A Page from God’s Book

God said:

You have every reason to be loyal to your heart. If you are not loyal to your own heart and well-being, to whom then are you loyal? This certainly does not mean that you are to be selfish and all that. It means it’s all right for you to include yourself as well. Of course, offer fealty to yourself while you are at it. All you have to do is know this as your birthright. You don’t have to wave banners.

When it is your birthday, make yourself a cake. Beginning now, address yourself with all the respect you offer to others. Admit yourself to your own Well-Being.

Make yourself a candidate. Run for the Good of All. Remember to join yourself in this Voyage. Steer your voyage for you as well as for others. You may have crowded in mixed messages about yourself. Sometimes you act as if you are obliged to forgo inviting yourself. You know what I am talking about?

If others want to seat you last, that is their privilege. In the scheme of things, it is not really all that consequential. You and I both know that.

Now I am making a power statement to you: Have in mind what My preferred placement for you is. Then, when you get accustomed to knowing that you are on My List, high on My List, when you accept this as a matter of course, then you don’t have to feature yourself. Of course, a main part of your job is to get many others nearer to the front of the line as well.

Look! Do you see right here? Here, I have put your personal ongoing invitation to Heaven in gold ink. No one is less. If you think you or anyone is less, think again. Remember, you heard this from Me. Keep moving up. Get the hang of My Will.

A first lesson for you is to know your value to Me in the world. Drink deeply of the ambrosia I give you to drink. You are not just a show of something. You ARE something. You are the real thing. You just may not have noticed. Notice now.

What did you think it was about when it was said: The first comes last and the last comes first and all that? It means I want you to know Who you are and the radius you reach. No longer are you to lie low. Now you reach deeper within and further afield, and this is fitting, and this is right. Now you are really getting down to it -- the Kingdom of Heaven and your place in it. No one is to miss this experience. No one. As a good guest, you oblige your Host.

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here. All for One, and One for All. Take this to Heart. This is one of My Biggest Refrains. Take a lesson out of My Book.

You have Great Reason for Being. Teach this to yourself and to your children. This is your inheritance. I accept no excuse. I do not exempt you from this wide-open opportunity. I declare you My Holy Son or My Holy Daughter. There are to be no arguments from you. Don’t waste your time or Mine. Your position in My Heart is already a fait accompli. Don’t vote on it. The votes have already been counted. The debate is over. We all win. There are no two sides on this.

Victory is Ours. Of course, We are One, and We triumph over anything less than Oneness.

So I have said, and so it has been spoken.

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This message

Thank you so much for sending all these incredible messages to us. Its amazing how much you give everyday. I cant hear God as much because in live in an Apartment in NYC and its noisy. I use to go to the Country Side to a Yoga Ashram but there to expensive now even if i do a work exchange they want me to pay them.
I want to move but i dont have the money right now. Ive been struggling. Your messages help me more than almost any other message. They tell me things that really help me in my life and they bring up topics of issues im really going thru.
Were i live the real estate has more than tripled in the last 10 yrs and im 54 yrs old and its getting tougher. I want to move but i just cant afford it. Your messages help me to think more productively more positively and they produce creative innovative remedies to issues im having. Like self worth etc. I realize ive been neglecting myself on so many levels. I can become stronger as i feel your messages are supporting me. My home life os negative as i live with an ex boyfriend who is a drinker and very negative disrespectful.
Thank God for these messages i just wanted to tell you this.
Love to you Tina Mason

Yes, dear Tina, how do we

Yes, dear Tina, how do we stop struggling? Somehow, somewhere, we have a choice. I think God would say we make our choices.

Why do we stay in situations that seem to keep us down? It's not always easy to make changes.

You are sure growing in awareness, Tina!

Thank you for writing.

Like you, I am so grateful for God's messages.

God bless you, Tina.

Love, Gloria -- God's Love is the very best! How did you find Heavenletters?

I love the page from God's Book

And I gratefully accept: "Victory is Ours. Of course, We are One, and We triumph over anything less than Oneness. So I have said, and so it has been spoken. Thank you.

Dear Christine, the

Dear Christine, the expression you use -- "the page from God's Book" -- feels like a marvelous book title. I am liking it a lot. Or "A Page from God's Book!" What are Heavenletters but Pages from God's Book?. Great title, Christine. Memorable. I love it! Or something like: 25 Pages from God's Book


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