Admit That You Are Oneness

God said:

What if all of life were a video game? As it is, even knowing that a video game is a product of imagination, there are many who play a video game with their whole heart and soul. You play most games with your heart and soul. With the intensity with which you play, it could be easy to believe that you think playing a game is real. And so is Life.

Even as a bystander, your take games oh-so seriously. Consider sports. Many people who watch baseball and football and hockey and so on take it to heart. The fans cheer or boo to their heart's content. The game sure feels like life and death. And the win or loss of a favored team is talked about long after.

Life on Earth arises from far below the surface. Truth is ongoing, yet you may not pay as much attention to the underlying Truth of Existence as you do to the recounting of the surface plays. On the surface plane, the game may be well followed and adored. Oh, yes, there can be fun on the surface. Have it. Have the fun. Enjoy it. That's what it is for.

In a skating rink, the surface of water frozen into ice holds up skaters very well – until the ice melts. The ice you see, which is water frozen, is not forever, yet great inroads may appear before you that the atoms of frozen water make possible. Hurray for ice for the platform it offers. Hurray for the occasions that ice presents.

Everyone knows a game is a game. Higher than imagination exists. Certainly, there is higher than that which is imagined. Infinity is the realest of the real and cannot be weighed or measured, yet it is worth gold.

By all means, glide on thin ice, knowing fully as you do, that you are supported by much greater than ice. Surely, the most desirable ice and the game you play supported by this temporary ice don't light a candle to the Foundation of All Life.

Heigh ho for enjoying life in the relative world. Hip-hip-hooray for that which supports the ice you skate on. The Unseen, as shy or as invisible as it may be, is the Champion. This subtle layer of life you frolic on is so much more powerful than you imagine.

You may even really scoff at the underside of existence I refer to. You can't touch it. You can't punch your fist into it. You can't shake it. You tend to think: If I can't see the more subtle and powerful in action, how can I say that it is truly there at all?

Let's go at this another way. You can feel pain. You may not know precisely where the pain is coming from. You don't romanticize the pain. You may scream. No one doubts that you are in pain even though you can't point exactly to it. No one sees the pain itself, only your expression of it.

It seems that the world believes in pain more quickly and seriously than it believes in the existence of the Source of Life called God.

Life comes from somewhere. You were born. You are more than a body, yet there is a trail from which your soul came that you cannot take a photo of.

How can there not be a God from which all comes. Heaven is not an imagined place, yet it is not a place at all. Heaven cannot fit in a place. God is not confined to a description. God and Paradise are too big to be confined. Of course, the idea of space is made up, and yet you believe in space and time. You would stake your life on them. You run your watch upon an agreed-upon time.

You and I fit into each other's heart, only there is truly One Heart in all of existence. It is the One Heart, One Being, in which the Oneness of All exists. Admit that you are Oneness.

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