A Very Brief Story of Heavenletters

Twelve years ago, after getting closer to God, which I will tell you more about below, I started writing letters to my inner self and got answers. After a while, I thought: "Hmm, if I can address myself and get answers, why not with God?" I had always heard to go to the top, so I started asking questions to God, first for myself and later for others, and God answered with a common sense and vision far beyond anything I could ever have thought of. And then questions were no longer necessary because God just started coming in with what He wanted us to hear. One thing about God, He wants His words shared, and so Heaven Letters is emailed out every day.

[Best to read the following story from the beginning to the end to get the whole picture, for each layer reveals something new. The last link that is listed as the complete story is really only part of the story.]