure from the truth of life.

You have a purpose here in the world, and it is not what you have thought. Your purpose is not to get through the world unscathed. Your purpose is to scathe your ego and be done with it and capture My vision. I have work for you to do, and your ego prevents you.

The work I have for you to do is pleasure. It is the pleasure you have been seeking.

Fall into step with Me, and you will savor what is offered to you.

There was no happier man on earth than Jesus Christ. He dispensed with his ego and journeyed for Me. Why does the world see journeying for Me as something ornery and dreadful? Following Me is not martyrdom. Following Me is happiness. Martyrdom does not exist in the realm of truth, but, yes, it exists in the world of ego to scare you off.

Your life is not in your limited ego self. Your life is to evolve the world by rising in it. Once you dispense with your ego, you begin to know your place and grow to it. Perhaps you need to fall to the ground so you know the effervescence of the ego.

The ego blew you up so that you could be popped. Soon or late, your ego will be popped. It is nothing but hot air.

But the truth of you is light. From light you came, and to light you return. Light is not a separate thing. It is a reflection of truth, so all light is the same because it reflects the One. And you are My reflector on earth. Once you stop reflecting a sculpted ego, you will find out the truth of you and you will own it. You will be it and know the fullness of it. You will be My fullness, and every thought and deed will be Mine, and your life on earth will be a description or drawing of Me. Your life will tell the story and illustrate it.

Through your passage on earth, others will be able to let go of their cloying ego. With the departure of ego comes the glory of life. You will bring that glory to the world.

Ego cannot rise to glory. It cannot conceive of it. It thinks cheers are glory. Serving greatness carries its own glory. And this glory I gave to you, and now I bid you to find it where it is. Find My glory, and give it, for it is yours. It is your gift and inescapable path. There is greatness in knowing truth and living it. The inside changes the outside. The out there is only a ripple of the Great Inner.

You are the Ocean, and so you must flow. Your medium is Great Love and not small victories. You are the tide of My Great Ocean. And so be it. Be it untrammeled. Free yourself from lesser pictures of what you are not. Attain truth. You never needed ego. Ego is the hawker that led you on and left you with nothing. It cannot deceive you forever. The brass ring of the world is brass and not gold. You who are gold are meant for gold. And gold you are. Gold light you are. You are My light of gold shining on a world that needs brightening, and I sent you to brighten it. That is My Will.

Ego takes fear with it. When fear goes, you know your ego has gone as well. Ego taught your mind fear, and your mind signaled it to your heart.

But your heart is not a receptacle for fear. Your heart is a receptacle for love. Your heart is the receiver and holder of it. And it holds love by flowing it because your heart holds entry and exit. Your heart cannot hold one-way love. Love flows through the heart. The heart receives and vends. It is the issuer of love. Your heart has no dam. Dams are man-made.

So is fear man-made. Fear is a dam in your heart that neither lets love in nor out.

Your small ego captured fear and kept it in your heart.

Why befriend your ego as you have? It has no defense. It has only pretense. Pretense is not good enough for you anymore.

You are ready for truth, and I am giving it to you.

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