Be the Fruit of the Earth

God said:

You don’t have to put yourself under great emotional strain. Why would you lock yourself out of your own Home on Earth and take away peace from yourself. Forgo stress.

Patience and impatience are not as harmless as you may think. Impatience earmarks Life as a catastrophe. Impatience considers current circumstances as Almighty. On the other hand, patience is having other recourses and resources. Patience sees clearly.

Be still. All is already taken care of. Hold this Truth secure in your heart. Let your heart be strong. In the extant world, all is temporary. You extend far beyond what strikes you as trouble. Truth attests to Infinity which is Eternal, and so are you.

There is a spark of Life that takes care of everything. Acknowledge that all is already solved and resolved. Hold this Truth. Ah, yes, all may not be solved as you wish, yet all difficulties do dissolve. If difficulties exist, they are of the past. Don’t claim them. The Sun rises every morning.

Of course, My children, you tend to believe that you are surrounded with insurmountable difficulties. This is a mistaken belief.

Remember this: Thoughts are powerful. Your thoughts are powerful. Even your mistaken thoughts are powerful. Truth is more powerful.

Pardon yourself from transgressions of thought. Only as an afterthought do you discern an error. Don’t make so much of the past as you do. The past is only a word on paper or a thought in the air, not to be kept, definitely not to be collected for old times’ sake.

Behold the world before you. It is before you, not out to get you. Let all the past get behind thee.

From the soil of Earth, beautiful flowers grow. You are to be naught but the Rising Sun and to bless the ground you walk on.

I continue to give the Earth to you. The Earth is yours to till, to succor, to make beautiful, including the Spirit of the World, including joy on Earth, including your own and your neighbor’s joy.

Make growth on Earth light-hearted. Make Life great in its simplicity. Make Earth overflowing with Good Will. Good Will is worth more than all the reputed rubies and diamonds. Make no mistake about it. Know the value of Good Will, and speak its language. What else would you want? Certainly not ill will!

What matters? Let outrage carry no weight. Let your good-heartedness carry you.

Trod the Earth with love. Leave rose petals. Be a rose. As you travel the Earth, leave a blessing of yourself, for your visit here.

For the short time you are on Earth, be good to the Earth that provides for you and nourishes your Spirit. Earth gives you every opportunity to experience sustenance on every level. Life on Earth is a bonanza!

Provide for Earth.

Expand your boundaries.

Keep walking.

Keep smiling.

Keep laughing.

Keep on.

Be an angel on Earth. What else would you want to be?

Be a Fulfiller of Dreams, yours and others’. Be a Realizer of Dreams that come true for all.

Water the land with your love. Infinite are you.

Get out of the details. Get into the Heart of the Matter. Let go of in fractions and confrontations.

Expand only.

Be an Expediter of Life.

Move forward and bring the whole world. Advance. Step lightly. Go far. Come close.

Distribute wealth. Let everything good be your wand as you reach high and far and wide. Serve all, including yourself. Be a benefactor without much ado about it. Forgo neediness. Spread affluence.

Be the Fruit of the Earth, and sow seeds.

Blanket the world with love. This is what you are to do, starting right now.

A New Life is beginning for you today as you serve the Universe. Begin now.

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Uplifting Heaven Letter

Thank you for the Inspiration and Encouragement to serve the Universe with uncondional self love and self compassion. New Life is awesome.


I just was receiving God Writing from God, writing what I heard. And this is what I received:

"Relax in Me. Relaxing in Me is the key. Being with Me is the key, child. Being with Me melts all your resistances and all your little illusions fall away. They cannot withstand Me. You are straining too much. You are trying too hard. Relax. Be at ease and you will sense more Oneness. Strain and stress does not contribute to your sensing of Oneness. It does the opposite."

This was my question:
"God, my selifshness gets the best of me. It seems like no matter how much I realize that everyone is myself, and that we are one, the mind still creates judgements, and see differences, and separates. This really bothers me because I want to be a proponent of Truth. I want to represent Truth and be in alignment with It. What do I do?"