A Gift to the Giver

God said:

Now your thinking extends beyond the boundaries you have elicited. Now your thinking goes beyond thoughts of yourself. You catch a leaping wave that raises you and the world along with you. You do not stay solely in thoughts about your specificity. You are made for bigger things than your day-to-day life, and yet your day-to-day life and how you look at it, makes a difference to a world also hungry for something more than itself.

The world is just like you. It craves for meaning and merit. It longs for more than diversion. It longs to go beyond its events.

How stalwart is the sun that rises each day and is neutral to what its light falls upon!

How constant is the air that gives itself to be breathed!

How bold is the wind that sweeps yesterday away!

And how generous the rain that bathes the earth that welcomes it, and gives it to drink.

All contributes to everything.

Every leaf makes a difference. Every leaf is important. And each of you has your preciousness upon earth. And like leaves, each thought of yours falls to earth and delivers its message.

You are crucial to the universe. You are integral.

There is something important for you to give. From the place where you stand or sit, it is yours to give. You are here to give a blessing that only your hand can give.

The world is like a patchwork quilt that many hands contribute to. But even before the stitches, the quilt is made. What is conceived of is manifested.

Make the world as you will.

It is clay in your hands. It is the mold of your thought. The world is fraught with your thoughts. It is an innocent receptor. Let your thoughts be blessings to the world.

You are a knight in shining armor to the world.

You ride through it.

You slay the dragons of thought.

You uphold truth.

I work through you.

Allow Me to ride with you.

In any case, I do.

Where on earth would I be if not with you?

Without you, I could not be Father or Mother God.

I desired children to bless.

I gave My children to My other children to bless.

And so We bless together.

And We are bless-ed.

You are the blessing that blesses My other blessings.

All that befalls increases your awareness. At least it has that ability. It is up to you what you make of what befalls.

I made you a champion.

Bring your awareness to what I made you. I conceived you as My champion to the world. I set you on earth to go forth and lift up the world. You are Atlas who holds it. The world is in your hands as I have made them. Your hands are extensions of your heart. So you hold the world up with your heart. As you behold the world, so will you hold it. Make the world worth holding up for Me to see.

Make the world a gift to Me.

When a young child plucks a dandelion for his mother, he knows he is giving a great gift. It is his love he presents. It is his offering in pleasure to the one who has held him. The mother's face lights up. She knows what she is being given. It is a big thing the child gives when he gives a dandelion from his little hand to his mother, through his mother to the universe and back again. And as the child grows, his recipients grow. But in the tender act of giving the dandelion, he has set the course of his life.

You are that child.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku

Hello Friends,

God said you are here
To make the world as you will
And a gift to Me

Love, Light, and Aloha!


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