Beyond the World of Appearances

God said:

Come right in. Come over here to Me.

When We come down to it, I am what there is. We could also say that you, the so-called you, are all that there is as well. Call it you, I, We – take your pick – the One of Us is the Totality.

The world isn't really out there. Oh, yes, it seems to be. It certainly does. You can touch it; you can hear it; you can be boondoggled by it. You can break it; you can put it together; you can love it; you can be outraged by it.

You can make anything of the extant world you like. You can prove it; reprove it; edit it; undo it; rewrite your script all over. You can also go beyond the world of appearances.

Here is where I come in. Here is the True Reality. Inside Us isn't exactly the right expression. There is no exact right expression. We do the best We can. We attempt. Yet even language is not real. We palaver. We make sounds and shapes of sounds and combinations of sounds that We name language. We also call languages tongues while our tongues swivel and shake.

Of course, language goes beyond sounds and shapes. Some languages are called guttural. There is an affiliation between sounds and your guts – guts meaning where your world truth lies. You spill your guts out, it is said, when you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Do you see how one word changes another, or amplifies it, or crosses it out. Out with it!

The Truth is that nothing exists but the Truth. Pretty much, languages and their words are something you play with, putting together a puzzle in diverse ways. Also a puzzle you pull apart in diverse ways.

You can eat your words. You can chop them up. There is the puzzle of language, yet the puzzle may remain in your thoughts. And where are thoughts located really?

Even the same one word may have many meanings.

Language is sound, and it is also sight. There are many kinds of sight as well. Second sight. Yet meaning can be reached without sight. It can be guessed. It can be felt.

Meaning and the world can be anything you choose to say it is. You set the rules. You engage or disengage. You spin the wheel. Where it stops, nobody knows. And even when you might know where the wheel stops, it doesn't stay stopped. That's why it's called a wheel.

I am having fun with words today. I am having fun with you. May you be having fun with Me.

Let's be jolly today. All this playground that you live on is a mirror. It is a mirror of you. It may be your worst dream or it may be the best dream you could ever have. The only True Content of this imagined world that is studied ad infinitum cannot really be studied because it dances away from view right before your eyes. You hardly remember what you have seen soon enough anyway.

You are playing in the Game of Life. It is very very serious to you. The Game of Life may mean everything to you.

So, what are We saying and seeing here today right now? Nothing and Everything, and nothin' at all.

Yet We are whirling in love all along. Sometimes you mean it, sometimes you don't. Make of Life what you will. In the world, this is how it is.

Out of the world, there is a different story. It is not even a story. It is Infinity where no dice roll.

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Dear God

I surrender myself to The Oneness that I AM.
I surrender my voice to The Voice of The Universe.
I surrender all plans, dreams, hopes and ambitions to You, God.
I surrender all questions and answers to Truth.
Take my life, it is Yours anyway.

Thank You, God.


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