God said:

Blessings upon you.

My vision is one of the greatest blessings I give you, and one that is often the least availed of.

Imagine My vision. Imagine the realm of My cosmic mind and heart. And imagine that they are yours. What then?

Imagine that every leap of the heart is a comet across the sky, racing to meet a star and spin off the moon.

Imagine the interconnectedness of everything with everything else.

Imagine the web of My thought across the universe.

You dare not embrace My vision. You are afraid it will break in your hands.

You are offered a great diamond, and you are afraid that you are not good enough for it. You are afraid that you will drop it or lose it or somehow mess it up like you think you have with so much else. You are afraid that My offering of Great Love and Great Wisdom is a lure or mistake perpetuated before you. You are afraid you will be led to the edge of a deep cliff, and so you defer.

But it is to great heights that I would like to raise you. And for that to happen, your feet have to let go of where they are. How is it possible to stay where you are, and yet rise to new heights?

By stay where you are, I mean where your mind is, where your thoughts are, where the residuals of you reside.

At present, when your heart leaps, you bring it back.

You are a kite in the sky and you slacken the string.

You fear to let go. You fear to rise. You also fear to stay in the discomfort of where you are, and so you call it comfort. You can find the familiar in the dark. You can find your habitual familiar in the dark. But it is in the Light that you find the real familiar, the long-lost familiar, the longed-for familiar.

No matter how you try, you cannot forget that you are more than what you presently display or admit to. The difference between your huddled self and yourself unbridled is enormous.

You are afraid to let go of control. You hold on for dear life, yet your full existence is not in the boundaries. You cannot hold yourself back and venture forth. You cannot stay within the lines and be the fullness that you are, and so you have contracted yourself and stayed within limitation.

Break out from an imposed description. Undescribe yourself. Draw a new picture, one without lines. Do not border yourself. Do not blur the edges. Erase them. Have a different concept.

Come to Me. Come to My love and My vision. They are yours. They are for you. Whom would they be for if not for you?

Empty yourself of all the preconceived, so that I may fill you with Myself. Stop carrying so much with you. Leave fault behind. Leave past events. Drop off old thoughts. Stop repeating them. Elongate yourself to Heaven, for that is where you belong.

Let your eyes look up. You can see into My eyes, and you can see through them. You are many-visioned, and your sight revolves in many directions. You have been wearing blinders, and you have only peeked. You have seen only close-up. You have seen only details, and so you have gotten lost in them.

Raise your sights so that you can see more. Aspire higher. Take a blank page, and see what appears. See the colors you are made of. Do not restrict their flow. Follow them.

I have a beautiful picture of you, and I would like to give it to you. Is today the day you will accept the truth I hand to you? Look into the mirror of My eyes and see your magnificence, and blaze it forth so that all may see the volumes of you that are yet unwritten. Unfold the pages of your life. Begin.

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Wow ! Wow ! Wow! Thank you

Wow ! Wow ! Wow! Thank you !!!!

Hey Berit! Nice to see you

Hey Berit! Nice to see you discovered this gem as well. I'm "organising" the data on One, the notebook I use and I saw an unnamed text file which happened to be this very Heavenletter. After reading it, I used the websites search function to find the Heavenletter and see your comment here.

I love this..

"Look into the mirror of My eyes and see your magnificence, and blaze it forth so that all may see the volumes of you that are yet unwritten."

My God, what a blessing this

My God,
what a blessing this Heavenletter and what a blessing to be reminded of it right now by you dear !!! Although I have read this many times, I always hold my breath and my heart misses a beat while reading it !!!
I "see" you magnificience and bright light of love shining across time and space - much love to you dear.

Imagine My vision. Imagine

Imagine My vision. Imagine the realm of My cosmic mind and heart. And imagine that they are yours. What then?

How I love this Heavenletter !!!!!

much love to all !


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