Call the Earth Moon

God said:

Beloveds, there is no stretch of the road before you nor behind you. All is in this instant of love. Nothing else transpires but love. That may seem preposterous to you, but love is the only exchange that occurs. Nothing else. Love is all. That means love is the only medium in the world. You already know that is the case in Heaven.

Sometimes love seems to be the last thing that you know. It has been precluded by appearances of emotions that seem quite opposed to love, so it feels. If for one moment you could accept that love is all and all is love, you would know Reality, and you would bask in it.

How can it be otherwise than that the Reality of life is love? I am not a God of Thunder. Nor am I morose. Nor am I vindictive. Nor am I clamorous for sacrifice or anything but love. With love, there is no sacrifice. Love is sacred. Nothing else is.

Beloveds, do not take the rantings and ravings of the world so seriously. The world does little dances on a platform of love. The world dances a jig, yet it dances on a still dais of love. Yet you have always taken the world seriously. You have even taken the world for real. You never thought to think otherwise. Now let your attention on the world and your appraisals of it subside. Focus your eyes on the background and not so much on the little dance before you.

Words that appear on the page are a dance trotting on the page. One word leads to another, but words can only appear on a page or to the ear and the mind that fashions them. Deeper than the mind is the heart that needs no words.

Since this is the case, consider Heaven the blank page upon which you write. Consider that Earth is written upon the page of Heaven. Consider that your Earthly Abode is actually a Heavenly abode. Earth events are merely trimmings, frills, decoration, non-essentials, etceteras, add-ons, digressions, filling of the page, extravaganzas, conglomerations, episodic passing fancies. Surely all that transpires on what is called Earth passes, fades, is gone, after a while leaves no marks, and only Heaven is evident and only Heaven remains and ever was.

Change the name of Earth to Heaven. Change its name to Peace. Change its name to Beauty. Change its name. Tiny changes in letters, tiny changes in the formation of your lips as you speak, and such little changes create a huge change in your view. The change of a few notes you sing, and the whole song is a higher range. Sing not the low notes any longer. Sing what you want. What song would you like to sing? And why not sing it? Or at least hum it to yourself. Who would sing a dirge, when he can sing a merry tune? You, perhaps.

Write your song and your story across the face of the universe. Erase what has been written before. Decide on a new genre, and make it come true.

Eclipse the burdensome past. Eclipse all the proof the world would give. Eclipse all that which does not benefit you nor the world. All that does not benefit is a reflection of your thoughts. Eclipse your past thoughts the way the Sun quietly, without fanfare, eclipses the Moon it lights.

Call the Earth Moon then, and you the Light of the Sun, and shine. Follow Me, and I will show you how to shine Light by dint of the love in Our hearts.


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